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Reach a sophisticated audience of investors and real estate professionals with our national print magazine. Based in California, Realty411 produces several publications, expos, mixers and handles marketing communications for some of the top companies in the nation. Learn more about our company today!

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Realty411 Media Kit

  1. 1. Realty411 –A Resource Guide for Investors by Investors – MAGAZINE 805.693.1497 | Our Company is Based in California and Owned By Veteran Real Estate Investors & Media Professionals. Media Kit 2013 - 2014
  2. 2. Welcome to Realty411 Realty411 is a quarterly publication reaching real estate investors, service providers and entrepreneurs. As publishers we know this market well. Why? Because we too are national real estate investors and advisors. Our well-researched distribution reaches new as well as seasoned investors. Realty411 also targets those who wish to become investors and serves as an educational resource for them. Realty411 informs and entertains readers with motivational success stories. Plus inside, the nation’s leading real estate investment and wealth gurus share their tips and techniques for prosperity. Realty411 reaches a niche market with unlimited income potential in print, online, and in person. The executive team of Realty411 has an extensive and varied media, marketing and real estate history. The team is led by a veteran journalist and three-time magazine publisher, who has been a national real estate investor and advisor for many years. Emphasis is placed on blending print with new media. Our online marketing includes distribution of Realty411 e-Newsletters and specialized e-Blasts. Our sales team consists of professional advertising experts and our editorial team is formed by experienced journalists. Realty411 Reaches Investors, Entrepreneurs, Private Lenders, Brokers, Realty Service Providers & Property Managers in Print, Online & In Person. Realty411 is the fastest growing publication in the country!
  3. 3. Top 10 Reasons To Advertise with Realty411 1. Reach a national print audience of 40,000 readers via our print and digital online bimonthly resource guide. 2. Lend credibility to your organization. 3. Establish your firm as a ‘player’ in the real estate industry. 4. Raise visibility for your company among the investor community. 5. Increase mind-share for your company and brand. 6. Pre-sell your firm so that investors have a good feeling about your company. 7. Improve your chances for success for all the other marketing channels you employ through print and onlinebranding. 8. Generate direct leads that will drive your company’s present business and stimulate future growth. 9. Leverage our content to provide a great environment for and to add value to your marketing message. 10. Generate results with our suite of multimedia marketing vehicles. (print, online and in person) Because we are investors ourselves, we know our market.
  4. 4. Looking To Reach Investors? Our Multimedia Marketing Gets RESULTS! Print Publications: Reach 40,000 readers with our eye-catching and informative print publications. Realty411 and Real Estate WEALTH are bi-monthly glossy, full color publications. We also produce CASHFLOW, a tabloid size, high quality newspaper. Our distribution is both nationwide and local with our Southern California edition with print runs of 20,000. Online Magazine: We recently acquired online magazine called REI Wealth Monthly. This digital publication allows our customers ample editorial space for feature stories, along with full-page advertising and an author bio for a very reasonable price. This digital magazine is subscription only and reaches real estate investors across the country. Expos and Special Events: Realty411 produces educational seminars and investor Expos/ Events across the country and is a marketing affiliate of The Homes Show (www.thehomeshow. com). These motivational and entertaining events are the perfect place for you to distribute your company’s marketing material and network with potential customers. eBLASTs: We also produce customized eBlasts for clients and reach investors, high-net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and RE service providers around the country. We can get target almost any demographic, in any city and state in the nation. Weekly Newsletter: We hope all our customers enjoy our weekly newsletter bringing you all the up-to-the-minute news happening in the real estate industry. Creative Services: We welcome your company to publish an article in any of our publications. We work with professional copywriters should you need assistance. We also offer professional design services for ad creation. Creative services available upon request. Realty411 is now a full service media company.
  5. 5. National Statistical Data Realty411 reaches readers in 25 states across the US and in 19 countries around the world! Our magazines are distributed by the US Postal Service, at in-person distribution drops, bulk shipments, email deployment and is downloaded online. 1. California: 55% 2. Arizona: 7.3% 3. Virginia: 5% 4. Texas: 4% 5. Massachusetts: 3% 6. New York: 2.8% 7. North Carolina: 2.2% 8. Missouri: 2.2% 9. New Jersey: 2.3% 10. Florida: 2.2% 11. Illinois: 1.7% 12. Pennsylvania: 1.7% 13. Tennesse 1% 14. Minnesota: 1.1% 15. District of Columbia: 1.1% 16. Georgia: 1.1% 17. Michigan: 1% 18. Colorado: 0.6% 19. Utah: 0.6% 20. Ohio: 0.6% 21. Maine: 0.6% 22. Indiana: 0.6% 23. Washington: 0.6% 24. Louisiana: 0.6% 25. Rhode Island: 0.6% Our Subscriber Demographics Realty411 readers are affluent, active investors who are not only looking for additional property to add to their portfolio, but also constantly educating themselves on market trends and techniques. We also reach real estate service providers. The Realty411 reader regukarly invests in books, attends seminars and joins investment clubs. Additionally, our reader is a frequent traveler as they voyage off to check on their existing properties and to scout new real estate investment and business opportunities. Males: 65% Females: 35% Homeowners: 92% Owns More Than One Property: 70% Buying More Real Estate: 90% Income Levels: $250,000+: 15% $101,000 - $250,000: 41% $55,000 - $100,000: 33% Under $55,000: 11% Realty411 reaches readers in 25 states and 19 countries!
  6. 6. Reach Qualified Investors with Realty411 Realty411 is distributed on Consumer Racks, Investment Clubs, Expos, Property Management Companies, Events, Real Estate Brokerages and Online for FREE! Print Runs 20,000 and growing! The Cover: Cover of our Print and Digital Issue, includes Three-Page Feature Story and multi-media marketing for 3 months! National Cover Price: $5,900 Dimensions: Full Page: Full Page Color Ad in Print and Digital Issue, Two-Page Editorial and multi-media marketing for 3 months! Price: $2,100 Dimensions: 1/2 Page: 1/2 Page Color Ad in Print and Digital Issue, 1/2 Page Editorial and multi-media marketing for 3 months. Price: $1,350 Dimensions: 1/4 Page: 1/4 Page Color Ad in Print and Digital Issue and multi-media marketing for 3 months. Price: $895 Dimensions 1/6 Page: 1/6 Page Color Ad in Print and Digital Issue and multi-media marketing for 3 months. Price: $695 Dimensions: 1/12 Page: 1/12 Page Color Ad in Print and Digital Issue and multi-media marketing for 3 months. Price: $425 Dimensions: Please email your files to or to your sales representative. Submissions must meet our size requirements and be in high resolution PDF format. Realty411’s alternate cover, Real Estate Wealth, has a separate website (reWealthmag) and targets accredited investors online and with print coverage in upscale grocers such as Whole Foods Markets & Trader Joe’s. Real Estate Wealth began due to the high demand for our cover features, it also allows us to target our magazine to high net worth individuals. Realty411’s unique and diverse marketing reaches qualified and motivated investors. Ad Dimensions, Print Specifications & Rates