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Android magazine uk_issue_24_2_c_2013

  1. 1. 3WelcomeTo issue 24 «Welcome“NotonlyistheOneastunningdevice,butHTChasdemonstratedthatitisoneofthefewmobilemanufacturerswillingtopursueitsownpath“A QR code is a 2D barcode that can actas a shortcut for delivering information,such as weblinks. You’ll notice themthroughout the mag – scan them onyour phone and you can download appsand send us messages instantly.Welcome“A QR code is a 2D barcode that can act“HOW TOUSE THEQR CODESWhen it has read, the phone willbeep and vibrate, then launch the link.You may need to choose an app tolaunch it with.Launch the link2ShopSavvy FreeDownload this free barcode scannerto use our QR codes. Handily, you canscan normal barcodes with it too, tohelp you find bargains on all yourfavourite purchases!Zero-click access to the bestapps in the Google Play storeOpen ShopSavvy, hit the Scan aBarcode button and then hold yourphone over a QR code so that it appearsin the window.Get scanning1»facebook/littlegreenrobotLike us on Facebook to send usyour comments» us an email and let us know whatyou’d like to see in the mag»twitter@lgrobotFollow us on Twitter and send usyour thoughtsThe last month has seen twomajor events for Android thisyear. The Samsung Galaxy S4was announced, and the HTC Onewent on sale. The S4 is withoutquestion the biggest – the latest in arange of devices that has helpedAndroid become the world’s biggestmobile platform. Reactions to the S4were actually somewhat muted, with many suggestingthat Samsung had followed Apple’s lead yet again andannounced, in effect, an ‘S3S’. That’s a bit unfair in myview. The S4 is not revolutionary, yet while the incrementalimprovements seen throughout seem small on their own,taken as a whole they amount to a pretty massiveupgrade over last year’s model. With hardware that isnoticeably faster and many new ideas on the softwareside, Samsung looks to have delivered another prettyamazing package.And then there’s the HTC One. There’s no doubt thatSamsung will blow it away in terms of sales, but I’m notexpecting to see a more beautifully designed, well thoughtout smartphone than it this year. HTC has been in thedoldrums for some time now, but it’s hard not to root forthe company and hope that it can turn things around. Notonly is the One a stunning device, but HTC hasdemonstrated that it is one of the few mobilemanufacturers willing to pursue its own path and trysomething different. At a time when so many devices arescarcely distinguishable from one another thatcommitment to innovation is more important than ever.MobiwolEvernoteGogobotECB CricketGoogle KeepHungry SharkEvolutionMY HOME SCREENOn (and off) Andy’sphone this month…GET IN TOUCHLet us know what you’dlike to see in next issue…Andy Betts EditorThis monthI’ve been using:HTC OneWithout doubt myfavourite phoneever. It is a trulyimpressive pieceof kitAPPSINAPPSOUT
  2. 2. Contents»Inside issue 24CONTENTS15SpecialofferforUSAreaders »54Exclusivesubscriptionoffer06 What to expect fromKey Lime PieWe look ahead to the launchof Android 509 Ubuntu for AndroidIs Ubuntu about to help turnyour phone into a desktopreplacement?10 Million SellersHow speech recognitionsoftware is racking up thedownloads11 The scare overmalwareHow to stay safe and clearfrom dodgy appsLauncherPreviews,news andspeculationfrom theAndroid 10 things you need toknow about phabletsAn introduction to the phone andtablet combi14 Twitter appsWe take a look at some of thebest-looking Twitter apps16 MessagesSound off about anything andeverything to do with Android56 Hack-free hacksPowerful tweaksand mods that don’tneed root72 HTC One reviewWill HTC be able to giveSamsung a run for itsmoney with the One?24 35 Android secrets toenhance your phoneHidden features in your favouriteapps uncovered418 FirstlookattheamazingnewphonefromSamsungGALAXYS4
  3. 3. ContentsInside issue 24«Cutting-edge tablets andsmartphones on test78 Mid-range group testFour mid-range phones gohead-to-head72 Reviews72 HTC One86 Motorola RAZR HD88 Kogan Agora90 Archos GamePad92 BWC 10” tablet93 BWC 7” tablet94 AccessoriesPower up your phone or tabletwith this collection of goodiesEssential guides to getting morefrom your phone or tablet28 Master the Google appsGet more from the Google apps with thishandy guide32 Tutorials32 Use your phone as a remotecontrol35 Working with the new lockscreen36 Set up a unified inbox for all typesof message38 Merge Facebook and Google data39 Use Street View in Navigation40 Manage your internal and SD cardmemory65 7digital65 Audioboo65 BBC Sport70 Cordy 271 Die Hard67 Facebook Pages Manager63 Harlem Shake Creator Lite67 Highlight67 Hotel Tonight63 Lemon Wallet66 Lightning Browser66 Material67 Night Vision Camera71 Oddland67 Perfect36571 Pocket Stables71 QuestLord71 Real Basketball71 Robo564 Runtastic Pedometer70 The Simpsons:Tapped Out71 Sela The Space Pirate67 Skype WiFi63 Slide Meter71 Slingshot Racing66 Swapps!67 Thermometer63 Truphone62 Viddy67 Weather Live GoldAppsYour completeguide toGoogle Play62 App reviewsWe cast a critical eye over thebest new apps in the Play storeover the last month69 Free GPS appsWe test out two high-poweredalternatives to Google Maps70 Game reviewsThe latest games for phonesand tablets reviewedApp review index46 Hacking tips and tricksEssential tips for getting the most out ofyour Android device48 Tweak your kernel50 Increase memory by movingyour apps to ROM52 Copy your favourite apps toyour custom ROMExplore the limits ofyour Android phoneHackerZøneTutorialsReviews78 Mid-range maestrosFour leading mid-range phones go head-to-head32Use yourphone as aremotecontrolControl your othermedia gadgetsusing only yourphone or tablet» our website dailyfor even more news588 KoganAgoraIs this ultra-budget phonea bargain?86MotorolaRAZR HDThe latest in theRAZR range goeson test42 Droid SupportReaders’ questions answered, plustroubleshooting tips and tricks
  4. 4. 6AllthelatestfromtheworldofAndroiddevicesAndroid5.0isfastapproaching,butwhatdoestheindustrywanttoseefromGoogle’slatestOSupdate?The yearly Google I/O developers conferencealways brings with it a certain sense ofexcitement and this year’s event is no different.Every year, the latest Android operating systemupdate is announced and following its dessert-focused path, this time around the event on May 15in San Francisco will see the unveiling of what isexpected to be called Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie (theversion number itself is largely irrelevant and doesnot necessarily correspond to the size of the release– previous 0.x version updates have often includedradical changes to the way the platform performs, aswell as introducing lots of new features). Google doesWhatcanyouexpectfromKeyLimePie?a fairly good job at keeping the details of each updateunder wraps, but that doesn’t stop the internetrumour mill from going crazy, and with that in mind,we’ve spoken to various people inside the industry tosee what they want, and expect to see, featuredwithin the latest update.Colin Adams, president of Andromo App Makersays: “As a user, I’d like to see continued speedimprovements in Key Lime Pie, like we saw withProject Butter in Jelly Bean. It really makes the wholeexperience feel faster. There have been rumoursabout Project Roadrunner for a while now, with talk ofimproved battery life as well. The addition of better/smarter power-saving modes and profiles would alsobe a nice addition.” Adams continues: “As Androiddevelopers, we’d love to see some new userinterface ideas, along with compatibility libraries sowe can use them on older versions of Android.Anything that makes it easier to make use of thelatest features in 5.0 while still supporting olderversions makes our lives easier – and results inbetter apps for everyone.”Building off the success of Jelly Bean is key forGoogle to get right, as Project Butter is still the bestway to enjoy the Android experience, and is still amuch better option than the likes of third-partyAllthelatestfromtheworldofAndroiddevicesWhatcanyouexpectfromKeyLimePie?WhatcanyouexpectfromKeyLimePie?WhatcanyouexpectWhen will you getyour slice of the pie?Ten months after Jelly Bean was firstannounced only around 16% ofAndroid users have devices runningthe OS, while around 40% are stillrunning Gingerbread from back in2010. We’d expect all new devicesfrom this year to get an update, aswell as the flagship devices from2012 as well. As always it will be theNexus devices that are first in line,with devices possibly as old as theGalaxy Nexus getting the new OSwithin days of its launch
  5. 5. enhancements in terms of a faster UI and batterylife” says Amit Friedberg, Android developmentleader at EQuala.FM. “Improved battery life wouldhelp cope with more power coming from thesmartphones themselves.” Matt Lundberg, CTO ofWolfgang’s Vault, shares the same views: “We needto see an improvement in battery life and there arethings that KLP can do to help make this happen.”Something that we can all agree on is that with theKLP announcement, we want to see Google reallypush the boat out with new features. We’ve seen thelikes of Google Now, interactive notifications menuand multiple user profiles in the past, but as DavidBakke, technology expert at moneycrashers.comexplains, public opinion is pretty split for what shouldbe included this time around. “There are plenty offeatures that Android users are looking for in KeyLime Pie. Some of the most popular ones includeimproved support for multiple devices, a better wayto manage power usage, an app for video chattingand a more user-friendly contacts section for sendingout blast text messages. Some are even calling forKey Lime Pie to have a better integration with thelikes of Facebook and Twitter readily available.”In truth, no one truly knows what we’re going tosee in KLP, but that just adds to the excitement of itall. However, what is perfectly clear is that as well asincluding all the new features, which Google is boundto do, the company also needs to make sure it buildson the success of previous updates, especially at atime when Samsung could be seen as starting todiminish the importance of the OS in its devices. KeyLime Pie can potentially cement Android’s status asthe number one mobile operating system in theworld, but only time will tell.7»twitter@lgrobotFollow us on Twitter forthe latest updatesStay up to dateCatch up with the latestAndroid news and gossip“I’dliketoseecontinuedspeedimprovementsinKeyLimePie,likewesawwithProjectButterinJellyBean“ColinAdams,presidentofAndromoAppMaker“AndroidstillfeelsabitsluggishcomparedtoiOSonsomedevices“AmitFriedberg,AndroiddevelopmentleaderatEQuala.FMcustom skins from Samsung, HTC and Motorola. Butwhere can Google build off the design and featuresthat made Jelly Bean the most revolutionary Androidupdate yet? Brian Geary, a developer for AndPlus,thinks that maybe Google should look elsewhere forinspiration. “I’d like to see Android take a look in toWindows Phone and how that operating systemintegrates with social networks like Twitter andFacebook, and figure a way to seamlessly integratethat functionality into KLP. Where Jelly Bean madehuge steps in the redesign of Google’s OS, I wouldlike to see similar steps be taken in KLP but this timein terms of user experience.”But Key Lime Pie most certainly shouldn’t just beabout new ground-breaking features and Googleshould make it of paramount importance to use KeyLime Pie as a platform for fixing the problems thathave littered Android 4.0 and 4.1, and also use it tocontinually develop the plethora of features we’vealready got access to, in particular Google Now, asGeary explains: “I’d like to see Google Now reallyexpand its usability in KLP too. Everybody knows whatSiri is, but it seems like very few people are talkingabout the power of Google Now, which in my opinionis way more powerful than Siri in many ways.”Another area that Google needs to consider is thatKey Lime Pie needs to be adapted to cater for thenew breed of smartphones. Massive screens andbigger processors are certainly the future of ourbeloved devices, but Key Lime Pie could make a hugestride in helping consumers with their monsterphones. “I would like to see additional performance“No, not at all. The Android release schedule hasalways been fast-paced, and that’s awesome forusers. If we’re lucky this rapid pace will put morepressure on device manufacturers and carriersto stop getting in the way.” – Colin Adams“Not at all. If KLP delivers what it promises, thisshouldn’t pose a problem.” – Matt Lundberg“Fragmentation is a big problem in the Androidworld, but it will not be solved by slow releases,but rather by frequent ones that will makethe manufacturers refresh their models morefrequently.” – Amit Friedberg“Several years ago, the answer to thisquestion probably would have been yes. Butin today’s world, where everyone desires thelatest technology, Key Lime Pie is likely notarriving too early.” – David Bakke“I don’t feel that KLP is arriving too earlyfor consumers. At the speed that themobile market moves it’s important forAndroid to keep growing and building onits OS. There may be some confusion forconsumers on the differences and benefitsof getting a phone with Key Lime Pie.”