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TOP SECRET: Market Information


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Can't make it to our event tomorrow? Well, here is a bit of our event for you to download. We are giving away this special report, with the latest market information from our affiliates.

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TOP SECRET: Market Information

  1. 1. TOP SECRET! Market News from Realty411 Experts As a special bonus for joining us at our event, we’ve compiled the latest market information from around the country from our affiliates. For any questions about this analysis, contact: 310.499.9545 | Or phone our affiliates directly.Wayne Conway Less than 5. Do you have inside info you can give us? Buy440.668.1925 - Cleveland, OH in Cleveland, home prices remain low, rental de- mand is high, still poised for additional appreciation1. How is the overall market in your city doing? – hedge funds are coming to Cleveland in drovesThe market is up, article published that October sales and buying single family residences, driving upvolume was up 17% and sales volume up 23% prices.2. Has your market experienced a recovery or a 6. Any predictions that you can forecast for yourboom? area? Continued appreciation, home prices will rise3. What has the appreciation been for 2012? 7. What is the typical ROI for a B type rentalOver 12% property? With all expenses (lease-up, taxes, insur-4. Do you have vacancy statistics, what are they? ance, vacancy, maintenance, mgmnt) 10% – 13%
  2. 2. KATHY FETTKEReal Wealth Network - In 13 Markets TONY MARTINEZ888-796-3896 or 925-280-2830 Asset Ventures, 855-798-1411 Note Investing1. How is the overall market in your city doing?Real Wealth Network has holdings in 13 U.S. 1. How is the overall marketmarkets. Nearly in your city doing? Marketall of them are is doing really well. Housingexperiencing sells quickly, plenty of buyers.shortages of Makes for better note opportu-inventory and nitiesprice increases.The rental mar- 2. Has your market experienced a recoveryket continue to or a boom? Limited investment opportunities.increase. There Houses stay on the market less than 40 days ifare, however, priced right.neighborhoods where rents are decreasing and theseare primarily in the high foreclosure pockets. These 3. What has the appreciation been for 2012?areas have changed rapidly from owner occupied Appreciation is about 3-5%to foreclosure meccas to investor-owned to renter-occupied. Unfortunately, some of these areas have 5. Do you have inside info you can give ourseen crime increase, and as a result, rents decrease. guests? Because of the way REO’s are handledInvestor-owners in these areas have faced repeated there is a limited supply to the public. There-vandalism costs. fore short sales may be there best option. And of course we well notes which is a great way to2. What has the appreciation been for 2012? leverage into ownership and control propertiesDepends on the area, some as high as 30% whileothers around 5-10% 6. Any predictions that you can forecast for your area? For our industry experts are saying3. Do you have vacancy rate statistics, what are there is a 3-5 year window of opportunitythey? Because the homes we buy are fully renovatedupon purchase, they rent quickly. And because we 7. What is the typical ROI? Notes an averageemploy highly capable management teams, the va- of 12% or greater is not unusual. Please contactcancy rates are as low as 2% in some areas. us to get started on notes.4. Do you have inside info you can give our guests?You have to have very good connections in order to get the best deals. The power of Real Wealth Networkis that we have over 11,000 members, and that makes for a lot of connections!5. Any predictions that you can forecast for your area?I believe inventory levels in Dallas and Houston will continue to decline. Prices in California will continueto climb. I am concerned about South Atlanta and South Dallas. These are high foreclosure areas that haveexperienced increased crime. I think Phoenix is in a big bubble. Investors buying multi-family in Dallasmay find they have too small of margins -- there seems to be an apartment bubble there as well. At RealWealth Network, we like the non-headline, fly-over markets. These have stable economies, limited foreclo-sures and are not inundated with inexperienced landlords.6. What is the typical ROI for a B type rental property? Typically about 8-12% for all cash properties, and12-20% for leveraged. Feel free to contact us for more information: 888-796-3896