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DevOps: Who Will Create $2.6 Trillion In Business Value Per Year?

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DevOps: Who Will Create $2.6 Trillion In Business Value Per Year?

  1. 1. DevOps: Who Will Create $2.6 Trillion In Business Value Per Year? Gene Kim Session ID: @RealGeneKim,
  2. 2. Opportunity Cost Of Wasted IT Spending? $2,600,000,000,000.00 ($2.6 Trillion US) 2 @RealGeneKim
  3. 3. ―Every company is an IT company, regardless of what business they think they’re in.‖ — Christopher Little 3 @RealGeneKim
  4. 4. Who Is In The Way Of All Our Business Goals? Where we need to be… IT is always in the way (again…) We are here… @RealGeneKim
  5. 5. Act I: IT Ops Fixing Fragile Artifacts @RealGeneKim
  6. 6. @RealGeneKim
  7. 7. The Product Managers @RealGeneKim
  8. 8. Act 2: The Developers @RealGeneKim
  9. 9. @RealGeneKim
  10. 10. @RealGeneKim
  11. 11. IT Ops And Dev At War 11 @RealGeneKim
  12. 12. Nothing Left For Infosec @RealGeneKim
  13. 13. Everyone Loses @RealGeneKim
  14. 14. The Downward Spiral… 14 @RealGeneKim
  15. 15. Act 3: There Is A Better Way… 15
  16. 16. Google, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Etsy, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook… 16 @RealGeneKim
  17. 17. @RealGeneKim
  18. 18. Source: John Allspaw @RealGeneKim
  19. 19. @RealGeneKim
  20. 20. Source: John Allspaw @RealGeneKim
  21. 21. Source: John Allspaw @RealGeneKim
  22. 22. Source: John Jenkins, @RealGeneKim
  23. 23. Making Changes When It Matters Most ―By installing a rampant innovation culture, we performed 165 experiments in the peak three months of tax season.‖ ―Our business result? Conversion rate of the website is up 50 percent. Employee result? Everyone loves it, because now their ideas can make it to market.‖ –Scott Cook, Intuit Founder 23 @RealGeneKim
  24. 24. Who Is Doing DevOps?  Google, Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook…  BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, World Bank, Paychex, Intuit…  The Gap, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Williams-Sonoma, Target …  SAP, HP, General Motors, Northrup Grumman …  UK Government, Kansas State University…  Who else? 24 @RealGeneKim
  25. 25. High Performing DevOps Teams  They’re more agile  30x more frequent deployments  8,000x faster lead time than their peers  They’re more reliable  2x the change success rate  12x faster MTTR Source: Puppet Labs 2012 State Of DevOps: @RealGeneKim
  26. 26. 26 @RealGeneKim
  27. 27. ―This book will have a profound effect on IT, just as The Goal did for manufacturing.‖ –Jez Humble, co-author Continuous Delivery ―This is the IT swamp draining manual for anyone who is neck deep in alligators.‖ –Adrian Cockroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix “This is The Goal for our decade, and is for any IT professional who wants their life back.‖ –Charles Betz, IT architect, author “Architecture and Patterns for IT” 27 @RealGeneKim
  28. 28. The First Way: Flow @RealGeneKim
  29. 29. ―deploys per day‖ vs. ―lead time‖ 29 @RealGeneKim
  30. 30. ―What is your lead time for changes?‖ ―How long does it take to go from code committed to code successfully running in production?‖ 30 @RealGeneKim
  31. 31. @RealGeneKim
  32. 32. @RealGeneKim
  33. 33. Create One Step Environment Creation Process  Make environments available early in the Development process  Make sure Dev builds the code and environment at the same time  Create a common Dev, QA and Production environment creation process @RealGeneKim
  34. 34. If I had a magic wand, I’d change the Agile sprints and definition of ―done‖: ―At the end of each sprint, we must have working and shippable code, demonstrated in an environment that resembles production.‖ @RealGeneKim
  35. 35. The First Way: Outcomes  Creating single repository for code and environments  Determinism in the release process  Consistent Dev, Test and Production environments, all properly built before deployment begins  Features being deployed daily without catastrophic failures  Decreased lead time  Faster cycle time and release cadence  Technologies needed: configuration management, provisioning, automated testing @RealGeneKim
