SEO for Startups


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Slides from my SEO for Startups talk at BarCamp Delhi 8.

How to get millions of users without spending a dime. Try our product at

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SEO for Startups

  1. 1. SEO for Startups How to get traction without spending a fortune dime. Ravish Ahuja, Co-Founder, & Mpedia Follow me: @interactivecode
  2. 2. Myths about SEO• SEO is DEAD!• SEO is not marketing• SEO is black hat• SEO is not scalable• We got 100,000 Facebook fans and Twitter followers, we don’t need SEO
  3. 3. robots.txtUser-agent: *Disallow: /
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization• Build it and they will come?• Nope. Build it, then market it.• Great product and great marketing goes hand in hand• You need to start SEO from Day 1• Your product should have SEO in its DNA
  5. 5. SEO Success Stories 2.4 million monthly visitors to18 million monthly visitors in 6 months
  6. 6. SEO Success Stories
  7. 7. SEO Process Research Link StrategyBuilding On-site Product SEO Design
  8. 8. Panda! Penguin! FTW?Google Panda Update Google Penguin Update
  9. 9. SEO Research• Estimate market opportunity• Identify your customers• Keyword research• Keyword difficulty analysis• Content analysis• Competition analysis
  10. 10. Keyword ResearchMake Something People Want
  11. 11. Long Tail
  12. 12. SEO Strategy• Brand-able SEO friendly domain name• Country targeting & domain extension• Content strategy• Landing pages• User generated content• Social engagement and distribution strategy• Build something, people want to share
  13. 13. On-Site SEO• H1 Title & Meta Title Most Important• Meta Description• Image (with alt attribute)• Content with good keyword density• Meta Robots: do not add noindex & nofollow• rel=“canonical”• SEO Friendly URLs• Use Keyword Variations• Internal Linking• Robots.txt
  14. 14. Landing Pages• Highly Targeted and Converting• Create landing pages for all of your products / services• Optimize titles of all landing pages to match keywords• Get backlinks for your landing pages• Interlink them from your homepage and other pages of your website
  15. 15. SEO Friendly URLs• Be descriptive and brief• Bad example: 5&name=the%20big%20chill&city=new%20delhi• Good Example: chill-delhi/• www vs non-www• Sub-domains vs sub-directories• Use 301 Redirect to move
  16. 16. Whichresult willyou click?
  17. 17. CTR of Google SERPs
  18. 18. Rich Snippets• Make your SERPs stand out• Double your traffic!• Get started with• Add Google Author Tag <a rel=“author” href=“”>Ravish on Google+</a>
  19. 19. SEO Your Product• Build a product that spreads itself• Leverage your users to create content on massive scale• Build virality into your product. So your users can spread your content and links all over the web• Interlink every page of the website• Create HTML & XML Sitemaps• Examples: SlideShare, Scribd & Yelp
  20. 20. Link Building• Public Relations (PR)• Blogs & Comments -- Participate in conversations• Competition Analysis• Design an award winning site and submit it to CSS galleries• Social Sites: Reddit, Hacker News, Stumble Upon, Pinterest etc.• Forums / Q & A• Infographics• Distribute widgets and embeddable content• Coupons, Deals, Giveaways & Contests
  21. 21. Eat Your Competitors Lunch
  22. 22. SEO & Social Co-relation• Google QDF algorithm (Query Deserves Freshness) boosts ranking of fresh content• Google +1, Facebook likes and Tweets bumps ranking of fresh content temporarily• Social media can help you build relationships and get more links• Social sites like: Reddit, Hacker News, Digg, Quora, StackOverflow are great for SEO
  23. 23. Must Have SEO Tools• Google Keyword Tool• Google Webmaster Tools• RankSignals Backlinks Checker• SEO Quake Firefox and Chrome extension
  24. 24. Final Thoughts• Do not do keyword stuffing• Do not load your content with AJAX• Host your own stuff: Blog, Images, Documents & Videos• Encourage users to spread them with an embed code• Use keyword variations• Site Speed is an important factor
  25. 25. Final Thoughts• Prevent links from spammy sites• Avoid site-wide links• Caution with automatic link building tools• Buy links… oh really?
  26. 26. Thank You!Ravish Ahuja, Co-Founder, & MpediaEmail: Twitter: @interactivecode