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Colombia - Chile - Peru GRI Brochure

The inaugural Colombia - Chile - Peru GRI will bring together the leaders in Colombian, Chilean and Peruvian real estate for a series of closed-door discussions. The event is the perfect occasion to build business friendships and explore possible partnerships.
Examine the challenges and uncover opportunities in the market with topics covering: Andean Region Big Picture, Joint Ventures, Residential, Offices, Hotels and more.

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Colombia - Chile - Peru GRI Brochure

  1. 1. 1 C o n n e c t i n g s e n i o r r e a l e s t a t e e x e c u t i v e s g l o b a l l y C o n e c t a n d o l í d e r e s d e l s e c t o r i n m o b i l i a r i o a n i v e l g l o b a l COLOMBIA CHILE PERU GRI 2015 BOGOTÁ 11-12 NOVEMBER 11-12 NOVIEMBRE B o g o t á P l a z a S u m m i t H o t e l
  2. 2. 2 ALEJANDRO LUNA VP LATAM GLL REAL ESTATE PARTNERS ALFREDO RIZO Chief Executive Officer, Terranum Corporate Properties TERRANUM GROUP ANDRÉS ALVARADO Managing Partner ABACUS REAL ESTATE S.A.S. CRISTIAN ARMAS MOREL Director Ejecutivo EMPRESAS ARMAS DAVID ROTH Senior Managing Director BLACKSTONE EDUARDO ROMERO Head of Merchant Bank BTG PACTUAL GABRIEL FLÓREZ Managing Partner PÉNTACO JERÓNIMO JOSÉ BOSCH Managing Partner GRUPO PEGASUS NOT YOUR TYPICAL CONFERENCE Finding the right partners and investments can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. And that’s why senior decision-makers find GRI meetings so useful. GRI’s closed-door discussions enable you to interact with everyone in the room. Quickly find the right partners for your business, build high value relationships, and continue the conversation afterwards. CONNECTING REAL ESTATE LEADERS CONECTA CON LOS LÍDERES DEL SECTOR INMOBILIARIO GRI NO ES UNA CONFERENCIA Encontrar las oportunidades y los socios adecuados puede ser difícil, caro y llevar mucho tiempo. Por eso para los líderes del sector los foros GRI son tan valiosos. Los debates son a puerta cerrada y te permiten interactuar directamente con todas las personas de la sala, identificar rápidamente los socios adecuados, construir relaciones de alto valor y continuar conversaciones después de cada sesión. ANDEAN REGION REGIÓN ANDINA SECTORS SECTORES FINANCING & CAPITAL MARKETS FINANCIACIÓN & MERCADOS DE CAPITAL REGIONAL FOCUS REGIONES • Pension funds and the MILA Los fondos de pensiones en el MILA • Big picture Real Estate market Panorama general mercado inmobiliario • Joint ventures Joint ventures • Commercial & retail Comercial & retail • Hotels Hoteles • Residential Residencial • Financing residential in Peru Financiación residencial en Perú • Lending Colombia Financiación en Colombia • Investment vehicles Vehículos de inversión • Offices Santiago Oficinas Santiago • Next markets: Ecuador, Argentina Mercados de futuro: Ecuador, Argentina • Offices Colombia Oficinas Colombia
  3. 3. 3 JUAN ABRIL Executive Director MORGAN STANLEY JUAN FELIPE YARCE VILLA Country Manager Colombia GRUPO LAR KALEIL ISAZA TUZMAN Owner/CEO KIT CAPITAL GLOBAL MARCELO FEDAK Managing Director BLACKSTONE FUAD VELASCO Partner NEXUS CAPITAL PARTNERS PABLO J. SALA MD, Andean Region JAMESTOWN LATIN AMERICA TOM HENEGHAN CEO EQUITY INTERNATIONAL TOMÁS URIBE Managing Partner JAGUAR CAPITAL WELCOME BIENVENIDO The introduction of the “MILA” (Mercado Integrado LatinoAmericano) and the broader Pacific Alliance is prompting investors to reassess opportunities in Andean markets. Beyond Mexico, there is significant activity and interest in Colombia, Chile and Peru which offer attractive economic fundamentals as well as a growing demand for commercial real estate. How do these markets compare with others such as Mexico and Brazil? Will foreign capital compete with local capital for opportunities? To what extent will foreign investors be encouraged by the developments in capital markets and fund structures? Henri Alster Chairman Global Real