Gen-Y Media Inc.
                          1745 Adrian Road Suite #1 | Burlingame CA 94010
Skill sets:

Total Manpower of the company: Currently 25 experienced technical consultants with 2 Online
Media Sales and A...
We offer a wide range of services that cater to almost all types of small to medium size organizations
with wide span of t...
Corporate sites:                                           Network Marketing:                    ...
Gen-Y Media Inc.
                         1745 Adrian Road Suite #1 | Burlingame CA 94010
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Gen Y Media Company Profile Q3 2009


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Gen-Y Media Inc. is a site specific, online publisher representation and consulting firm dedicated to monetizing
premium/secondary premium CPM marketplaces with a focus on Audience Representation & Audience Extension .
Specializing in Interactive National and Local Media Sales: Online, Mobile, Social & Video.

Online Media Sales, Ad Serving, SEO, Ad Operations, DART, DoubleClick DFP.

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Gen Y Media Company Profile Q3 2009

  1. 1. Gen-Y Media Inc. 1745 Adrian Road Suite #1 | Burlingame CA 94010 PH: 650-690-7566 | FAX: 650-697-6902 Gen-Y Media Inc Brief Introduction of Company: GEN-Y MEDIA INC. is successfully proving to be major online media sales and ad operations consulting service as well as an onsite/remote development partner for many companies in the USA, UK, India & Singapore. We at GEN-Y MEDIA INC. work as a techno-engine. We work as a fully equipped, powerful team having various techno-units as Online Media Sales, Ad Operations, Web Design, Web Programming, Use Case Development, System Administration, Content Writing, Quality Testing, Online Marketing; SEM/SEO. GEN-Y MEDIA INC. with proven track record of over 5 years has empowered many Internet Business Units. We operate as a true partner who has assured success to many small sized as well as medium-sized businesses worldwide. We at GEN-Y MEDIA INC. strive to give you the “Sleep Well at Night” Factor. We want to give you the satisfaction that your web presence is working for you, allowing you to look forward into the future based on your prime business, rather than worrying about the availability and functionality of your website. All your web maintenance needs are ours to ensure. We have both local and dedicated offshore facilities to handle all your needs 24/7 with local full cycle project management. Our Development Team: GEN-Y MEDIA INC. takes the collective strengths of the best in the business, a committed team with the kind of expertise you need for online media sales infrastructure development, no matter how ambitious. Experience has taught us that doing good business means listening to what you have to say, at every stage of development. Listening gives us a thorough understanding of your needs. We then apply our technical know-how and business acumen to design and deliver the best solution imaginable. At GEN-Y MEDIA INC., we believe the human factor is our most endemic asset and we treat each individual with full respect. Our organization culture cultivates team work, individual creativity and freedom to innovate. We keep our development strength up to latest technology through continuous learning and training. Each team member is allocated training hours for self upgrading through seminars, technical certification conferences and industry workshops involvement. Our team has the access to some of the world’s best resources in web and software development to facilitate our research and development activities. We have technology development partners across the borders from US, Europe, and India to share knowledge, technology and resources that help us to keep ourselves abreast with the latest technology movement. We keep our development team highly disciplined and motivated with our performance incentive based system where the project team will be rewarded for their effort in achieving Total Customer Satisfaction, On-time Delivery and Zero Defects. Our Management is fully committed towards our Quality Policy of “Delivering quality projects on time within budget”
  2. 2. Skill sets: Total Manpower of the company: Currently 25 experienced technical consultants with 2 Online Media Sales and Ad Operations experts.3 web designers & 19 experienced Programmers.  Programming & databases: PHP/PHPFox/MySQL/Java/PG-SQL/Oracle ASP/MS-SQL ASP.Net AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Web2.0 CSS Joomla - content management system (CMS) Linux, Windows and flavors of UNIX. Visual Basic 6.0  Web Designing Photosh XHTML / DHTML / HTML Flash MX DreamWeaver SDLC, Media Monetization, RDBMS, Price Optimization, Catalog Management, Accounting, Order processing and Inventory Control systems. Services: Ad Operations/Ad Serving Consulting Services. At Gen-Y Media our consulting staff with 10 years online media experience brings to publishers a strong skill set and system integration solution to your project. Years of ad operations / ad serving / ad trafficking and campaign optimization techniques from real world on-the-job experience makes us recognized specialists. Full system integration; processes, work-flow, and efficiency Familiarity with all Ad serving systems, open source software, and/or off-the-shelf systems like DoubleClick DART DFP, 24/7 OAS, atlas, ZEDO, Open X and ValueAd. Complete database architecture, data warehousing and comprehensive reporting Ability to balance content / editorial and online advertising; understanding user experience Ad operations / trafficking team creation, management: staffing, training, supplementing Migration from open source to off the shelf Ad server systems Working with Ad networks/resellers to make sure your inventory is 100% allocated month in and month out. Familiarity with all targeting capabilities (including user/audience representation, audience extension, demographic, GEO/Location, behavioral, day part and other types of targeting. CPM, CPV, CPC and/or CLP/CPA pricing models You may require a complete set up of Ad Operations or short-term solutions in any case, Gen-Y Media Inc. is available for ongoing support and/or stand-alone projects. Our trained and certified consultants have experience, knowledge and most importantly the RELATIONSHIPS with the ad serving companies to help publishers get the most from Ad Operations. We can create a competitive differentiation based on your unique content to maximize revenue forecasts and results for your online publishing company.