– Brian GearyWhatwewanttoseeinKeyLimePie…Andy Betts, EditorOliver Hill, Staff WriterThe main points of focus for meshould be on streamlining the UIto make it easier to use fornewcomers to the platform –many still don’t customise theirphones (or even home screens)as much as they could – and onmaking it quicker to get hold of your mostimportant information. Combining theinformation from the notifications shade andGoogle Now into a large, unified home screenpanel would be a good start even if it was justa glorified full screen widget. I wouldn’t mind asimplification of widgets as well, maybe alongthe lines of Windows Phone where icons candisplay live information. And while we’re at itthey could also eradicate lag in scrolling listsonce and for all, and make improvements tothe battery life. What I’m expecting is moregesture controls, and a lot more Google.There’s no doubt that Googlehas something amazing up itssleeve with the Key Lime Pieupdate, but we’re still clueless towhat it actually is. Not only is it agood time to unleash newfeatures, but KLP would beperfect for making Android less susceptibleto malware attacks, as well as making iteasier for manufacturers to roll out updates.Manypeopledon’thaveaccesstoAndroid4.1,soisKLParrivingtooearly?@ScruffyFox Quiet hours, custom homebutton actions@BigJelJel1 More gesture-based UI thatuses more of the advanced technology outthere@weepineer google should sort out thesecurity issues that ruin some people’sexperience with the phones and tablets@_petitepapillon Flash support back!!@alived89 Have swiftkey as the defaultkeyboard option from now on. Default oneis pretty rubbish.@kebabjones1976 a better name key limepie is yukkie ;)…andwhatyouwant•Show all my notifications, messages andcontext-aware information on a single homescreen•Rethink the relationship between widgetsand app icons•New keyboard that takes inspiration fromthird-party app Swiftkey•Overhaul of app drawer design•Improvements to the stock audio player
  6. 6. 8» us daily for news and morePhonePad–theultimateAndroidaccessory?ThePhonePadisatouchscreenpanelthatturnsanysmartphoneintoatablet,gamesconsoleandbusinesstoolinsecondsGameStick console showsitself off at GDCOne of the more unassuming games consoles to hitthe market soon is the two-inch GameStick. After asuccessful Kickstarter campaign, the tiny Androiddevice and its controller companion have beenshown off for the first time at the Game DevelopersConference in San Francisco. When released in theUK, the device is set to cost an impulse-buying £60.Samsung set to start work onAndroid smartwatchSony’s SmartWatch reception was a very mixedaffair, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung deciding torelease its own. The Korean giant is looking to makea smartwatch that will tie in with not just its phonesand tablets, but also many other Samsung-brandedproducts to really dominate your living room. Nonews on a release date or availability, as of yet.Adobe brings the Photoshopexperience to AndroidAdobe is slowly bringing its full suite of apps to theAndroid platform and its latest, Photoshop Touch forphone, is the best yet. The app includes a ridiculousamount of photo-editing tools and filters to helpcreate the perfect photograph, but be warned, you’llneed a decent processor if you want to uncover allthe technical aspects of the app.Developments to watch inthe AndroshpereWHAT’SHOTUntil now, if you wanted to get the ultimateAndroid experience you’d need to buy aphone, tablet and many other Android-enabled products. But if you want to make yourwallet a bit happier, then you might want tocheck out a new concept called the PhonePad.With this touchscreen console you simply needto slide your phone into its adjustable base tosee your display on the big 10.1-inch HD screen.Once connected, the PhonePad can then bemodified into a clamshell laptop, which can havea keyboard wirelessly connected to it, a fullyuseable tablet or even a stationary gamesThe PhonePad is a jack of all trades,but is it a master of none?Fold PhonePad into a full 10.1-inch tablet Connect your controller and play some AAA titlesconsole. It caters for a wide range ofphones and the team behind it has manymore compatible devices arriving soonenough. If that wasn’t enough, thePhonePad is Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G compatible forbrowsing the internet at your leisure, andalso ships with an Xbox-styled gamecontroller that connects to the consolewirelessly via Bluetooth.You won’t be able to get your hands onthe PhonePad until May, but for the princelysum of £149.99 ($179.99) we’re sure you’llbe able to wait just a little longer.handshandshands-on
  7. 7. Get in touch!Send us your thoughtson all things Android» questions or comments? Dropus an email and let us know»facebook/littlegreenrobotLike us on Facebook tosend your comments»twitter@lgrobotFollow us on Twitter forall the latest gossip9WhatexactlyisUbuntuforAndroid?AnddoesitmeanthatourphonesandtabletscanreplacePCsforgood?AndroidplatformstoreplacethePC?According to its developers, the Ubuntuoperating system could be the next step ingetting our Android platforms to replace thePC entirely. Ubuntu is a free and open-sourceoperating system, based on Linux, that has anestimated 20 million users, worldwide. While this is atiny number compared to the 1.25 billion users ofMicrosoft Windows, the de facto standard operatingsystem for the PC, Ubuntu is, nevertheless, aheavyweight desktop operating system and it’scoming to Android.Ubuntu for phones was recently announced by itsdeveloper Canonical Ltd and will be available, as analternative to Android or Windows, later this year. Aversion for some tablets is already available, but onlyif you’re prepared for it to overwrite Android. Of moreinterest to Android users, though, is Ubuntu forAndroid which enables both Android and Ubuntu torun on the same multi-core handset at the sametime. Because both operating systems share thesame Linux kernel this doesn’t involve the emulationor virtualisation techniques that, traditionally, haveallowed one operating system to run inside another.UbuntucouldprovideaviableplatformforAndroidonourdesktopsRichardCollins,productmanageratCanonical“Anythingotherthannicheappealfornow”As a result,Android andUbuntu willboth run atthe maximum speedallowed by the processor.Canonical doesn’t envisage you using Ubuntu asan alternative to Android when you’re on the move.Instead, you’d use Android as normal when you’reout and about and then, when you return to thehome or office, you plug your phone into a dockingstation that will give you access to Ubuntu with theadded convenience of akeyboard, mouse andfull-sized screen. Not onlythat but the two operatingsystems can shareaddress books, emails,text messages and thelike, thereby eliminatingthe need forsynchronisation. Richard Collins, product managerat Canonical, sees all this as a significantdevelopment. “Ubuntu for Android is reallyimportant to giving users of high-end Androidsmartphones a fully embedded native Ubuntu PCexperience”, he said. “This is a PC capability inevery sense, meaning that when the Androidphone is docked to a desktop monitor, the userhas exactly the same set of Ubuntu services that“UbuntuforAndroidisreallyimportant…youareeffectivelycarryingyourPCinyourpocket”would run on normal PC hardware. You are effectivelycarrying your PC in your pocket.”However, David Ludlow, editor of ComputerShopper, the UK’s highest circulation PC monthly,isn’t too sure. “The ability to dock your phone andseamlessly switch to a desktop environment on amonitor sounds brilliant for people on the move, as itlets them carry around a complete personalsystem”, he agreed. “However, a phone can’tcompete with the power, flexibility and storage of afull PC or laptop, so I don’t expect Ubuntu for Androidto offer anything other than niche appeal for now.”DavidLudlow,editorofComputerShopper
  8. 8. 10»twitter@lgrobotFollow us on Twitter forthe latest updatesStay up to dateCatch up with the latestAndroid news and gossipWas Speaktoit initially launched to be a competitor to Apple’svoice assistant, Siri?No, Speaktoit was actually launched, on Android, before Siri andwas the first conversation-based virtual assistant on the market.Siri did help bring a lot of attention to this app genre, though,which Speaktoit certainly benefited from as Android users beganlooking for an assistant alternative on their own platform.How difficult is it to program all the responses that theSpeaktoit Assistant gives?It’s the most difficult part of designing the app, without question.We brainstorm, design, and then create tens of thousands ofinteraction scenarios, and have to then predict how a Speaktoituser will continue throughout the conversation. The biggestchallenge with this is that the Assistant is an open input system,meaning a user can ask anything and the Assistant has to havesomething to say about the topic. Because the Assistantsupports clarifying dialogue, we have to take into account howthat dialogue may evolve. In short, it’s difficult!One problem noted with similar apps on the Google Play storeis that they struggle with certain dialects and accents. Howdoes Speaktoit deal with this?Speaktoit uses the voice recognition system native to Google’sAndroid platform, so much of this is beyond our control. Still,Speaktoit can take into account dialogue context – like thecurrent topic being discussed between Assistant and the user– in order to understand which speech recognition variant, ofsometimes several possibilities, makes the most sense to followin the particular situation.In your daily life, what feature of Speaktoit do you find yourselfusing the most?Definitely the integration with my calendar, both to create newevents and to stay reminded about what’s coming up. It’s prettyeasy to tell my assistant, ‘Add a meeting with Google to mycalendar for tomorrow at 3pm’. On the calendar reminder side, Iuse Speaktoit’s Daily Briefing option, which gives me a detailedrundown on all my events for that day – along with reading metop news stories, the weather etc – the first thing in themorning, every morning.AssistantThe inside story on Android’s most popular appsAndroidtabletsA brief history of…Android tablets have