Estate Institute Daniel Morante Director, Andean Region Global Real Estate Institute La introducción del "MILA" (Mercado Integrado LatinoAmericano) y la Alianza del Pacífico está impulsando a los inversionistas a valorar de nuevo las oportunidades de inversión en los mercados de la región andina. Más allá de México, existe una importante actividad e interés en Colombia, Chile y Perú, ya que ofrecen unas condiciones económicas atractivas, así como una creciente demanda en el sector inmobiliario. ¿Son comparables estos mercados con otros como México y Brasil? ¿Competirá el capital extranjero con el local para quedarse con las mejores oportunidades? ¿En qué medida los inversores extranjeros se sienten alentados por las innovaciones introducidas en los mercados de capital y las estructuras de los fondos? Loredana Carollo Project Director Global Real Estate Institute
  4. 4. 4 WEDNESDAY • 11th November 2015 10:30 Registration/Arrival 11:30 Keynote - Sam Zell, Chairman, Equity Group Investments and Equity International 12:30 Lunch Break • 14:00 Discussions Discussion Room 1 Discussion Room 2 Andean Region Big Picture Is it all about Colombia? Hotels How to evaluate risk in a diverse regional market? 15:00 Networking Break • 15:30 Discussions Investment Vehicles Colombia How to achieve optimal fiscal efficiency… legally?! Offices Santiago Is all that glitters gold? 16:30 Networking Break • 17:00 Discussions Joint Ventures What else do they bring apart from capital? Lending Colombia Is alternative financing becoming more mainstream? 18:00 Networking Drinks 19:00 - 22:00 Welcome Drinks & Networking Dinner at Matiz restaurant (separately bookable) DISCUSSION AGENDA AGENDA DE DEBATES The official language of the discussion groups will be English. | El idioma oficial de los grupos de debate será Inglés. THURSDAY • 12th November 2015 09:00 Registration/Arrival 10:00 Keynote - Álvaro Uribe Vélez, Former President of Colombia (to be confirmed) 10:45 Networking Break • 11:30 Discussions Discussion Room 1 Discussion Room 2 Commercial & Retail Colombia Decline in Bogota, boom in secondary cities? Residential Chile End of the stagnation and market taking off? 12:45 Lunch Break • 14:00 Discussions Offices Colombia Is it becoming a saturated market? Residential Peru High demand vs lack of finance, will the needs of the market be met? 15:00 Networking Break • 15:30 Discussions Residential Colombia Luxury? Affordable? Young professionals? Which sectors will benefit most from structural trends? Next Markets Emerging sectors and locations; What's next? Ecuador? Argentina? 16:30 - 17:30 Farewell Drinks
  5. 5. 5 KEYNOTE KEYNOTE DAY 1 THE IMPACT OF MONETARY POLICY ON DEVELOPED AND EMERGING MARKETS What difference might the Pacific Alliance, MILA and TPP make? SAM ZELL Chairman, EQUITY GROUP INVESTMENTS AND EQUITY INTERNATIONAL Sam Zell is the Chairman of two private investment firms, Equity Group Investments and Equity International. He is a global, opportunistic, often contrarian, investor who specializes in identifying market anomalies and emerging trends, and has a long track record in turning around troubled companies and assets, leading industry consolidations, and bringing companies to the public markets. Sam’s investment portfolio spans industries, with significant concentrations in energy, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, communications and healthcare, but he is often best known for his role and stewardship in creating the modern commercial real estate industry, and for his pioneering investments in emerging markets. He has been highly active in bringing Equity International’s companies, including Homex, BR Malls and Gafisia, to the public markets. Sam maintains substantial interests in, and is the Chairman of, five public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange: Equity Residential, Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc., Equity Commonwealth, Covanta Holding Corporation, and Anixter International.