  3. 3. We offer a wide range of services that cater to almost all types of small to medium size organizations with wide span of technology reach: Web Technology:  Logo Design  Graphic Design  Banner Ad Design  Interactive Brochures  Flash Animation Design  Content Management  Newsletter Management  Real Estate Portal  Mortgage Portal  e-Learning  Video Conferencing  Shopping Cart  Web Applications Online Marketing:  Search Engine Marketing  Site Optimization  Search Engine Friendly Content  Search Engine Optimization  Media Planning & Buying  e-mail Marketing Our Portfolio: A focused web strategy is the core of our work and the result of a creative collaboration between Gen-Y Media Inc.. and our clients from the start. Since we have many clients, all our sites/projects are not featured here. Feel free to contact us with your special needs if you don't find a representative approach on our portfolio pages. We have been creating the highest quality web sites for our clients for many years. We make great interfaces that express your brand, excite your users, and help them achieve their goals. We have learned that many factors must be considered when designing a site. Page size, download speed, visual continuity and usability all play a part in making your web site an integral part of your business plan. Below is a small listing of some of our recent web design projects. Finance, Banking & Debit Card companies: Automobile Aftermarket companies: Product-based companies (Online stores): Real Estate companies:
  4. 4. Corporate sites: Network Marketing: Automobile Aftermarket companies: Other projects: Flexible Engagement Models: Gen-Y Media Inc. offers multiple Delivery Options at varying price points to provide maximum Return On Investment (ROI). Also, tremendous flexibility in the offshore engagement model is offered, and is structured around: A massive pool of technical resources that can be drawn upon for your business needs. Ability to staff for full project staff and delivery, including technical training. Staff available for augmentation at any level of management or technically skilled staff. Consulting Services offerings - Services on-demand. Gen-Y Media Inc. can quickly put together a competent team to enable clients to leverage the latest technologies in the least possible time, thereby enabling our clients to reduce time to market. Gen-Y Media Inc. provides professional staffing services for immediate placement (contract, contract-to- hire, and full-time) to meet long-term business needs. On offer is a technical talent pool - ranging from Project Managers to Programmer Analysts in Data Warehousing, Client-Server, ERP, Mainframe, and Infrastructure/Networking. Our services include professional recruiting and skilled screening of candidates for our customers. Use Cases Experts agree, Use Cases are the most effective means of capturing and documenting functional requirements. We can write effective Use Cases easily, in less time, and with unprecedented precision. The most important element of Use Case Analysis is the authoring of Use Case "flow" or "narrative" However traditional, DIY (do-it-yourself) UML tools provide poor support for this all important activity. As a result, project teams often use word processors and a myriad of templates to document Use Cases. Degree of detail Brief use case : consists of a few sentences summarizing the use case. It can be easily inserted in a spreadsheet cell, and allows the other columns in the spreadsheet to record priority, technical complexity, release number, and so on. Casual use case : consists of a few paragraphs of text, summarizing the use case. Fully dressed use case : is a formal document based on a detailed template with fields for various sections; and it is the most common understanding of the meaning of a use case. Fully dressed use cases are discussed in detail in the next section on use case templates. At a minimum, each use case should convey a primary scenario, or typical course of events, also called "basic flow", "happy flow" and "happy path". The main basic course of events is often conveyed as a set of usually numbered steps.
  5. 5. Gen-Y Media Inc. 1745 Adrian Road Suite #1 | Burlingame CA 94010 PH: 650-690-7566 | FAX: 650-697-6902 Gen-Y Media Inc Management Team Profile: Tony Anderson – Founder/Chief Consultant (Burlingame, CA office) LinkedIn: facebook: twitter: 10+ Years Online Media/Ad Sales and Ad Operations in addition to SEO/SEM & Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Co-Registration, Media Buying experience. Tony manages the day-to-day operations of the company and is responsible for all business development, vendor relations and client services with a direct focus on Online Media Sales / Ad Operations and Advisory projects. Built and managed Online Ad Sales/Ad Ops infrastructures for several online ad networks and publishers. Past/current clients include: | Premium Network | | X10 Wireless Technology | X10 Networks | IGE | OGaming Network / | The Creative Group | Themis Group | Warcry Network | LSF Interactive | Luckysurf | Anchorfree | Airspun | Commbridge | AMPP Media | Optimate Networks | peerFluence | Rabio | XtremeSystems. Sundar Natarajan – Consultant/Lead Project Manager (Burlingame, CA office) 20+ years of Technology development and delivery leadership with online media and enterprise software experience. Sundar provides professional, end-to-end Project Management Services for the company and has held Sr. Project Manager Positions at ORACLE, Seibel Systems, Elance and Commbridge. Raj Pachpohar – Consultant/Development Manager (Jaipur, India office) 15+ years of development experience. Raj provides professional, end-to-end project development and technical resources for the company. Raj has developed large Information management and decision support systems, Work flow automation and e-governance systems as development head. Raj worked on most of the above projects leading 20+ developers in our India Development Center, located in Jaipur, India.