had a chequeredhistory. They didn’t start too well,thanks to the lack of a tablet-specific UI,and coupled with mediocre build qualityand a serious lack of apps earned a badreputation that took some time toovercome. But that has now changed.Thanks to improvements in the UI andsterling work from manufacturers,Android tablets are now expected tooutsell the iPad by the end of the year.With its five-inch screen, the Dell Streakwas mocked upon its launch. It was, withhindsight, the first phablet, but wastwo-handed like a tablet. Today it wouldjust be a ‘phone’.2010The Android tablet erakicked off properly with thelaunch of the SamsungGalaxy Tab. This seven-inchdevice ran a phone-optimised version of theOS and could make calls. Ittook Android some time toget past its reputation.A brief history of… thanks to the lack of a tablet-specific UI,and coupled with mediocre build qualityand a serious lack of apps earned a badreputation that took some time toovercome. But that has now changed.Thanks to improvements in the UI andsterling work from manufacturers,Android tablets are now expected tooutsell the iPad by the end of the year.Q&A with IlyaGelfenbeyn, CEO ofSpeaktoitWhen Siri was first launched on iOS there was a massive uproar from Androidusers looking for a similar app or service they could use on their own device.Assistant by Speaktoit looked to fill that gap and ever since its launch, theapp has gone from strength to strength. Assistant is the ultimate virtual assistant andcan answer questions, find information and launch apps that are installed on yourdevice. There’s also full compatibility with a wide range of social media apps, lettingyou check on what your friends are doing whenever and wherever you are. Aftersailing through one million downloads, Assistant is continuing to grow. With an activedevelopment team always looking to implement new features into the app, Assistantwill be around for some time yet.does Speaktoit deal with this?Speaktoit uses the voice recognition system native to Google’sAndroid platform, so much of this is beyond our control. Still,Speaktoit can take into account dialogue context – like thecurrent topic being discussed between Assistant and the user– in order to understand which speech recognition variant, ofsometimes several possibilities, makes the most sense to followin the particular situation.In your daily life, what feature of Speaktoit do you find yourselfusing the most?Definitely the integration with my calendar, both to create newevents and to stay reminded about what’s coming up. It’s prettyeasy to tell my assistant, ‘Add a meeting with Google to mycalendar for tomorrow at 3pm’. On the calendar reminder side, Iuse Speaktoit’s Daily Briefing option, which gives me a detailedrundown on all my events for that day – along with reading metop news stories, the weather etc – the first thing in theSend emailsOne of Assistant’sbest features is beingfully Gmail compatible,enabling you to typeand send emails usingsolely your voiceThe little thingsAssistant can also be used tohelp covert your currency,search for specific images andeven find the latest weatherreports in your areaCustomiseyour assistantThe way your virtualassistant looks anddresses can also becustomised. It doesn’taffect the app, however,it’s a nice little additionto includeKeep it simpleAssistant does a surprisinglygood job at recognising mostwords, but it can sometimesfall down on certainpronunciations of wordsMillionsellersVITAL STATSASSISTANTPrice:FreeLaunched:2010Installs:1m-5mPlaystorerating:Assistant’s stand-out features revealed2009
  9. 9. ThescareovermalwareIn its latest Mobile Threat Report, computer securitycompany F-Secure paints a depressing picture forAndroid users. During 2012, 79 per cent of all virusesfor mobile platforms were aimed at the Android platform,up from 67 per cent in 2011. What’s more, things appearto be getting worse. In the final quarter of 2012, another96 new families of Android malware appeared,compared to an average of 47 threats in each of theprevious quarters.In a sense, the targeting of Android isn’t particularlysurprising – after all, it is the most popular mobileoperating system. However, the threat does appear to bemore than we might expect for Android’s 69 per centmarket share during 2012. Does this mean that Android ismore vulnerable to attack than other mobile platforms?Not necessarily. According to F-Secure, a more likelyexplanation is that malware writers invariably turn theirattention from those operating systems such as Symbianthat are in decline to those that are seeing massivegrowth – and that matches Android’s description.Not only is the threat to Android on the increase but thenature of that threat is changing. During the last 12months, 66 per cent of all Android malware took the formof Trojans and many had a financial motivation. Unlike theviruses that have plagued PCs for years, a Trojan looks likean ordinary application so it’s deliberately installed by theuser. But whereas most apps ‘do exactly what it says onthe tin’, Trojans pack a punch you weren’t expecting.Increasingly, that nasty surprise is that it ends up costingyou money. One common trick is to send texts to apremium rate number that is owned by the virus writer. Itthen deletes all records from your smartphone so that youdon’t realise what’s been happening until you receive yournext bill and get a horrible shock.While there’s no way you can fully protect yourself fromTrojans – other than never installing apps, that is –according to anti-malware vendor Kaspersky, one of thebest ways is to avoid installing apps from suspiciouswebsites. While dodgy apps on the Play store have beenreported (eg Find and Call which appeared in 2012 andwas quickly removed), in the main, Google takes itsresponsibility to protect users seriously and this is verymuch the exception rather than the rule.SecurityhaslongbeenoneofAndroid’smostpressingissues.Whatisthetruthaboutmalware?Whereisitfound?Andhowcanyouavoidit?Wesetouttoseparatefactfromfiction2011Android 3.0, or Honeycomb, was launchedwith a tablet-optimised UI. It made its debutwith the Motorola Xoom, but a lack of appsand plenty of quirks held it back.2012With Android 4 havingunified tablet andphone, Google tookthe bit between itsteeth with the Nexus7. It was cheap yetpowerful and becamethe first big-sellingAndroid tablet.With sales predicted to surpass the iPad,Android tablets are now well established.Devices such as the Sony Tablet Z showthat Android can also do premiummodels to match Apple.11Follow us @lgrobotto joinin the conversationCROWDSOURCEOpinion from theTwitterspheretwitter@lgrobotSo with more Nexus 4 stockavailable through the Playstore, did anyone manage topick one up?@dannynitrostock issues have killed thisphone early adopters havemoved on and as its even oldernow only bargain hunters will beinterested.@emeneloDamn straight. Absolute bargaindevice for the price! Looks reallygood next to the Nexus 7@lgrobotWhat’s the most importantthing for you when you’relooking to buy a new phone?@Mug_UKThe words “Samsung” & “S4” ;-)@PearCidreBattery life, #android version anda decent screen. current phone(zte grand x) does it for me atm.@richdavEase of rooting and availability ofa quality custom ROM. Thenhardware design/specs@atinjematprice and the screen.@TonyP_UKcamera & photo quality areincreasingly important, especiallysince pics can be shared &synced so easily now@lgrobotWhat was your main reasoningfor hacking your phone and/ortablet?@ObarieTo break the connection betweenthe device & network serviceprovider & to control my owndevice.@PaulaHunter2012HP Touchpad hacked to enabledual booting between webOS andICS. WebOS nice user interfacebut completely lacking in apps.New mobile threat families & variants received per quarterQ1-Q4 2012102030405060 616674100708090100AndroidALL THREATSBlackberryiOSJ2meWindows MobileSymbianTop tips foravoidingmalwareSean Sullivan, F-Secure’ssecurity advisor, provides histop three tips for avoidingmalware on Android…1. Stick to installing software from official Androidmarkets such as Google Play or one from your phoneoperator. While it can be fun to install new software, andit may be tempting to install a game you discover viaFacebook, it’s not always the best idea.2. Even when using official markets, exercise caution –truly ‘free’ applications are rare. Many free applicationsattempt to pay for themselves using ads, and those adscan sometimes link to scams. Always check all of thedeveloper’s apps and if you see too many similar ones,it’s a sign that negative feedback has caused thedeveloper to ‘rebrand’ his spammy code. Free apps thatare really worth installing will have genuinely positivefeedback that’s hard to fake.3. Use your screen lock so your jealous other halfdoesn’t install a spy-tool on your phone.2013
  10. 10. » us daily for news and more123Following theNote’s stepsStarting off the phabletcraze was the SamsungGalaxy Note and despite theinitial mixed reception forthe 5.3-inch device, it hasgone on from strength tostrength and introduced theworld to a new breed ofdevice. It was also the firstdevice to come with its veryown stylus in the S Pen.2Built for mediaThe larger screen on a phablet is perfect forhandling all your media content. Using apps likeNetflix means you’ll have access to all your films andit’s definitely an improvement over a phone screen.They’re also the perfect choice for wanting to do aspot of mobile gaming.4EmergingmarketsDespite a rise inpopularity acrossEurope, phablet saleshave really rocketedin the emergingAsian market.Companies like LGhave launched theirown phablets intothe Far Eastmarket, namely theOptimus VU, tohuge sales andeven a follow-updevice in the OptimusVU Pro.8DeveloperannoyanceDevelopers don’t havean easy time puttingtogether apps to run ona phablet. Theawkward screen sizemeans phone appslook pixelated and outof proportion, and a lotof work goes intomaking tablet apps fitthe smaller screen.5When bigis too bigHoldingafive-inchphablettoyourheadwhenmakingacalldoeslookabitstupid,butwhereisthecut-offpoint?Huaweihasrecentlyannouncedthegiant6.1-inchHuaweiAscendMate,whichalsoincludesaquad-coreprocessor,4050mAhbatteryand32GBofinternalstorage.9Plummeting pricesWhen phablets werereleased they held premiumprice tags. By searchingaround, you’ll find the ZTE’sGrand Memo will launch withan affordable price tag.7Replacing phonesShipments of phablets have increaseddramatically this past year and are set to increaseeven more in2013. An earlyreport byBarclays showsthat phabletshipments shouldclimb to 143million units anda whopping 228million by 2015.6DedicatedappsBoththeGalaxyNoteandNoteIImadegooduseoftheincludedSPenbybringingoutarangeofSPen-friendlyapps.ThebestofthebunchisSPlanner,agreatcalendarsystemthatletsyoucreateandmodifyeventswhenyouneedto.1SizemattersAmixbetweenaphoneandtablet,phabletisthetermusedtodescribeanydevicethatcomesinbetweenfiveandseveninches.Theyofferauniqueblendoftablet-specificfeatureswithfullphonecapabilitiesaswell.4Despite a rise inpopularity acrossEurope, phablet saleshave really rocketedin the emergingAsian market.Companies like LGhave launched theirown phablets intothe Far Eastmarket, namely theOptimus VU, tohuge sales andeven a follow-updevice in the OptimusVU Pro.5Holdingafive-inchphablettoyourheadwhenmakingacalldoeslookabitstupid,butwhereisthecut-offpoint?Huaweihasrecentlyannouncedthegiant6.1-inchHuaweiAscendMate,whichalsoincludesaquad-coreprocessor,4050mAhbatteryand32GBofinternalstorage.things you need toknow about...Phablets10Androidvs AppleAppleisyettolaunchitsownphabletontothemarket,butearlysignsareitcouldbedoingjustthat.TheiPadminihashadsomesuccesssoaslightlysmalleronecoulddefinitelycompeteagainstthecurrentcropofAndroidofferings.