  6. 6. 6 HOTELS - How to evaluate investor risk in a diverse regional market? PAUL ADAN VP of Lodging Development Caribbean and Latin America Region MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL INC. THE RITZ-CARLTON HOTEL COMPANY USA FERNANDO COBO Managing Director PROINCO INMOBILIARIA Ecuador ARTURO GARCÍA ROSA President & Founder SAHIC Argentina KALEIL ISAZA TUZMAN Owner/CEO KIT CAPITAL GLOBAL Colombia FELIPE LLOREDA Owner UNIKA PROMOTORA Colombia CLAUDIA PIÑA Gerente Desarrollo De Negocios Latinoamérica WYNDHAM HOTEL GROUP Colombia JAVIER SÁNCHEZ SVP Business Development Hotels & Resorts, Latam & Caribbean HARD ROCK INTERNATIONAL USA JUAN CORVINOS Director Development- Andean Region & Hispanic Caribbean HILTON WORLDWIDE USA Paul Adan Fernando Cobo Arturo García Rosa Kaleil Isaza Tuzman Felipe Lloreda Claudia Piña JavierSánchez Juan Corvinos DISCUSSIONS DEBATES ANDEAN REGION BIG PICTURE - Is it all about Colombia? TOM HENEGHAN CEO EQUITY INTERNATIONAL USA ALFREDO RIZO Chief Executive Officer, Terranum Corporate Properties TERRANUM GROUP Colombia GREGORIO SCHNEIDER Founder/ Managing Partner / Chief Investment Officer TC LATIN AMERICA PARTNERS USA Tom Heneghan Alfredo Rizo Gregorio Schneider CARLOS LLOREDA Director CREDIT SUISSE Colombia ANDRÉS ALVARADO Managing Partner ABACUS REAL ESTATE S.A.S. Colombia p h o t o p e n d i n g Carlos LloredaAndrés Alvarado
  7. 7. 7 DISCUSSIONS DEBATES COMMERCIAL & RETAIL COLOMBIA - Decline in Bogota, boom in secondary cities? JERÓNIMO BOSCH Managing Partner GRUPO PEGASUS Argentina JUAN PABLO ROMERO RESTREPO Gerente General PARQUE ARAUCO Colombia TOMÁS URIBE Managing Partner JAGUAR CAPITAL Colombia JUAN FELIPE YARCE VILLA Country Manager Colombia GRUPO LAR Colombia Jerónimo Bosch Juan Pablo Romero Restrepo Tomás Uribe Juan FelipeYarceVilla Andrés Ceballos ANDRÉS CEBALLOS Vice Presidente Industria y Soluciones Corporativas CONCONCRETO S.A Colombia RESIDENTIAL COLOMBIA - Luxury? Affordable? Young professionals? Which sectors will benefit most from structural trends? JOSÉ LUQUE GEROSA Gerente General AVORA Colombia KENNETH MUNKACY Senior Managing Director GID INTERNATIONAL GROUP USA JERÓNIMO URIBE Managing Partner JAGUAR CAPITAL Colombia ANTHONY DIBIASE Principal - CA International CA VENTURES, LLC USA DESMOND O’CONNOR Founding Partner and Managing Director ARROWHEAD PROPERTY GROUP Spain RONY TAMAYO Vice President LENNAR INTERNATIONAL USA José Luque Gerosa Kenneth Munkacy Jerónimo Uribe Anthony Dibiase Desmond O’Connor RonyTamayoCamilo Ríos CAMILO RÍOS Managing Director CONSTRURBANO Colombia RAFAEL ÁLVAREZ Vicepresidente de Proyectos OSPINAS Colombia Rafael Álvarez
  8. 8. 8 OFFICES SANTIAGO - Is all that glitters gold? CRISTIAN ARMAS MOREL Director Ejecutivo EMPRESAS ARMAS Chile JOHANNES VIELBERTH Associate BLACKSTONE USA ALEJANDRO LUNA VP Latam GLL REAL ESTATE PARTNERS Germany Cristian Armas Morel Johannes VielberthAlejandro Luna DISCUSSIONS DEBATES JOINT VENTURES - What else do they bring apart from capital? PABLO BOTERO LONDOÑO Country Manager Colombia KIT CAPITAL GLOBAL Colombia DAVID ROTH Senior Managing Director BLACKSTONE USA ANDRÉS STÖRMANN Partner E&S PROPERTY INVESTMENT S.A.S. Colombia Pablo Botero Londoño David Roth Andrés Störmann JOHN TSUI Managing Principal PENINSULA HOUSE, LLC USA JAVIER FORERO Dir. Recursos Físicos PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD JAVERIANA Colombia John Tsui Javier Forero OFFICES COLOMBIA - Is it becoming a saturated market? MARCELO FEDAK Managing Director BLACKSTONE USA EZEQUIEL LODEIRO Vicepresidente – Director Área Sud América GRUPO SYASA Argentina PABLO SALA Managing Director, Andean Region JAMESTOWN LATIN AMERICA Colombia Marcelo Fedak Ezequiel Lodeiro Pablo Sala JUAN ERNESTO VARGAS Asesor PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD JAVERIANA Colombia Juan Ernesto Vargas The official language of the discussion groups will be English. | El idioma oficial de los grupos de debate será Inglés.
