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Shadow Election Intro


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Rate and promote candidates

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Shadow Election Intro

  1. 1. Shadow Electionrate and promote candidates
  2. 2. VisionSocial media is heavily influencing politics: Obama, Arab Spring,Occupy Wall Street, etc.Our application allows everyday people to more easily tap intothe power of social media in a constructive manner to find greatpolitical content, rate political opinions and promote candidates.
  3. 3. Politics is a hot, social object
  4. 4. Shadow Election FinlandShadow Election Finland was used with considerable success in theFinnish Parliamentary 2011 and Presidential 2012 elections.The following statistics for the Presidential election have to beviewed in relation to Finland’s population of just over 5 million.Between January 23 and 5 February 2012: • More than 110,000 virtual votes cast • Peaks of 8,000 unique visits per day • Peak impressions 81,700 (26 Jan) • Total of 540,175 impressions
  5. 5. In the Finnish presidential electionspeople talked about politics andliked to share their views, not onlywith friends, but also with strangers(even with their face and name).We have noticed this trend takingplace in social networks in Kenya –where we are forming partnershipsfor Shadow Election.
  6. 6. This is how it works:
  7. 7. Internal actions:Debate & Vote
  8. 8. Debate: • Rate text and video material from various sources • See candidate recommendation on the left • To rate and get candidate recommendations you don’t have to sign in to the service
  9. 9. Debate: • Rate candidate text answers
  10. 10. Debate: • Rate candidate videos
  11. 11. Vote: • Choose your candidate
  12. 12. Vote for your candidate
  13. 13. External actions:Multiple ways of sharing in Facebook
  14. 14. Share content via liking and voting
  15. 15. Shared content appears in your own timeline...
  16. 16. ...and in your friends´ timelines and news streams
  17. 17. You can share your vote automatically inthe candidates´ campaign pages
  18. 18. Learnings from the Finnish 2011Parliamentary and 2012 Presidential elections• Voting is the most viral feature• According to traffic and feedback from the service has reached a minimum viable product (MVP) level.• Product can be cost effectively multiplied to other countries. There is no technical need for country partners, but they are necessary from the community perspective and local political knowledge.
  19. 19. Media contentMedia companies and organizations can use an embeddedversion of the tool with their own questions to attract visitorsto their online spaces.
  20. 20. Advocacy toolOrganizations can use it as anadvocacy tool by requesting thatcandidates answer their specificquestions.A branded version can beembedded on the organizationswebsite.
  21. 21. Putting crowd wisdom to work Shadow Election uses many of the principles of crowdsourcing to tap into the intelligence of the crowd.The criteria and conditions for successfulcrowd solution finding were identified inJames Surowiecki’s seminal book TheWisdom of Crowds
  22. 22. Crowdsourcing conditions Crowdsourcing principles also dictate that decisions should be made without influence; but, after much debate, we felt that, for now, it is more important to get people engaged with the political process in general. But we hope to add features in the future that will allow users to choose to approach it more from an issues, rather than a candidates, perspective.
  23. 23. ce areNew fin dings in cognitive scien beshowing that intu ition (gut feelings) can dthought of as “con densed experience” anin many circu mstances can be moreeffective than in depth analytical study.
  24. 24. The essence of the Shadow Election tool is to use intuitionand crowd wisdom to promote the best candidates.
  25. 25. In summer 2012 Shadow Election is coming to Kenyawhere social media and politics are hot, hot, hot! + 500,000 combined Facebook Fans Posts regularly receive hundreds of likes and comments
  26. 26. Together with American-based partners we are now user testinga prototype of Shadow Election USA.An upgraded interface will be release in August 2012.
  27. 27. Shadow Election USABy May 2012, two info graphic elements will be included inVersion 1: • compare your opinions with friends and other users • analysis of which candidates are winning in electoral regions (with the ability to see which specific opinions that are popular) Work-in-progress mockups
  28. 28. Find out more from: Juha Mattila CEO Tel: +358 40 777 4925 Email: