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Dc Dartadaptopt

  1. 1. product product overview DART Adapt: DoubleClick’s Advanced Optimization Solution Increase Campaign Performance and Maximize Revenue with DART Adapt BenefITS AT A GLAnCe DART® Adapt for Publishers is DoubleClick’s highly-advanced optimization solution • Increase share of wallet designed to increase campaign performance for your premium advertisers and to with your advertisers. maximize revenue from your performance-based inventory. • Maximize revenue Providing an unparalleled combination of sophisticated modeling, technology from your performance- and consultative services, DART Adapt enables you to align ad serving with your based campaigns. business goals. DART Adapt is customizable, automated, adaptive and integrated • Differentiate your website. with the industry’s leading third-party ad server, DART for Publishers. How does it work? • Sophistication: DART Adapt uses a sophisticated algorithm that matches ads with the user segments most likely to respond. The solution is called DART Adapt because the algorithm allows it to continually adapt and improve over time. • Automation: After activating With DART Adapt’s built-in control group you and DART Adapt, publishers need your clients will know it’s working. only click a single button to begin optimizing campaigns. • Validation: DART Adapt provides validation for publishers and their clients through a built-in control group, which demonstrates the percent lift for each optimized campaign. How can publishers use DART Adapt? DART Adapt has the flexibility to address the optimization needs of multiple campaign types. Premium Advertiser Inventory: Increase customer satisfaction with a solution that improves campaign performance by increasing clicks and desired activities for premium advertisers.
  2. 2. DART Adapt: DoubleClick’s Advanced Optimization Solution Overview non-Premium Inventory: Maximize yield from your CPC and CPA campaigns using DART Adapt’s advanced optimization methodology. DART Adapt uses an eCPM to optimize both CPM and performance-based campaigns in tandem, ensuring maximum profitability across all inventory types. How can my site benefit? Be proactive: Enjoy the benefit of continuous optimization without any of the work. DART Adapt helps you stay on top of optimization innovations and deliver value to your clients proactively, ensuring that campaign performance never becomes an issue. Save time: Automate the optimization process — just click one button and you’re done. Demonstrate results: Showcase the value of your inventory with reports that show the lift versus a control group for each advertiser. This data can be DART Adapt drives results by matching ads to the shared with advertisers to help demonstrate the users most likely to respond. value of your inventory, position your company as an innovator, and enhance client satisfaction. Increase share of wallet: Increase differentiation from your competitors by implementing and advocating performance optimization to your advertisers. Using optimization to help clients manage successful campaigns serves to drive customer satisfaction, and enables you to increase share of wallet among premium advertisers. Maximize revenue: No matter which way you sell ads (CPC, CPM or through ad networks), DART Adapt allows them to compete with each other on an even footing using an eCPM. By leveraging eCPM ad selection and DART Adapt’s advanced optimization engine, you can maximize revenue for each ad impression. Who benefits throughout the sales cycle? Ad sales professionals: DART Adapt improves the performance of your advertiser’s campaigns, increasing satisfaction and loyalty, thereby raising the value of your ad inventory. DART Adapt will also give you the flexibility and confidence to accept both CPM and performance- based deals. Ad operations professionals: DART Adapt saves time and effort by eliminating manual processes and empowers you to proactively optimize campaigns, with the click of a button. Advertisers: Clients of DART Adapt enabled publishers benefit from improved campaign performance and enhanced reporting. Optimizing with DoubleClick Development of an optimization solution is an extremely complex task. DoubleClick is uniquely positioned to offer this solution because of our 10+ years of experience in developing marketing optimization models. By leveraging resources from both our digital advertising and statistical teams, we offer an optimization solution that combines a deep understanding of the businesses and goals of both advertisers and publishers. 2
  3. 3. DART Adapt: DoubleClick’s Advanced Optimization Solution Overview Contact Us For more information about DoubleClick’s DART Adapt, contact your Account Manager, call us at 866-459-7606, or visit www.doubleclick.com/dartadapt. About DoubleClick DoubleClick is a global leader in digital marketing technology and services. From its position at the nerve center of digital marketing, DoubleClick provides unique insights and insider knowledge no one else can. Headquartered in New York, and with 17 offices and development hubs and 15 data centers worldwide, the company employs more than 1000 people. Learn more at www.doubleclick.com. US Headquarters EMEA Headquarters Asia Pacific Headquarters Worldwide Network 111 Eighth Avenue The Plaza Suite 19, Level 1 Operations Center 10th Floor East Point Business Park 88 Cumberland Street 12396 Grant St New York, NY 10011 Clontarf, Dublin 3 The Rocks, Thornton, CO 80241 Tel: 212-683-0001 Ireland Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel: 303-729-5200 Tel: 866-683-0001 (toll free) Tel: +353 1 246 0444 Australia Tel: 866-729-5200 (toll free) Fax: 212-287-1203 Fax: +353 1 246 0499 Tel: +61 (0)2 8247 3700 Fax: 303-729-3233 Fax: +61 (0)2 8247 3701 www.doubleclick.com ©2007 DoubleClick Inc. All rights reserved. DART® is a registered trademark of DoubleClick Inc.