  9. 9. 9The official language of the discussion groups will be English. | El idioma oficial de los grupos de debate será Inglés. INVESTMENT VEHICLES COLOMBIA - How to achieve optimal fiscal efficiency… Legally?! GABRIEL FLÓREZ Managing Partner PÉNTACO Colombia HERNANDO FORERO Director GRUPO PEGASUS Argentina EDUARDO ROMERO Head of Merchant Bank BTG PACTUAL Colombia Gabriel Florez Hernando Forero Eduardo Romero RESIDENTIAL CHILE - End of the stagnation and market taking off? CRISTIAN ARMAS MOREL Director Ejecutivo EMPRESAS ARMAS Chile MAURICIO VARELA CEO SOCOVESA Chile PABLO SALA Managing Director, Andean Region JAMESTOWN LATIN AMERICA Colombia Cristian Armas Morel Mauricio VarelaPablo Sala NEXT MARKETS - Emerging sectors and locations; What's next? Ecuador? Argentina? JERÓNIMO BOSCH Managing Partner GRUPO PEGASUS Argentina SANTIAGO RIBADENEIRA Chairman PROINCO INMOBILIARIA Ecuador Jerónimo Bosch Santiago Ribadeneira DISCUSSIONS DEBATES LENDING COLOMBIA - Is alternative financing becoming more mainstream? JUAN ABRIL Executive Director MORGAN STANLEY USA ÓSCAR PORRAS Colombia Office Manager KANDEO FUND Colombia RODRIGO SÁNCHEZ-RÍOS Partner JAGUAR CAPITAL Colombia MARÍA RENGIFO Director CREDIT SUISSE USA Juan Abril p h o t o p e n d i n g Óscar Porras Rodrigo Sánchez-RíosMaría Rengifo FUAD VELASCO Partner NEXUS CAPITAL PARTNERS Colombia Fuad Velasco
  10. 10. 10 THE GRI DIFFERENCE GRI ES ÚNICO WHY DOES THE DISCUSSION FORMAT WORK SO WELL? GRI events are unlike anything else you’ve attended. There is no stage, there are no presentations and there are no panels. Instead, there are simultaneous closed-door discussions where everyone participates. You can quickly and efficiently identify partnership and investment opportunities from a room full of decision-makers ready to do business. HOW DO GRI EVENTS WORK? Each discussion contains a Moderating Chair, and a selection of co-Chairs who participate no more, no less than anyone else in the room. Group discussions run concurrently, several going on at the same time in separate rooms. Walk in and out at your convenience and attend as many sessions as you want. ¿POR QUÉ ES TAN ÚTIL NUESTRO FORMATO DE DEBATES? Los foros GRI son completamente diferentes a todo lo que has visto hasta ahora. No hay escenario, no hay presentaciones ni paneles. Son conversaciones a puerta cerrada entre líderes donde todo el mundo participa. Identificarás rápidamente nuevas oportunidades y harás contactos fácilmente con líderes influyentes que desean hacer negocios. ¿CÓMO FUNCIONAN LOS FOROS GRI? Cada debate tiene un moderador y varios copresidentes, los cuales no tienen más responsabilidad que el resto de participantes de la sala. Las sesiones se desarrollan simultáneamente en varias salas entre las que puedes moverte libremente de una sesión a otra. “I’m thrilled that GRI will be in Colombia soon. I have participated in numerous GRI meetings in Latin America and also in 7 other countries - its closed-doors discussions with senior executives enables me to get current market information and identify potential investment opportunities.” Kenneth Munkacy, Senior Managing Director, GID INTERNATIONAL GROUP