  11. 11. Get in touch!Send us your thoughtson all things Android» questions or comments? Dropus an email and let us know»facebook/littlegreenrobotLike us on Facebook tosend your comments»twitter@lgrobotFollow us on Twitter forall the latest gossipPlaystorepicksThe RatsJames HerbertPrice: £0.99The late British horrorwriter’s classic debutnovel is as chilling todayas it was on release30 years ago.Our favourites from the Playstore this monthJames HerbertPrice:ArgoPrice: £3.49 (rent)This year’s Best Picturewinner at the Oscarsabout a hostage rescueco-stars Breaking Bad’sBryan Cranston.FillyourtabletwiththebestdigitalmagsGot a Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HD orother Android tablet? There’s no betterway to put it to use than by filling it withthe best digital magazines around.At you can getover 100 magazines and books thatcover a wealth of technology,photography and gaming titles.Every magazine listed on thesite is offered at asubstantially discountedprice and is available to you 24/7.As well as Android Magazine, you canfind a host of other popular titles including How ItWorks, Digital Photographer, SciFi Now and gamesTM.They’re available on a range of platforms, including Zinio, Amazon,Google Play, Kobo and iTunes.Imagine Publishing’s super-site gives you instant accessto a wide range of quality contentPrice: £7.49Bowie’s first album inalmost a decade is thebest of his latter-dayperiod and his finest since ScaryMonsters from 1980.The Next DayDavid Bowieot a Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire HD orother Android tablet? There’s no betterway to put it to use than by filling it withthe best digital magazines can getover 100 magazines and books thatprice and is available to you 24/7., you canfind a host of other popular titles including How ItDigital Photographer, SciFi Now andDigital Photographer, SciFi Now andDigital Photographer, SciFi Now gamesTMgamesTMgames .They’re available on a range of platforms, including Zinio, Amazon,01202 552936 WWW.CLOVE.CO.UKSMARTPHONES.TABLETS.ACCESSORIESAll prices include VAT, but exclude delivery. Prices are correct at time of going to press. Website price always applies. Errors and omissions should be excepted.COMPETITIVE PRICES . RAPID WORLDWIDE DELIVERYSONY XPERIA Z• IP55 & 57 ratedAndroid phone• Quad-coreprocessor• 5” full HD display• 13MP camera• PlayStationcertified• FREE speakerworth £65 withall pre-orders£522SAMSUNG GALAXYS4• 5” HD SuperAMOLED display• 13MP camera• 16/32/64GBmemory options• MicroSD Memorycard slot• Dual camera andvideo call mode• Eye tracking for smartscrolling & pausing£TBCHTC ONE• 1.7Ghz quad-coreprocessor• 4.7” display• Unique Ulta-Pixelcamera• Dual frontal stereospeakers• 32GB internal &25GB cloud storage• Metal body, just9.3mm thick•processor••camera•speakers•25GB cloud storage•9.3mm thickCelebrating 20 years of business•AMOLED display••memory options•card slot•video call mode•scrolling & pausing£510
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  14. 14. 16InsideAndroidMagazine’svirtualmailbagMessagesI recently purchased a Nexus 7 and thought as aproject I would look into the best methods to playDVD movies at full quality specifically on the Nexus7. Personally for any method to be worthwhile itwould have to take a minimum of time.To me the question of conversion suggestedcompression and loss of quality and althoughHandbrake, a free conversion program oftenrecommended, has the facility to adjust the amountof compression, if you increase it much beyond thepreset default it takes forever to convert. There isalso that grey area that is always pointed out in themagazine that although Handbrake will convert toDVD Video.ts file format it will not accept protectedDVDs, therefore requiring the time consuming ‘greyarea’ process of having to rip the DVD first. There isa differing of opinion on the legality of the subjectbut everybody knows there is a mountain ofsoftware available to help with the process.Well, provided you are prepared to run thegauntlet at your own risk and rip a DVD which youown personally and just want a copy to view on yourNexus 7, here is what I discovered.First you need to download two free apps fromGoogle Play. The first is called Daroon Player and thesecond is a later version of that app calledWondershare Player. Although the apps aresupposed to be the same I found that a DVD playedwith distorted sound on the latter but playednormally when tried on Daroon Player– to be fair itwas only the one example. These apps will play thefull DVD without any conversion as they contain thecodecs to play most video formats, which includesthe Video.ts folder format on commercial DVDs.From the choice of the many ripping programsavailable, I used a free 21-day trial called AnyDvdfrom My initial plan was to connect theNexus via USB then rip the DVD straight to theNexus. I found that it copied the main movie to myhard drive in about ten minutes and if I couldachieve that time straight to the Nexus that wouldbe ideal and hard to beat.Sadly like all good plans when things are goingwell you nearly always get a snag. The problem wasthat although the Nexus 7 showed as an externaldrive on the computer it didn’t show as a source tosave the output from the ripping software. Thismeant that a rip to the hard drive was necessary,followed by a copy to the Nexus 7. This more timeconsuming double operation wouldn’t have beentoo bad but for the very slow copying speed to theNexus, which turned out to be about five minutesper GB, adding another 25 minutes to the rippingtime for the average DVD film.Back to the drawing board as far as I wasconcerned. I remembered reading in a previousissue of the magazine about the app called ‘NexusMedia Importer’ on sale from the Play store forunder £2. It occurred to me that I could rip a DVDdirect to a high speed SD memory card and using aUSB plug-in card converter, in conjunction with aOTG cable, I could stream from the card, eliminatingthe need for the Nexus’ onboard memory. To cut along story short, that didn’t work, playback from thememory card through the ‘Media Importer’ app wasjerky and unwatchable.The final solution was to use the free app ‘MXPlayer’, and for the rip employ a program called‘Pavtube Bluray Ripper’. Now using Pavtube, ripdirect to a USB3 stick or fast memory card whichtakes about 10 minutes. Notice I say USB3 as eventhough it is plugged into USB2 on my computer it ismuch faster than a standard USB2 memory stickwhen used for this purpose.Final tip, as the Pavtube software is set to ‘DirectCopy’, the output produces one continuous video‘VOB’ format file which normally exceeds the file sizewhich Fat32 can handle – all memory sticks have tobe formatted in the NTFS file format. I won’t try toexplain how to do that here as it is a simpleprocedure and instructions for doing this areavailable on the internet.To sum up, if you don’t mind spending the time,use the first method, ie rip your DVD to the harddrive and copy it to the Nexus 7 through the USBthen play it on the Nexus with the free apps DaroonPlayer and Wondershare Player.If you prefer the quickest method then employPavtube Blu-ray Ripper to rip to a memory stick orcard then play back through ‘Nexus Media Importer’attached to the Nexus USB socket with a OTG cable(bought on eBay) using the MX Player app.Don ClarkWe say: Don, thanks for this brilliantly exhaustivetest of DVD rippers. We’d normally add another stepof compressing the movie for storage reasons,although that does inevitably come with a furthertime cost.Playing DVDson the Nexus 7Letter of the monthRipping DVDs to a Nexus 7 can be along-winded process
  15. 15. Get in touch!Send us your thoughtson all things Android»facebook/littlegreenrobotLike us on Facebook tosend your comments» questions or comments? Dropus an email and let us knowCouple of points…Hi guys! Great mag! Two things I wantto comment on, one is the lack of ahard camera button on my GalaxyNexus (soon to be an S4 I hope).Trying to do a self portrait withmain camera (it has flash) requiresfingers with ten joints and an eyeball!Please at least design an app thatwill use the power/volume button asa camera switch!Other thing is this cloud stuff, Ihave serious security/privacy issueswith having all my data stored onsomeone else’s database. Notcomfortable with that at all! So justkeep on putting SD cards in please, Iwant nothing to do with any cloudrubbish thank you…Tim SmithWe say: There are several cameraapps in the Play store that enableyou to use the volume keys as ashutter button, although they’re notalways compatible with all devices.Addicted to hackingI consider myself a novice when itcomes to modding my phone. In thepast I’ve rooted my Nexus One andXperia Arc with slight nervousness asto whether I’ve done the job properly.Using various websites I’ve managedto do it and I have been very happywith the results.Since I got my S3 I toyed with theidea of rooting this and decided to gofor it after reading your Hacker Zoneevery month. Now I’ve rooted myphone I’ve flashed CyanogenModand now I’ve found a ROM that I lovein Paranoid Android. So this is athank you for putting things downin black and white (or black andyellow!) and making things instep-by-step, simple instructions.It’s great that there is so muchhelp on the web but to open amagazine and find all the info youneed in easy-to-use steps beatstrawling through forums everytime. Thanks and keep up the goodwork. Gavin HamiltonWe say: Thanks for yourcomments, Gavin. As fellow PAfans we’re totally with you on thejoys of modding.Are ROMs safe?I purchased Issue 22 of yourAndroid Magazine as I wasinterested in the ‘Upgrade toAndroid 4.2 with CyanogenMod’article on page 54. I wanted to getAndroid 4.2 Jelly Bean for myHuawei Ascend G300 (U8815) as Ihave found Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) isn’t very good compared tothe previous Gingerbread OS.Having browsed through website Ican’t find any mention of theCyanogenMod for my phone, doyou know if it’s available?Also, are these unofficialfirmware mods trustworthy?Surely developers can build allsorts of bad stuff into mods, suchas key-loggers, spyware etc?LeonPS… I must point out that I’m anabsolute beginner when it comesto installing mods on phones,never done it before or knowanything about mods or rooting!We say: There is an unofficial buildof CM10 (Jelly Bean) at website ( Regarding thetrustworthiness of ROMs, in theorythey could contain bad things, butso long as you obtain them fromrecognised channels (xda-developers, modaco etc) then it ishighly unlikely.Sharing woesThe Samsung S III is a great phoneBUT although photos and videocan be shared easily my iMedia orDLNA playlists in Google Musicplayer cannot. This is a dealbreaker for me. My next phonemust be able to play my musicthrough my TV speakers easily.Maybe Apple is better after all.Roger FownesWe say: Do any of our readers havegood solutions for sharing mediacontent between devices? Get intouch and let us know!Imagine Publishing LtdRichmond House, 33 Richmond HillBournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6EZ☎ +44 (0) 1202 586200Web: teamEditor Andy☎ 01202 586254Staff Writer Oliver☎ 01202 586285Sub Editor Philip MorrisDesigner Eden FrankhamPhotographer James SheppardEditor in Chief Nick JonesHead of Publishing Aaron AsadiHead of Design Ross AndrewsContributorsMike Bedford, Christian Cawley, Sean Cooper,David Crookes, Steve Jenkins, Shaun McGill,Harry Slater, Jessica Thornsby, Sandra VogelAdvertisingDigital or printed media packs are available on request.Head of Sales Hang Deretz☎ 01202 Manager Jennifer Farrell☎ 01202 Account Manager Nick Marrow☎ 01202 of Digital Mat ToorInternationalAndroid Magazine is available for licensing.Contact the International department to discusspartnership opportunities.Head of International Licensing Cathy Blackman☎ +44 (0) 1202 all subscriptions enquiries☎ 0844 245 6963 (UK)☎ +44 (0) 1795 414 972 (Overseas)Email: issue subscription (UK) – £51.90 (CC)13 issue subscription (Europe) – £6513 issue subscription (ROW) – £75CirculationHead of Circulation Darren Pearce☎ 01202 586200ProductionProduction Director Jane Hawkins☎ 01202 586200FoundersGroup Managing Director Damian ButtGroup Finance & Commercial Director Steven BoydGroup Creative Director Mark KendrickPrinting & DistributionPrinted by William Gibbons, 26 Planetary Road,Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3XTDistributed in the UK & Eire by Seymour Distribution, 2 EastPoultry Avenue, London, EC1A 9PT ☎ 0207 429 4000Distributed in Australia by Gordon & Gotch, Equinox Centre,18 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086☎ +61 2 9972 8800Distributed in the Rest of the World by Marketforce, Blue FinBuilding, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU☎ 0203 148 8105DisclaimerThe publisher cannot accept responsibility for any unsolicited materiallost or damaged in the post. 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  16. 16. 18The complete guide towhat you can expectfrom the follow up to theworld’s biggest-sellingsmartphoneFeature»Galaxy S4 is here!GALAXY 4GALAXY 4The complete guide toGALAXYGALAXY 4It was seen as the most threatening answer tothe iPhone yet, and as all of those who have gothold of Samsung’s much-hyped handset willconfirm, there is little in the way ofdisappointment with the Galaxy S4.With a launch event in New York that manybelieved was taking on Apple on its own territory,the South Korean company pulled a blinder,producing a new device that one survey suggestedwas on the wish-list for a whopping 25 per cent ofiPhone owners.Although we wouldn’t wish to keep up the Applecomparisons, it is clear how far the Cupertino giantis starting to fall behind – its iPhone 5’s biggestselling point was a larger screen; the underlyingoperating system largely remained the same.Samsung’s new baby – which will likely outsell“Crammedwithfeaturesthatredefinewhatweexpectfromoursmartphones”
  17. 17. 20Guide to the GalaxyWhat’s new in the Galaxy S4?Feature»Galaxy S4 is here!Group PlayIf you have lots offriends who ownGalaxy S4s you will beable to connect them together forthe Group Play function. You cancombine the speakers on multipledevices for vastly improved audiooutput, or join them for a session ofmultiplayer gaming online. Allwireless, of course.Smart pauseThe phone knowswhat your eyeballs aredoing. Look away froma playing video and the video willpause. Look back again and it willstart playing once more.Smart scrollThe S4 recogniseshow you hold yourdevice, and the wayyou are looking at it, and willsubsequently scroll text-heavy pagesaccordingly. Coupled with the stayawake feature first introduced onthe S III, the device moves into fullyhands-free operation for eBook andwebpage reading.Dual cameraThe S4 enables you tocapture photos orvideos using therear-facing 13-megapixel camera andthe two-megapixel front-facingcamera. Most interestingly of all, youcan use both at the same time,letting the person behind thecamera appear in those familysnapshots after all. Gimmick orgenius? Only time will tell.Innovativecamera featuresThe camera app ispacked withinteresting features. The mostinteresting is Drama Shot, which canshoot a burst of up to 100 imagesin four seconds, then create acomposite of the action shownwithin them. There’s also Sound andShot, which adds real audio to yourstill photos, and Story Album, afeature that can turn your imagesinto a rich album of information.Thinner withbetter processorThe S4 is only 7.9mmthick. It is 137mm talland 70mm wide and this is animprovement on the S III, eventhough the screen is an extrathird-of-an-inch larger from corner-to-corner. There are two versions of thephone with top-notch processors inboth, with the Snapdragon versionsupporting 4G.Air gesturesThere are times whenyou can’t touch yourphone to make orreceive a call or send a text. Whendriving or if your hands are full ofpaint after a decorating session,make use of air gestures and SmartCall Accept.S TranslatorIt’s not quite real timetranslation, but if youspeak into your phone itcan translate it into another languageas soon as you stop talking. Get theperson you’re holding a conversationwith to do the same and you canunderstand the response, letting youhave a full conversation withoutlanguage barriers.Sensitive screenNot quite a first forsmartphones but theextra sensitivity givento the screen to enable the hands-free gestures also means the devicecan be used when you’re wearinggloves. It’s only a minor point, yet forthose of us in colder countries it islikely to become the kind of featurewe take for granted.Air ViewSimilar to Air Gestures,Air View is not unlikethe mouse-over effectyou’ll be familiar with on your PC.Hover your finger over a specific itemand you’ll get a small preview of thatitem – contact details will be brieflyexpanded to reveal more information,or thumbnail images will blow up togive you a better look.
  18. 18. 21Need for speedScreen test PenTile vs RGBWill your S4 processor have four or eight cores, and does it matter?What is a PenTile matrix screen, and is it any good?The Galaxy S4 will be available in two differentvariants, with different processors in each. TheI9500 model will feature Samsung’s own Exynos1.6GHz octa-core processor, while the I9505 willhave the 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU (the sameas used in the new HTC One, albeit clocked faster).The octa-core processor is quite interesting, andsince more cores have been adopted by specenthusiasts as a good thing, would appear to bemore desirable than the Snapdragon variant.However, it’s not quite as simple as that. First, theocta-core CPU might actually be more accuratelydescribed as a dual quad-core CPU – rather than astraight eight cores – it features four cores forhigh-power functions and four for low-power usage,with the aim of finding the perfect balancebetween performance and battery life, so speedimprovements over the Snapdragon may benegligible and nonexistent. Secondly, the Exynosprocessor doesn’t currently support 4G LTEnetworks, meaning the Snapdragon variant hasgreater future proofing.The phone will launch initially in the UK with theSnapdragon processor, and be compatible with 4Gnetworks, although it is widely rumoured that theExynos version will be available in due course. Mostother markets with established 4G networks willalso have the Snapdragon offering at launch, withsome markets having both.Early benchmark tests of the Snapdragon variantof the S4 put it way ahead of the competition.Primate Labs, the company behind the Geekbenchbenchmarking software, has analysed the initialtests of the processor and found that it beats allthe competition on all platforms by some margin.This includes the iPhone 5 as well as last year’sGalaxy S III.Primate Labs founder John Poole commented onhis company’s blog: “It’s clear that the SamsungGalaxy S4 will be the fastest smartphone availablewhen it is released in April. What’s not clear is howthe Galaxy S4 will handle the increased power andcooling requirements that generally come withfaster processors.”The Samsung Galaxy S4 features astunning five-inch, 1080p AMOLED display,with a pixel density on a par with the SonyXperia Z, considerably higher than on theiPhone 5, and bested only by the HTC One,which packs the same resolution into a4.7-inch panel.However, display aficionados may bedisappointed to discover the S4’s screenuses a PenTile matrix, which some argueactually reduces the effective resolution.Where the pixels on a traditional displayare created from red, green and bluesubpixels, a PenTile display most oftenuses a red, green, blue, green subpixelarrangement, just two subpixels per pixel.The extra green pixels can potentiallyresult in a green tint on the display, whilethe presence of a third fewer subpixelscould be interpreted as meaning thedisplay technically has a lower resolutionthan is reported.PenTile displays are used in AMOLEDscreens for reasons of power and lifespan.Blue subpixels require more power toachieve the required brightness levels,which in turn can reduce their lifespan.Halving their number reduces the amountof power needed, and so ensures they lastlonger as well.Whether this matters now isquestionable. It is generally agreed that ata pixel density below 230ppi, the PenTilematrix is clearly visible to the eye and istherefore much less desirable. At muchdenser levels, such as the 441ppi on theS4 you’ll have to look very closely indeed todiscern them.The subpixel arrangement on an RGB display (top) is tighter andmore uniform than on a PenTile screenSource: www.primatelabs.comGeekbench 2 benchmark scoresSamsung Galaxy S4HTC OneLG Nexus 4Samsung Galaxy S IIIApple iPhone 5BlackBerry Z10316326872040171715961480FeatureGalaxy S4 is here!«“Itbeatsallthecompetitiononallplatformsbysomemargin”tbeatsallthecompetition