  36. 36. The Second Way: Feedback @RealGeneKim
  37. 37. 37 @RealGeneKim
  38. 38. How many times per day is the andon cord pulled in a typical day at a Toyota manufacturing plant? 3500 times per day @RealGeneKim
  39. 39. Why would Toyota do something so disruptive as stopping production thousands of times per day? ―It’s the only way we can build 2,000 vehicles per day – that’s one completed vehicle every 55 seconds.‖ @RealGeneKim
  40. 40. Google Dev And Ops (2013)  15,000 engineers, working on 4,000+ projects  All code is checked into one source tree (billions of files!)  5500 code commits/day  75 million test cases are run daily "Automated tests transform fear into boredom." -- Eran Messeri, Google 40 @RealGeneKim
  41. 41. Developers Carry Pagers ―We found that when we woke up developers at 2am, defects got fixed faster than ever‖ – Patrick Lightbody, CEO, BrowserMob ―You build it, you run it.‖ – Werner Vogels CTO, Amazon @RealGeneKim
  42. 42. The Second Way: Outcomes  Defects and security issues getting fixed faster than ever  Disciplined automated testing enabling many simultaneous small, agile teams to work productively  All groups communicating and coordinating better  Everybody is getting more work done  Technologies needed: automated regression testing, static code analysis, production monitoring @RealGeneKim
  43. 43. The Third Way: Continual Experimentation And Learning @RealGeneKim
  44. 44. Break Things Early And Often ―Do painful things more frequently, so you can make it less painful… We don’t get pushback from Dev, because they know it makes rollouts smoother.‖ – Adrian Cockcroft, Architect, Netflix @RealGeneKim
  45. 45. 45 @RealGeneKim
  46. 46. Inject Failures Often @RealGeneKim
  47. 47. You Don’t Choose Chaos Monkey… Chaos Monkey Chooses You @RealGeneKim
  48. 48. The Third Way: Outcomes  A culture that values learning  A culture of fearless improvement (as opposed to a culture of fear)  Development, Test and IT Operations is enabling organization to out-innovate the competition and help the business win  Technologies needed: great production monitoring @RealGeneKim
  49. 49. Why Do I Think This Is Important? 49
  50. 50. The Downward Spiral… 50 @RealGeneKim
  51. 51. @RealGeneKim
  52. 52. Opportunity Cost Of Wasted IT Spending: $2,600,000,000,000.00 ($2.6 Trillion US) 52 @RealGeneKim
  53. 53. Objections You May Hear  ―This is only for the unicorns. We’re not Google or Amazon or Spotify.‖  ―The IT Operations monitoring market is 20 years old. All the product sales have already been sold. There’s no new opportunities out there.‖  ―All these problems are process and cultural issues. That’s what I need to fix, not implement tools.‖ 53 @RealGeneKim
  54. 54. If I Could Wave A Magic Wand, Everyone Will…  Have belief and confidence that you can show prospects their own downward spiral stories that will resonate, and resonate at the highest levels  Be able to challenge prospects to have their own ―aha‖ moment and be able to help them start their own transformations  Be able to help your customers automate their processes, not just to increase availability, but to help them enable innovation  Help your customers win in the marketplace, free them from tedium and suffering, and achieve their highest and best potential as fellow human beings 54 @RealGeneKim
  55. 55. Our Mission: Positively Impact The Lives Of One Million IT Professionals By 2017 ―Some books you give to friends, for the joy of sharing a great novel. ―Some books you recommend to your colleagues and employees, to findcommon ground. ―Some books you share with your boss, to plant the seeds of a big idea. ―The Phoenix Project is all three.‖ Free 170 page excerpt: –Jeremiah Shirk, DevOps Leader, Kansas State University 55 @RealGeneKim

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