  11. 11. 11 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES OPORTUNIDADES DE PATROCINIO Sponsor opportunities include: • Co-Chairing Packages: Sponsors can join the programme as a ‘Discussion Co-chair’, featuring your senior executive on materials; enhancing their personal brand. • Moderating Chair Packages: As a ‘Moderating Chair’you can make prior contact with your supporting Co-chairs, set the scene for the discussion with a short introduction, and steer the conversation as you see fit. • Hospitality Packages: • The GRI Networking Area: There are networking breaks in between each discussion where our members cement their friendships over refreshments. Sponsorship of this area is available. • The GRI Lunch, Dinner & Drinks Reception: Sponsorship of the key networking events is a great way to stand out from crowd. Oportunidades de patrocinio incluyen: • Paquetes de Copresidencia: Los patrocinadores pueden participar como copresidentes teniendo presencia en los materiales de marketing, aumentando su visibilidad y su imagen de marca. • Paquetes de moderador: Como moderador de sesión, estarás continuamente en contacto con los copresidentes y podrás preparar la sesión con una pequeña introducción y dirigir la conversación como más te interese. • Paquetes de Hospitalidad: • Área de networking: En los descansos entre cada debate los participantes continuan haciendo contactos en este área donde comparten cafés y bebidas, por lo que es una zona muy concurrida, perfecta para promocionarse. • El almuerzo, la cena, y el cocktail: Es un patrocinio exclusivo, que te permite destacar sobre los demás. PLEASE CONTACT / CONTACTA CON: Daniel Morante at or at +44 207 121 5091 BECOME A SPONSOR GRI’s relaxed and intimate environment is unique. For a sponsor, it creates an excellent opportunity to: • Demonstrate knowledge • Raise awareness • Build meaningful relationships • Generate new business CONVIÉRTETE EN PATROCINADOR El ambiente relajado e informal de GRI es único. Para un patrocinador supone una excelente oportunidad para: • Posicionar su marca entre los líderes • Construir y estrechar relaciones • Generar nuevos negocios
  12. 12. 12 *This includes a three-course meal with wine, beer, water and soft drinks. Spirits, liqueurs and other expensive items will be charged separately by the restaurant. WANT TO SPONSOR THE DINNER? Please refer to sponsorship opportunities on page 11 DINNER ENTRY: US$120 per per (including VAT) ITINERARY: 11 November 19:00 Aperitifs on arrival 19:30 Networking Dinner Transfers will be arranged from the Bogota Plaza Summit Hotel to the restaurant. Please convene in the lobby at 18.30 GRI NETWORKING DINNER CENA DE NETWORKING JOIN THE GRI NETWORKING DINNER The GRI Networking Dinner will take place on 11th November at the acclaimed Matiz Restaurant, following the drinks reception at the Bogota Plaza. Considered as one of the best fine dining cuisine restaurants in Bogotá, Matiz features four distinctive settings and offers three different menus to satisfy all palates. The dishes encompass cutting-edge techniques to serve dishes with adventurous flavours and stunning presentations. Please tick the dinner option on the registration form to secure your reservation. (The dinner is open to registered event attendees). Matiz Restaurant *La cena incluye tres platos, vino, cerveza, agua y refrescos. Cualquier otro tipo de bebidas no están incluídas ENTRADA DE LA CENA: US$120 por persona (incluyendo IVA)* ITINERARIO: 11 Noviembre 19:00 Aperitivos 19:30 Cena de Networking Habrá transporte desde el hotel Bogotá Plaza hasta el restaurante Matiz. Por favor, dirigirse al lobby a las 18:30 ¿QUIERES PATROCINAR LA CENA DE NETWORKING? Oportunidades de patrocinio en la página 11 CENA DE NETWORKING La cena