  19. 19. 22S3 vs S4And the winner is...Samsung Galaxy S4There isn’t a single feature in the S4 that you could considerrevolutionary when compared to last year’s model. Yet whenyou put all the smaller improvements together – the screen,the battery, the software, the camera – it amounts to anoticeable advancement over the S3. It should be more thanenough to keep the Galaxy in its position as the must-haveAndroid device. And, of course, it will mean that the stillexcellent S3 will become available at even keener prices too!We can’t get enough Galaxy.So here we have Samsung’s brand-new S4, which is supposed to be better, notbigger, but sleeker, than the S3, a phone that we have unconditionally loved since itwas released in March last year and which has served us well into the era of JellyBean. But just how good is it? We look at the key areas of both phones, fromprocessor to software features, to work out if the S4 is a worthy upgrade (clue – it is).It’s also handy to see why an S3 still represents good value and will be worth buying ifyou don’t own one already.SpecscomparisonbetweentheS4anditspredecessorFeature»Galaxy S4 is here!So here we have Samsung’s brand-new S4, which is supposed to be better, notbigger, but sleeker, than the S3, a phone that we have unconditionally loved since itwas released in March last year and which has served us well into the era of JellyBean. But just how good is it? We look at the key areas of both phones, fromprocessor to software features, to work out if the S4 is a worthy upgrade (clue – it is).It’s also handy to see why an S3 still represents good value and will be worth buying ifbetweentheS4anditsIt’s also handy to see why an S3 still represents good value and will be worth buying ifbigger, but sleeker, than the S3, a phone that we have unconditionally loved since itwas released in March last year and which has served us well into the era of Jellyprocessor to software features, to work out if the S4 is a worthy upgrade (clue – it is).It’s also handy to see why an S3 still represents good value and will be worth buying ifIt’s also handy to see why an S3 still represents good value and will be worth buying ifIt’s also handy to see why an S3 still represents good value and will be worth buying ifSamsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S3One version (the one sold in the UK) has a1.4GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 and the second hasa 1.5GHz dual-core Krait. With 1GB of RAM andeither 16 or 32GB of flash memory, a 2100mAhbattery finished things off nicely.PROCESSOR ANDKEY SPECSVersion one has an Exynos octa-core 1.6GHzprocessor while version two includes aQualcomm quad-core 1.9GHz processor. Bothhave 2GB of RAM, 16, 32 or 64GB storage and abeastly 2600mAh battery.A thickness of 8.6mm combines with a heightof 136.6mm and a width of 70.6mm. It is madeof plastic but looks good with its large,dominating screen.DESIGNAND BUILDA sleek device that is just 7.9mm thick. At137mm tall and 70mm wide, it is bigger than aniPhone. It is made of plastic which can feelrather cheap.With eye-tracking and voice-control that givesaccess to weather forecasts, web searching andscheduling, the S3’s software features kept ittruly in the game. The machine-gun camera is agreat feature.SOFTWAREFEATURESBut the S4 improves. While software featurescapable of running on S3 will be made available,we like the pause-when-you-look-away-from-the-screen feature and the touch-less interfacingthat can be done.Released with Android 4.0.4 Ice CreamSandwich, the S3 is upgradeable to 4.1 JellyBean. It weighs 133g and that is more than theS4 but not by a massive margin.OTHERFEATURESThe S4 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It cantake advantage of 4G too. The actual deviceweighs 130g which isn’t hefty and will not weighdown a pocket.The 1,280 x 720 pixel screen looks wonderful.The 4.8-inch screen allows for 306ppi which isnot as good as some of its rivals but does thejob incredibly well.SCREENFor all the talk of the iPhone 5, its four-inch 326pixel screen doesn’t compare with the 1,920 x1080 five-inch, 441 ppi screen of the S4 whichperhaps is better suited to a phablet.Quite why the Galaxy S3 stuck with a 8-MPcamera from the S2 beats us. We forgave itthen and Buddy Photo Share, Burst Mode andFace Zoom helped things along.CAMERAA whopping 13-MP offering makes all thedifference. Yes, it doesn’t always matter howmany pixels there are but this camera is a vastimprovement on the S3.There isn’t a single feature in the S4 that you could considerrevolutionary when compared to last year’s model. Yet whenyou put all the smaller improvements together – the screen,the battery, the software, the camera – it amounts to aadvancement over the S3. It should be more thanenough to keep the Galaxy in its position as the must-haveit will mean that the stillexcellent S3 will become available at even keener prices too!SOFTWAREFEATURESBut the S4 improves. While software featurescapable of running on S3 will be made available,we like the pause-when-you-look-away-from-the-screen feature and the touch-less interfacingthat can be done.CAMERACAMERAA whopping 13-MP offering makes all thedifference. Yes, it doesn’t always matter howmany pixels there are but this camera is a vastimprovement on the S3.
  20. 20. 23AccessoriesAccessoriesHRMThis official heart rate monitor strapsaround your chest while you’re out runningand the corresponding app will track yourhealth and fitness as you progress.Body ScaleAnother S Health related accessory. TheBody Scale is a set of bathroom scales thatBluetooths your weight to the S4, plotting itin the S Health app.Wireless charging padNo cutting edge device is complete withoutwireless charging capability. Simply restyour S4 on the pad when not in use and itwill be fully charged when you need it.Griffin RevealA one-piece shell that adds less than 2mmto the thickness of your device. Withrubberised edges it helps to protect thephone from the impact of drops and falls.Make yourown Galaxy S4How to get the best new software from the S4 on your phone todayFeatureGalaxy S4 is here!«Dual cameraWHAT IT DOES: With theDual Camera feature youcan shoot with both yourfront and rear-mountedcameras at the sametime, meaning you won’tbe cut out of the familyalbum if you’re the onecontrolling the camera.HOW YOU CAN TRY IT:Multi-lens Camera (free).There’s no direct alternative on the Play store forusing both cameras together, but an app likeMulti-lens Camera offers a very simple way ofcombining multiple shots into a single image.OpticalReaderWHAT IT DOES: Scansdocuments, businesscards and the like via thecamera and converts theprinted word into digitalform. An easy way tocombine your physicaland digital worlds.HOW YOU CAN TRY IT:Google Goggles (free).Interacts with the physicalworld better than any other. Point the camera at textor pictures and it can help you identify them.S HealthWHAT IT DOES: A suite oftools that help yourGalaxy S4 handsetmonitor your health andfitness. Comes with arange of accessoriesincluding a heart ratemonitor and even a handyset of scales.HOW YOU CAN TRY IT:Instant Heart Rate (free).There are plenty ofseparate health apps on the Play store. Instant HeartRate is a simple and effective way of tracking yourheart before and after exercise.S TranslatorWHAT IT DOES: Hold liveconversations withpeople in variouslanguages. Simply speakinto your S4 and STranslator will translateand read aloud yourwords in one of ninedifferent languages.HOW YOU CAN TRY IT:Google Translate (free).Google’s similar app isalready well established as an excellent multi-lingualtool. Like S Translator it needs a data connection, butsupports 64 languages.S Voice DriveWHAT IT DOES: Interactswith your in-car Bluetoothsystem to give you a fullyvoice-controlledsmartphone. Whether fortexts or directions, youcan go hands-free whileon the road.HOW YOU CAN TRY IT:Text’nDrive Drive Safely(free, pro version alsoavailable). Google Maps Navigation already has a goodspeech-controlled option as default, while thisapplication helps you compose or listen to textmessages while driving.SamsungWatchONWHAT IT DOES:Samsung’s TV remoteservice incorporatesinfrared for controllingyour viewing habits andmay be extended to otherequipment in and aroundyour home in future.HOW YOU CAN TRY IT:Sky+ (free). There’s nosubstitute for an infraredport, but if your Sky box is connected to your Wi-Firouter then you can use the Sky+ apps to recordshows, manage your planner and change channels.
