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IBM | Digital, DM & Integrated Projects | Case Studies


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This presentation showcases a few of the best case studies of projects I helped develop for IBM Brazil, while at Ogilvy Brazil.

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IBM | Digital, DM & Integrated Projects | Case Studies

  1. 1. IBM Case Studies
  2. 2. 2005 Strategic Outsourcing
  3. 3. Strategic Outsourcing Campaign Challenge How can IT directors be convinced to handle the structure they are responsible for a third party vendor, and give up both their technology assets and employees, trusting all the organization’s strategic information to a stranger? Creative Solution The central communication idea was to challenge the companies' IT directors to show businesses for their companies, showing right away that, outsourcing their IT operations with an outside supplier, like IBM, they would get freer to generate businesses and secure higher results. Results 21.2% response rate, 250% higher than expected. 72% of the executives planted their seed. 100% of deliveries were successful, and monitored in real time.
  4. 4. 2005 Lotus
  5. 5. Lotus Challenge IBM developed an upgrade for the IBM Lotus Notes & Domino software and needed to communicate the features of this new version to the market. the idea was to invite a chosen audience for a great event, driving the interest and demand for a future upgrade. Creative Solution In order to launch Lotus Notes & Domino 7 software, the creative idea was based on the concept: “win corporate challenges daily”. So a parallel was created and the event was to be seen as a big fight, right from the invitation that was actually a “punch box” containing tickets for a “real fight”. Results The results were almost twice higher than expected. IBM sent 2136 invitations and 370 persons had attended, representing 17% conversion against 10% estimated.
  6. 6. Lotus The Campaign
  7. 7. Lotus The Campaign This Campaign was really well received by IBM and they’ve asked Ogilvy to elaborate the Event. Everything was based on the box fight idea. Since the advertising campaign was “You Versus” every material was aligned under the same creative concept.
  8. 8. 2005 ILM
  9. 9. ILM Campaign Challenge To sell IBM information management solutions, this piece should show clients that in the middle of the enormous quantities of information there can be found some that is very important to these organizations’ business strategy. Creative Solution In a direct mail, we placed a copy that apparently had lots of irrelevant and superficial information. When the piece got open, some of words stood out, revealing the following sentence: “IBM can help you separate only the information that is vital to your company’s business”. Results The action generated 49 business opportunities, and a total of USD 10 million. From these, 15 deals were closed, generating USD 5 million. The direct mail’s production cost was USD 8K.
  10. 10. ILM Campaign Before you open it
  11. 11. ILM Campaign After you open it
  12. 12. ILM Campaign The booklet
  13. 13. 2005 Helpdesk Internal Communication
  14. 14. Helpdesk Internal Communication Challenge After a research, it was identified that the the brazilian market didn’t believe that IBM could have solutions for small and medium companies. How to comunicated the IBM audience and the IBM employees and partners this new market positioning, using the WW materials avaiable? Creative Solution Using the Google Earth concept, that was launched earlier that year, the creative team developed a 360 campaign, introducing this new IBM positioning to the audience. For Internal Communication was used the same concept, decorating the IBM building and letting the internal public of IBM interact with the pieces. Results The Internal Communication was a complete success. The IBM internal audience caught the feeling of the campaign got really interested about it, asking IMC for new material to show to clients and partners.
  15. 15. Helpdesk Internal Communication WW Marterials Avaiable Print TV Local Materials Developed Print Sustaining Print Manifesto DG Web
  16. 16. Helpdesk Internal Communication Building decoration: earth stamp on the frontal door with the phrase “come closer” and satellite image of São Paulo on the floor.
  17. 17. Helpdesk Internal Communication Broadside with the Campaign information, concept, pieces and media plan. They have been distribributed in the IBM builduing and in events.
  18. 18. Helpdesk Internal Communication There was a contest, and the employees who gave the right answer to the question: “What’s IBM new campaign name?” was to over flight São Paulo on helicopter, from the heliport of the IBM building. Telma Toni, IMC Manager, picked up the names of the winners herself.
  19. 19. 2006 IBM Rational Buzz
  20. 20. IBM Rational Buzz Challenge Our proposal is to create and establish a relationship channel with important client customers and SMB all over Brazil. Creative Solution We created a landing page with 10 content updated areas, which support the drop of monthly newsletters. The content is written by IBM IT professionals, who receive feedback from the clients who access the site and send their opinions. We created a content management tool accessed by those IBM professionals. This tool manages the deadlines to input, edit, revise and approve the content before it’s published. Results - We already have more then 800 unique clients reading our articles; - 400 new subscribers; - 20.000 pageviews after the 7th touch; - Each article has in average 186 clients reading; - 08 new columnists - IBM (one from Canada); - From our subscribers (results from online poll): -  60% said that the articles are very interesting, 35% qualified as interesting -  and 4% as not very interesting; - 71 articles published in ten months; - 25% of newsletter impressions on average; - 26% of newsletter click thorugh on average;
  21. 21. IBM Rational Buzz Content management tool
  22. 22. IBM Rational Buzz Landing page Newsletter
  23. 23. 2006 Storage
  24. 24. Storage Challenge There are many different servers, with different prices, capacity, sizes. But the consumers still want the same benefits: large storage capacity, in a little space. This is what DS 6800 is, and this is what IBM has to show to it´s target Creative Solution The main difference between DS6800 and the great part of servers is it´s storage capacity–- 5 terabytes -–in an amazing little space, so little that could be demonstrated in a real size, on the posted direct mail. Results 800 pieces were posted and we have delivered until now 40 refrigerators. The objective was to deliver 50 refrigerators, which means 50 scheduled meetings.
  25. 25. Storage Refrigerator - gift
  26. 26. Storage IBM Global Best Practices Blue Reuse winners provide examples of how Brazil has creatively driven key messages with less funds and in less time spent than their original inspirations and enabled subsequent renditions from SSA to benefit even more greatly. US Idea Cost: $200/piece ROI: 2,45% Brazil Cost: $17.13/ piece ROI: 2,831% SSA Cost: $7.19/piece ROI: 7,061% plus open opportunities
  27. 27. 2006 WMYS?
  28. 28. WMYS? The Challenge As the campaign launch couldn't count with the amount of money needed for a big launch in TV and Print, the creative team was challenged to leverage the Innovation Agenda using nonadvertising media.
  29. 29. WMYS? Birds – a different usage of the TV spots on-line
  30. 30. WMYS? Embraer Creative Insight To create this piece the creative team thought in showing how the IBM solution helped Embraer to accelerate the process of developing a jet plane with virtual tests, and then, making the airplane come “out of the paper” faster than usually. Results This creative ran one day in Yahoo! Brazil home page This format has a high impact and interactivity Impressions: 2.666.272 Clicks: 43.632 CTR%: 1,64 – the highest rate of the entire campaign
  31. 31. WMYS? Internal Communication – Building Decoration Building decoration and Broadside distribution.
  32. 32. WMYS? Internal Communication - Broadside Broadside with the Campaign information, concept, pieces and media plan. They have been distribributed in the IBM builduing and in events.
  33. 33. WMYS? Internal Communication – W3 Interactive Tool