de networking tendrá lugar el día 11 de Noviembre en el prestigioso restaurante Matiz, a continuación del cocktail de bienvenida. Considerado como uno de los mejores restaurantes de alta cocina en Bogotá, Matiz ofrece cuatro atmósferas distintivas y ofrece tres menús diferentes para satisfacer todo tipo de paladares. Los platos abarcan las técnicas más vanguardistas con el objetivo de servir platos con diversos sabores y magníficas presentaciones. Por favor, selecciona la opción de la cena en el formulario de registro para asegurar tu plaza. (La cena está abierta para todos los participantes registrados)
  13. 13. 13 With due sensitivity the GRI may film or photograph this event for printed & electronic marketing purposes. By attending the event you are giving consent to be filmed or photographed. No individually identifiable images will be used where requested. GRI se reserva el derecho de filmar o fotografiar este evento con fines de marketing (impresos y electrónicos). Al asistir al evento estás dando su consentimiento para ser fotografiado o filmado. Fotos individuales no serán utilizadas si así lo solicitas.  REGISTRATION DETAILS FIRST NAME NOMBRE SURNAME APELLIDO POSITION/JOB TITLE POSICIÓN DIRECT TEL TEL DIRECTO EMAIL COMPANY EMPRESA ASSISTANT ASISTENTE ASSISTANT TEL TEL ASISTENTE ASSISTANT EMAIL ADDRESS DIRECCIÓN CITY CIUDAD STATE/PROVINCE/COUNTY PROVINCIA/ESTADO POSTCODE CÓDIGO POSTAL COUNTRY PAÍS (If Spain, provide VAT number/NIF) DIVISION’S WEB ADDRESS PÁGINA WEB (ex: * The CSC is the final three digit number printed on the reverse of your card along the signature strip. American Express cards, please provide the four digit CVV located above the long card number. * CSC son los 3 últimos dígitos impresos al dorso de la tarjeta próximo a su firma. Para las tarjetas american express, favor de incluir los 4 dígitos localizados sobre el número de tarjeta.  PAYMENT DETAILS DETALLES DE PAGO A receipt will be returned. Será enviado el comprobante. Please Tick  TRANSFER (+US$100)  CHEQUE (+US$100)  CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (please fill in mandatory fields*) *NAME ON CARD NOMBRE (COMO EN LA TARJETA) *CARD NUMBER NÚMERO DE TARJETA *EXPIRY FECHA DE VENCIMIENTO *CSC/CVV CÓDIGO DE SEGURIDAD *SIGNATURE FIRMA CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS (Please provide if different from address on left) *CITY CIUDAD STATE/PROVINCE/COUNTY ESTADO *POSTCODE CÓDIGO POSTAL COUNTRY PAÍS DIRECCIÓN DE FACTURACIÓN DE LA TARJETA (importante, por favor completar si diferente al anterior) REGISTRATION FORM FORMULARIO DE INSCRIPCIÓN Email Scan & email this form to • Envíe el Formulario Escaneado al: Fax Tear out & fax this form to • Envíe el Formulario Vía Fax al: +44 20 7388 8740 Tel Call & talk to us on • Llame: +44 20 7121 5060 REGISTER ONLINE REGISTRESE ONLINE ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO REGISTER • OTRAS FORMAS DE REGISTRO q INVESTOR INVERSOR q PENSION (Investor) FONDO DE PENSIONES (Inversor) q PROPERTY COMPANY (Developer) PROMOTORA q INFRASTRUCTURE COMPANY EMPRESA DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS q LENDER ENTIDADES DE CRÉDITO q HOTEL (Company) EMPRESA HOTELERA q INVESTMENT BANK BANCO DE INVERSIÓN q CORPORATE (User) CORPORACIÓN q AGENT (Surveyor) AGENTE q ADVISOR (Accountant/Tax) ASESORES (Contabilidad/Fiscal) q LAWYER ABOGADO q A&E (Architect/Engineer) ARQUITECTOS/INGENIEROS q TITLE (COMPANY) q GOVERNMENT (Officials) GOBIERNO q ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT EMPRESA DE DESARROLLO ECONÓMICO q ACADEMIC (Think Tank) ACADEMICO q MEDIA q TRADE (Group/Exhibit/Conference Organiser) COMERCIO (Grupos/Exposiciones/Organizador de Conferencias) q OTHER OTROS_________________ ref: BR REGISTER BY 18 SEP & SAVE UP TO $800 REGÍSTRATE ANTES DEL 18 DE SEP Y AHORRA HASTA $800 * Refer to registration notes on opposite page. COLOMBIA-CHILE-PERU GRI 2015 Bogotá, 11-12 November DISCUSSION (CO-)CHAIR* GROUP per person* DELEGATE Advance Saver Before 18 Sept Early Bird Rate Before 9 Oct Standard Rate After 9 Oct  US$ 2,175  US$ 2,675  US$ 2,975  US$ 2,275  US$ 2,475  US$ 2,775  US$ 2,375  US$ 2,675  US$ 2,975 Fee for payment methods other than credit card*:Tasa adicional para pago diferente a tarjeta de crédito*: No fee applicable for credit card payments Fee for onsite payment (credit card or cash only)*: Tasa de pago en el día del evento (sólo tarjetas de crédito o efectivo)*:  US$ 100  US$ 175 DINNER RATE  US$ 120 (perperson) Dinner is open to registered co-chairs and delegates. Dinner at Matiz Restaurant
  14. 14. 14 Inquiries & Further Information: FOR PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES CONTACT: Daniel Morante • Director, Andean Region Tel: + 44 (0)20 7121 5091 Email: Loredana Carollo • Project Director (LATAM and North America) Tel: + 44 (0)20 7121 5065 Email: FOR MEDIA & PARTNERSHIPS CONTACT: Catarina Almeida • Marketing Manager Tel: +44 20 7121 5069 Email: MAIN OFFICE: 511 Avenue of the Americas - Suite 4100, New York, NY 10011, USA EUROPEAN OFFICE: 10 Melton Street, London, NW1 2EB, UK FOR GENERAL EVENT ENQUIRIES CONTACT: Tel +44 20 7121 5060 REGISTRATION NOTES Políticadeadmisiónycancelación Elregistroespersonalydaaccesoatodoeleventosinposibilidaddeserdivididopordíasuotras fraccionesdelevento.Cadaregistroespersonalynopuedesercompartido,nopudiendoaccederdos personasconunmismopase. Elregistropuedesertransferidoaotrapersonaencualquiermomento antesdelevento.Sinorecibeconfirmacióndesuregistroenunmáximode7díasdesdelafecha deinscripción,porfavorpóngaseencontactoconnosotrosparasuconfirmación.Cancelacionesy transferenciasderegistrosdebenserhechasporescrito.Encasodecancelaciónseráreembolsadoel 90%delcostesiempreycuandoestasearecibidaantesdel30deOctubrede2015. Lamentamoscomunicarquenohabráreembolsosparacancelacionesrecibidasdespuésdel30de Octubrede2015. Pago•pagosgeneralmentemediantetarjetadecrédito. Otrosmétodosdepagoquenoseanmediantetarjetadecréditotendránuncargode100US$. Pagosenelevento(Mediantetarjetaoenmetálico)tendránuncargode175US$. TodosloscargosdebenserabonadosantesdeleventoColombia-Chile-PeruGRIparaasegurar suadmisión.Pagosmediantecheque:Pagaranombrede“GRI”.Envíodecheques,registro cumplimentadoyrápidaentregaa: GRI,10MeltonStreet,LondonNW12EB,UK. Costedegrupo•Costedegruposeráaplicadoagruposde3omásparticipantesdelamisma compañía. Losregistrosdecostereducidosnosonacumuables. Costesdecopresidente•Selectivamentedisponiblesparaaltoscargosdelaindustria(Inversores, desarrolladoresyfinancieros)conpresenciaenelprograma. Gruposdedebate•Tienenunaduraciónaproximadade60mincadaunaenseriessucesivasdevarias almismotiempo.Elidiomaoficialdelosdebatesseráeninglés. Lugar BOGOTÁPLAZASUMMITHOTEL***** Calle100#18a-30,Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia Tel+576322200 Reserva: TarifapreferencialdehabitaciónGRI(sóloreservasdirectas,noatravésdeagenciasdeviaje). TarifasdeUS$110,00–US$150,00incluídodesayuno. Elformulariodereservaestádisponibleennuestrawebsite: Parareservar,relleneyenvíeelformulariodirectamentealhotel. Admission&CancellationPolicy Registrationsareforthefulldurationoftheeventandarenotdivisibleinto individualdaysoranyotherfractionofthefullevent. Registrationsareperpersonandcannotbesharedbetweencolleagues. Registrationscanbetransferredtocolleaguesanytimepriortotheevent. Ifyouhavenotreceivedconfirmationwithin7daysofregistration, pleasecontactustoconfirmyourbooking. Cancellationandtransfertocolleaguesmustbeinwriting. 