  21. 21. Discover features you never knew existed on your phone ortablet with this in-depth guide to Android’s hidden secretsGetmorefromtheGalleryapp01Use the Filmstrip viewWhile browsing your photos, pinch on asingle photo to bring up a filmstrip-style view thatmakes it easier to flick between your images.03Take pictures while recordingAs you record using the video function onyour device, long-press on your screen and youcan take a photo of that frame for safe keeping.02Apply custom cropGo to the Crop feature within the Galleryapp and locate the small menu at the bottomthat lets you choose a crop template to use.24Feature»35 Android secrets
  22. 22. Hiddenmenusandmore04Edit personal dictionaryThe stock Android keyboard has a limiteddictionary, but you can add words to it by goinginto the Personal Dictionary folder within theLanguage & Input menu. Add as many words asyou like – or know!05Trackyourbattery usagePress on the graph inthe Battery section inyour Settings app touncover a more thoroughand comprehensivegraph listing, showinghow your phone batteryis being used.06Solve sudokus with GogglesOne of the coolest features in GoogleGoggles is something you wouldn’t expect an appto do. Simply use the app to take a picture of asudoku puzzle and the app will finish it for you.07Beanflinger Easter eggLong press on the Android version numberin your Settings application to see the hiddenBeanflinger screen.08Avoid delivery reportsDepending on your network, deliveryreports can cost you 1p for every time you send atext message. To disable them, go to yourmessage settings and find the Stop DeliveryReports option and enable that. To check if it hasworked properly, it’s best to check your phone billat the end of the month.09Reboot tosafe modeNeed to rid your phoneof malicious software?No problem. Long presson your power buttonand on the Power Offtab that appears. Youcan now choose toboot your phone up insafe mode.10Add faces to Face UnlockYou can add several faces to the FaceUnlock feature to make sure it recognises youwhen you try to unlock it. Particularly useful ifyou’re prone to growing a beard!11Offline voice inputYou don’t need to be online to use thevoice search function on your phone or tablet. Goto Settings>Language & Input>Voice Search andselect Download Offline Speech Recognition.12Filter yourapp contentThere are over 675,000apps on the Play store andsome of them aren’tsuitable for younger users.To block them from yoursearches, go to the Playstore’s Settings page andedit the Content Filter list.13Secret keyboard symbolsLong-press on a specific letter on yourkeyboard to add accents to it.19AlternatedrivingdirectionsSee differentdriving paths inNavigation tohelp avoidtraffic androadworks.18InvitefriendstoLatitudeConnectGoogle Latitudeto yourFacebookaccount andsee whereyour friendsare going.17GetaquickaddressLong-press ona building orroad to seethe exactaddress andpost code.16FindyourLocationhistoryFind theLocationhistory tab inMaps’ mainmenu to seeyour mostvisited places.15OnefingerzoomDouble-tap,long-press andthen slide yourfinger up ordown to zoomin and outwithin a GoogleMaps view.DomorewithGoogleMaps14TopsecretdiallingcodesBuilt in to the Android OS are a series of dialling codes that whenentered will activate a number of hidden features and settings thatyou can take a look at on your phone. To get them to work, typethem exactly as you see below, and wait a few seconds for theoutcome to appear.Note: Not all dialling codes work with every device.*2767*3855# – Hard reset your phone*#*#1472365#*#* – Quick GPS test*#06# – Displays IMEI number*#*#34971539#*#* – Shows complete information about yourdevice’s camera*#*#526#*#* – Wi-Fi tests*#*#4636#*#* – General phone information*#*#1234#*#* – Firmware information*#*#0842#*#* – Vibration and backlight test*#*#44336#*#* – Displays build time and changes list number25Feature35 Android secrets«
  23. 23. 24Full screen browsingType ‘chrome://flags/’ in the address barand enable the WebGL option. Then go to and select Start Experiment tobegin your full screen browsing experience.26Find data savingsType ‘chrome://net-internals/’ into theaddress bar to open up some advanced settings.Scroll down and choose the Bandwidth option tosee how much data you’re currently saving.25Enable auto-fillOne of the new features in Chrome isbeing able to use auto-fill on any emails andpasswords you use. Find the Auto-Fill optionwithin the Sync folder in Chrome’s Settings.20Developer options inAndroid 4.2In previous versions of the Android OS,the Developer options menu has come asstandard, but with Android 4.2 the menuseems to be missing. The menu can beretrieved with a bit of digging, however.Go to Settings>About Phone and find thetab listing the build number of yourdevice. Make seven short presses on thistab to bring the Developer options back toyour Settings menu for you to usewhenever you need it. All the settings andtoggles within this menu are the same asthey were in previous OS versions.22Update apps ondifferent GoogleaccountsYou could have a series of Googleaccounts for many reasons, but trying tokeep the downloaded apps on each ofthem updated can be a difficult andtime-consuming project. A great way toquicken the process up is by going intothe My Apps section of the Play store,navigate to the Update tab and select adifferent email account from the menuprovided. This menu lists each app thathas been installed on each device andyou can choose which apps to update.21Simple settings toggleThe new settings window is agreat way of gaining access to some ofyour most commonly accessed menusand settings. You can make the processof altering some of the settings listedhere even quicker, however. By long-pressing on the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth orAeroplane mode buttons, you’ll be able toinstantly turn them on or off without everneeding go into the actual menu. The onlylimit to this feature is that you’ll be unableto choose the Wi-Fi network you connectto, so for that, you’ll need to venture intothe appropriate menu.23Swipe-to-deletegesture in GmailThe Gmail service has recently undergonea massive update and there’s now awhole host of features to uncover. One ofthe biggest features, and one that wasdesperately wanted by the Androidcommunity, was a new way of quicklydeleting messages from your inbox. Bysimply swiping to the right on the emailyou want to delete, it will nowautomatically be placed in your Deletedfolder. On top of this, there’s also a newmenu in Gmail’s settings to alter what theswipe function does.TweakChromeforfasterbrowsing26Feature»35 Android secrets
  24. 24. 27ProfeaturesintheCalendarappOne of the most overlooked appsthat comes as standard on mostAndroid devices is the Calendarapp. As well as being a simpleway to keep track ofappointments and importantdates, there are plenty ofadditional features buried withinthe app that you can also use.The latest update to the Calendarenabled users to put togethertheir own interactive notificationsthat can display appointmentdetails on. If you’re an avidCalendar app user you can lookup previous entries to mimicthem and create the samenotification as before, which is amassive help if trying to createlots of entries at the same time.Finally, by long-pressing on a date,you’ll be able to create a newentry using the month view mode.After creating astandard event, anotification will beautomaticallycreated. The layoutand detail of thenotification can bechanged in theSettings menuLong-press on any date onyour calendar and select theCreate Event option to createa new entry on your calendarusing the month view modeWhen entering anevent location,press on the menubutton provided tosee suggestionsbased on yourprevious Calendarentries28Rename Wi-Fi hotspotThe Wi-Fi hotspot feature is great forsorting out pesky internet issues and connectingyour non-3G devices to the internet. Although theWi-Fi hotspot is a well-known feature, by openingup thesettings pagerelating toyour hotspot,you canrename it to aname thatsuits youwhile alsocustomisingthe passwordneeded toconnect to it.29Use 2G only3G is a massive drain on your battery life,so to help save some precious minutes, turn onthe Use 2G Only option within the Settings menu.Although your connection will be slower, it willcertainly save you precious battery life.31Stop screen from sleepingHaving your screen turn itself off whileyou’re using it can be an annoyance, but it’s aneasy fix if you look in the right place. Choose theStop Screen from Sleeping option withinDeveloper options to disable it.32Show RAM usageOpen up the Apps menu within yourSettings and scroll across to the Running tab.Press on the Show Cached Process button foundin the top-right of the app to see a display ofwhere your RAM is being used.34Shortcuts for contactsInstead of filling your various homescreens with widgets, why not create a shortcutof your most contacted numbers on your deviceinstead? Open up the Contacts app and long-press on a contact’s name to add a shortcut ofthem directly onto your home screen.33Change your spell checkerNavigate to the Language & Input sectionof the Settings menu and find the Keyboardsection within. From this menu you can finddetails about your spell checker and customisethe language you want it to recognise.35YouTube as a second screenOne of the best things about the defaultYouTube app is being able to connect it to yourPS3 and Xbox 360 accounts. When you then usethe YouTube app on either console, you cancontrol it using the playback controls on yourphone or tablet.30Full screen moviesWhile watching a movie in the PlayMovies app, press on the screen symbol locatedin the top-right of the app to play the movie in fullscreen mode. That way you make better use ofyour device’s extra screen real estate.“Additionalfeaturesburiedwithintheapp”27Feature35 Android secrets«
  25. 25. TutorialsTutorials28GetmorefromtheGoogleappsThe staple of many anAndroid phone is therange of Google appsthat come with it straight out of thebox. These apps perform a widevariety of functions to help makeusing your device that little easier,and in some cases they can unlocknew features on your device. With somuch on offer in these apps, it can behard to keep track of all the featuresthey include, but with the help of thismasterclass, we’ll help you discoversome new things to try out with theGoogle suite on your device.In our first tutorial we’ll be delvinginto Google’s own social network site,Google+, and showing you how tomake free video calls to your friendsand family. One of the newest Googleapps to be launched is the GoogleSettings app. This is the hub for allyour various Google accounts andwe’ll show you how to get started withit. The app in focus in our thirdtutorial is Google Maps, and how bydigging a little deeper you can findalternate driving directions for yourjourney. Our final two tutorials coverextra features in Gmail and GoogleNow, respectively.UnlockadvancedfeaturesfromGoogle’sbiggestapps»masterclassEvenmoreGoogle ThreeGoogleappsyoushoulddownloadnowAdd two-steppasswords» GoogleAuthenticatorUsethisGoogleapplicationtoaddatwo-tierpasswordsystemforwheneveryouorsomeoneelsetriestoaccessyourGoogleaccount.TheAuthenticatorappgivesyouauniquePINtouseaftereverylogin,helpingyoutokeepyouraccountsafeandgiveyouthatextrapeaceofmind.WhetheryouaccidentallydeleteaGoogleapporyourdevicedidn’tcomewithitasstandard,you’llbeabletodownloadeach andeveryoneofthemfromtheGooglePlaystoreforfree.I don’t have acertain Google app onmy phone, can Idownload it?Track yourwebsite’sprogress» Google AnalyticsIfyouhaveawebsite(businessorpersonal)you’dliketokeeptrackof,useGoogleAnalytics totracktrafficand otherstatisticaldataregardingit.There’sarealtime pagewhereyoucanseehowmanypeoplearecurrentlyonyoursiteandaday-by-daybreakdown onwhatbitsofyoursite werethemostpopular.Find newinformation» GoogleGogglesGoogleGogglesperformsafullGooglesearchbasedonsomethingyouscanortakeaphotoof.It’sremarkablycleveratfiguringoutthepictureinquestionandthenprovidingyouwithalltheinformationaboutit,butsometimesitlinkstoplaceswhereyoucanfindoutevenmore.GoogleappsUnlockadvancedfeaturesfromGoogle’sbiggestappsIn our first tutorial we’ll be delvinginto Google’s own social network site,make free video calls to your friendsOne of the newest Googlewe’ll show you how to get started withThreeGoogleappsyoushoulddownloadnowI don’t have acertain Google app onmy phone, can Idownload it?Track yourwebsite’sprogress» Google AnalyticsIfyouhaveawebsite(businessorpersonal)Find newinformation» GoogleGogglesGoogleGogglesperformsafullGoogle“Withthehelpofthismasterclass,we’llhelpyoudiscoversomenewthingstotryoutwiththeGooglesuiteonyourdevice”
  26. 26. 29StartavideohangoutinGoogle+MastertheGoogleSettingsapplicationUsejustoneapptocontrolthevarioussettingsofallyourGoogleappsandlinkedaccountsYou’ll find plenty of Google+ settings youcan alter within the app. All changes willautomatically update the correspondingaccount it’s linked with.32guideminYou can change how your phone startsup a Google Search by pressing it fromthe menu. There’s also the option to choosethe type of results you want displayed.2The app’s main screen will list a varietyof options you can change and edit.Making changes should benefit the variousGoogle apps stored on your device.1After adding all the contacts you want tochat to, you are ready to begin your video hangout.All your contacts will be represented by athumbnail at the top of the app, but by pressing onone of the thumbnails, you can see them in fullscreen mode instead.Go full screen4After opening up your Google+ profile,scroll from the left-hand side of the screen toreveal the side menu. From here you’ll need tochoose the Hangouts tab that is labelled half-waydown the list. Then, you get to choose between avideo or non-video hangout.Find Hangouts1Now choose a single contact to start yourvideo chat with. Your phone will begin to call thatperson and you should soon see yourself on yourdevice’s screen. By then pressing the back buttonon your phone, you can start adding more peopleto the hangout.Who to add?3Depending on how many people you’reconnected to on Google+, you’ll now need toconfirm which circles you want to include in yourvideo chat. If you want to add someone to yourvideo chat who you aren’t connected with, justinput their email address.Confirm your circles2For those who are new to Google+, video hangouts are a novel way of being ableto stay in contact with some of your closest friends and family. Not only does itwork in the same way as a messenger program would, you can also take fulladvantage of your camera’s video function by performing Skype-like video chats. Once you’veset up your video hangout, you can then add people from your various circles to take part andcreate a truly social experience. Quality is generally good and easily matches the likes of Viber,Tango and Skype.PerformfreevideocallsinGoogle’ssocialnetworkWorks with »Android 2.2 and up Difficulty »Easy»masterclassGetmorefromtheGoogleappsadvantage of your camera’s video function by performing Skype-like video chats. Once you’ve
  27. 27. 30TutorialsRoutingandre-routinginGoogleMapsAvoidtrafficandroadworksbydiscoveringdifferentroutestoyourdestinationThere’s no denying that Google Mapsis not just one of the best Google appsaround, but possibly one of the beston the Play store. A large portion of the app is used tohelp you get from one place to another by providingyou with the best and most convenient route anddirections. Google Maps can then be used as a fullyfeatured satnav replacement and with the help of theNavigation beta that is built in to the Maps app, you’llfind your way to your destination without any issues.On occasion, however, you might come across asudden traffic jam or collision, leaving the routeyou’re travelling on to be slow, congested or evenimpassable. This isn’t a problem though, as withMaps and Navigation you’ll be able to easily discoveralternative driving routes to reach your destinationand avoid long queues altogether – and road rage! Byfollowing our tutorial we’ll show you where you canfind the alternative route option and how toimplement it while you’re on the move.Depending on your route, Navigation willnow give you a couple of alternatives that bypassthe worst of the traffic congestion. By simplyselecting one of these with a tap, the app willautomatically redirect you and give you a new setof directions to follow.Choose a different route5Open up the Google Maps app from yourdevice’s app drawer and follow the instructions toturn on your phone’s GPS if it isn’t alreadyactivated. Once opened, press on the Directiontab at the bottom of the screen to continue on tothe next step.Open up Google Maps1In Navigation your route is labelled indifferent colours depending on how busy it is. Lotsof red on your route means you should look for analternate route. Press the Menu button at thebottom of the app and choose Route andalternatives from the options displayed.Look for alternate routes4Use this menu to input where you want toget directions from and the destination you wantto arrive at. Once you’ve entered all theinformation that’s required, press on the GetDirections tab to get your planned route explainedto you in a series of straightforward instructions.Search for directions2Your route will now appear in front of you,but to follow it you’ll need to open up theNavigation Beta feature by pressing the compassarrow in the bottom-left of the screen. This willtake a few seconds to load as it generates athorough overview of your route.Access Navigation Beta3Works with »Android 2.3 and above Difficulty »Easyon the Play store.