90%refundwillapplyifcancellationisreceivedbefore30thOctober2015. Weregretnorefundsarepossibleforcancellationsreceivedthereafter. Payment•Paymentsgenerallybycreditcard. FeeforpaymentmethodsotherthancreditcardisUS$100. Onsitepayments(creditcardorcash)incuradditionalUS$175charge. AllfeesmustbesettledpriortoColombia-Chile-PeruGRImeetingtoensureadmittance. Chequepayment:Pay“GRI”.Mailchequeandregistrationformregisteredandexpressdeliveryto: GRI,10MeltonStreet,LondonNW12EB,UK. GroupRate•Grouprateisperperson.Appliestogroupof3ormoreparticipants. Neednotbefromthe samecompany. Pleasenotethatregistrationfeereductionsarenotcumulative. DiscussionCo-chairRates•Selectivelyavailabletoindustryleaders(investors,developersand lenders)involvedintheprogram. GroupDiscussions•Groupdiscussionsrunconcurrentlyfor60minuteseach,insuccessiveseriesof severalatatime.OfficiallanguageofthediscussiongroupswillbeEnglish. Venue BOGOTÁPLAZASUMMITHOTEL***** Calle100#18a-30,Bogotá Cundinamarca Colombia Tel+576322200 Reservation: GRIPreferentialRoomRate.(Directbookingsonly,notthroughtravelagents). Rates US$110.00-US$150.00inc.breakfast. ThebookingformisavailableonlinefromtheGRIwebsite"Venue"tab: Pleasecompleteandemaildirectlytothehotelforconfirmation.
  15. 15. 15 UPCOMING GRI EVENTS | | Tel: +44 20 7121 5060 | Fax: +44 20 7388 8740 ASIA GRI2016 ASIA GRI 2016 Singapore, 12-13 April TURKEY 2016 TÜRKİYE GRI TURKEY GRI 2016 Istanbul, 19-20 April DEUTSCHE GRI2016 DEUTSCHE GRI 2016 Frankfurt, 9-10 May ESPAÑA GRI2016 ESPAÑA GRI 2016 Madrid, 25-26 May DeutscheGRI Wohnen2015 DEUTSCHE GRI WOHNEN 2015 Berlin, 25-26 November RUSSIA GRI 2015 Moscow, 10 November RUSSIA GRI2015 CEE GRI2016 CEE GRI 2016 Prague, 6-7 June GRI EUROPE SUMMIT 2015 Paris, 10-11 September GRIEUROPE SUMMIT 2015 INDIA GRI 2015 Mumbai, 18-19 November INDIA GRI2015 ITALIA GRI2015 ITALIA GRI 2015 Milan, 3-4 November COLOMBIA CHILE PERU GRI 2015 COLOMBIA, CHILE & PERU GRI 2015 Bogota, 11-12 November BRAZIL GRI 2015 São Paulo, 17-18 November GRIAFRICA SUMMIT2016 GRI AFRICA SUMMIT 2016 Johannesburg,20-21 October BRITISH GRI2016 BRITISH GRI 2016 London, 26-27 April GRI CHAIRMEN'S RETREAT 2016 St Moritz, 14-17 January CHAIRMEN’S RETREAT T H E G R I 2016 MEXICO GRI 2016 Mexico City 27-28 January MEXICO GRI2016 WEST AFRICA GRI2016 WEST AFRICA GRI 2016 Lagos, 17-18 February Los encuentros de GRI ofrecen el foro ideal para que los actores líderes del sector inmobiliario de todo el mundo establezcan relaciones valiosas, encuentren nuevos socios comerciales y fortalezcan sus redes de relaciones globales. GRI meetings provide a forum for the world’s leading real estate players to develop valuable relationships, find new business partners, and strengthen their global networks. EAST AFRICA GRI2016 EAST AFRICA GRI 2016 Nairobi,30-31 May @RealEstateGRIGlobal Real Estate Institute
  16. 16. W W W . G L O B A L R E A L E S TAT E . O R G Media Partners Industry PartnerS Research Partner Partner Association