  28. 28. 31ExplorenewGoogleNowactionsNewcardsandvoiceactionsmakeGoogleNowevenmoreusefulthaneverbeforeIt’ll take a few seconds for your individualaccount settings to load up so be patient, butonce loaded, scroll down the list until you reachSignature under the main options. Press on thisoption to begin inputting your personalised emailsignature to your chosen account.Find signature option2 You can add whatever you like in your emailsignature, but unfortunately you can’t edit orformat the text once completed to add an evenmore personal touch. After finishing, press OK andyour signature will automatically be added to allyour sent email from that point on.Create the signature3Open up the Gmail app as you wouldnormally and navigate to the menu button in thebottom-right of the app. From the list that nowappears, select the Settings option to continue.On the next screen, select the correct account youwant to create a signature for.Open up Settings1AddcustomsignaturesintheGmailappPersonaliseyouremailsbyaddingbespokesignaturestothemWorks with »Android 4.0 and above Difficulty »Easy»masterclassGetmorefromtheGoogleappsMessage us!Get in touch via Facebookand Twitter»facebook/littlegreenrobotGet help from ourFacebook community»twitter@lgrobotFollow us to send yourquestions and thoughtsOne of the new voice actionsyou can use in Google Now isthe event locator that lists all eventsthat are currently happening nearyou. If there’s nothing currentlyhappening near you, the app willperform a Google search for events.One of the coolest new cardsimplemented into Google Nowis the ability to get a QR version ofyour boarding pass that can be usedwith most airlines just before yourflight. It also includes vital flightinformation that you can check out.By asking Google Now to scana barcode, the app willautomatically bring up a barcodescanner and link you to an onlineversion of the product you scanned.A great way to buy online withouthaving to go through a web browser.Google is constantly looking toimplement information aboutany recognisable landmarks in theUK and the rest of the world. Byasking Google Now to look for locallandmarks, the app will give youinformation about what is nearby.1 2 3 4intheGmailapp
  29. 29. 32TutorialsUseyourphoneasaremotecontrolLet’s be honest, we take our Androiddevices with us everywhere. When we’resat watching TV or surfing the internet,it’s a decent bet that there’s going to be anAndroid device somewhere close by. Well,what if you could use that Android device toconnect to your home entertainmentnetwork, tapping on the screen to pause yourentertainment, manage files and whateverelse you’re playing with when you’re on yourPC or smart TV.Well, to coin a phrase, there are some appsfor that, and in this tutorial we’re going towalk you through getting one set up, and giveyou a few tips about what to look out forbefore you buy a new TV to make sure yourAndroid devices are going to be happytalking to it. We live in a world whereeverything is connected, so it makes sensethat your Android device should be part of ittoo. So, without further ado, let’s look at thecool stuff your phone and tablet can do…Works with »Android 1.5 and up Difficulty »IntermediateOnce the server and the app are installed,tap the button and your phone or tablet will searchfor your PC. When it brings up the server list, tapon the right one and you’re all set to startcontrolling your PC remotely.Connect your device3You’ll have to download the server that letsyour PC talk to your Android device. Head over and download the version ofthe software that’s right for your PC. You’ll need tomake sure it can get through your Firewall too.Download the server2First up, head over to Google Play and grabUnified Remote. There’s a free version, but if youlike that we recommend grabbing the paid version.It doesn’t cost much and it adds extra support fora lot more programs and media players.Go get the app1More optionsTapping on the button at thebottom-right of the screen thatlooks like a play symbol will openthe program, and tapping on theicon that looks like a set of drawerslets you quickly switch between theremotes for different programs youhave favouritedDifferent combosIt might seem cumbersome at first tohave different remote screens fordifferent programs, but with the variouscombinations of controls required, it’s amuch better system than trying to figureout which button does what every timeyou load up a different media playerControlsThe buttons are pretty selfexplanatory, and set out in a waythat’s going to be easy tounderstand for anyone who’s everpicked up a remote control before.Tapping at the bottom lets youcontrol the mouse, the keyboard oruse voice commandsDifferent remotesThis is Unified Remote, an app that turnsyour phone into a multi-functional remotecontrol for your PC. There are differentremotes for different programs, and it alsolets you use your device to control thecursor. This is the remote for WindowsMedia CenterTheGalaxyS4andHTCOnecanbeusedasremotecontrols.Here’showtoaddthefeaturetoyourphone,too.
  30. 30. 33Before you start though, it’s a good idea toget everything set up just the way you like it. Fromthe main menu, tap on the Preferences option andyou’ll be able to have a play round with a vastamount of settings.Set your preferences4Next up choose one of your remotes. Thisis the Google Music remote for example. Tap onthe bottom-right button to bring up the service or,if it’s already open, use your Android device as atouch pointer to navigate to it.Have a play6You can set up customised widgets onyour home screens so that you don’t even need toopen the app to get control. It’s pretty complicatedto set them up though, as you need to programwhat the different buttons do.Get adventurous8It’s important to remember that theremote won’t work on programs that aren’tcurrently in focus on Windows. It’s simple enoughto rectify though thanks to the fact you can quicklyuse the remote as a touchpad or keyboard.Stay focused7From the Preferences menu scroll down toQuick Switch. This is where you can set theremotes you’re going to be using most. Tap on it,then select your media players from the list to setthem as quick switch favourites.Find your players5It doesn’t take much to connect a PC toyour TV, which means with a few cables and a bitof know-how you’ve now got a media systemcontrolled wirelessly from your Android device. Justmake sure you don’t run out of charge.Show off to your friends9Need help?Got a problem with yourAndroid phone or tablet?Get in touch with us...»facebook/littlegreenrobotGet help from ourFacebook community»twitter@lgrobotFollow us to send yourquestions and thoughts» your questions for our team ofexperts to tackleForusingyourAndroidsmartphonetocontrolyourPCorTV1CarefulwhatyoutypePredictivetextdoesn’talwaysworkasitshouldwhenyou’resendinginfotoyourPC.2Readthe manualPickaremoteapplicationwithlotsofsupportandyou’relesslikelytogetstuckwithproblems.3Play indifferentroomsWi-Fiappsmeanyoudon’tneedtobeinthesameroomtobeincontrolofyourmediacentre.4Think outofthe boxAstrongnetworkconnectionmeansyouneedn’thaveyourPCandTVnexttoeachother.5UseyourNFCNFCtags canbe settoactivate theremote whenyoulayyoursmartphonedown,forexample.quicktipsCan I use myAndroid device tocontrol my TV?It all depends on your TV. A lotof modern smart TVmanufacturers, like Panasonic,Sony and Samsung, have appson the Google Play store that letyou use your Android device, soit’s always best to have a readup before you buy. It’s likely ifyour new TV can connect to theinternet via Wi-Fi that there willbe an app you can use tocontrol it on your phone.Are there appsother than UnifiedRemote that let mecontrol my PC?There are plenty. UnifiedRemote is among the best, buta lot of it comes down topersonal preference. Someapps need more technologicalnous than others as well. Ourbest advice is to find trialversions of the apps and seewhich one suits you best.Ask your ownquestion online
  31. 31. ACCESSORIESGROUP TESTSTHERES AN FOR THATON SALE NOWAPPS OF HALL FAME > 101 APPS TIPS & TRICKS > 467 APP REVIEWSw w w . k n o w y o u r a p p s . c o mAvailablefrom all goodnewsagents andsupermarketsTIPS & TRICKSBUY YOUR ISSUE TODAYPrint edition available at edition available at www.greatdigitalmags.comIOS & ANDROID 400 APP REVIEWSAvailable on the following