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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Q. How do I pay? Q. Do I have to have a Buyer Broker commission? Q. When do I pay? <ul><li>Why should I list with Real </li></ul><ul><li>Estate America? </li></ul>A. Cash, check, credit card or at closing. A. No, it’s up to you if you want Realtor participation. A. “A La Carte” fees are paid when rendered; commissions are paid at Closing / settlement. A. YOU SAVE LOTS OF MONEY , sell faster, pay only for services rendered, no hidden fees, and a 5% rebate from the listing fees when you buy your next property. SM FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS IT’S ABOUT MONEY IT’S A NO BRAINER CALL TODAY
  2. 2. Q. What will be done to sell my House? Q. How do I list my property? A. “A La Carte”, you pick how much you want to do. “Tiered Commission” we will do what it takes to get it SOLD. A. Please contact us via email or telephone. <ul><li>How long will it take to sell my </li></ul><ul><li>property? </li></ul>A. This will depend on the market condition, how well the home shows, the price offering, and how aggressive you wish to be with marketing. Q. What if I have more questions? A. Please contact our office via email or telephone. SM MORE QUESTIONS CALL US TODAY
  3. 3. Q. I like what your offering, but I have a Realtor friend that I have used in the past, how can I do this without offending him? Q. My Realtor says that a discount company just takes the listing and runs, what happens after the listing agreement? A. First of all, we don’t consider ourselves as a discount company, we are a FULL SERVICE BROKER / REALTOR who offers you all the services needed to sell your property AT A FAIR AND REASONABLE PRICE ; as to taking the money and running, we are looking to establish long and prosperous relationships with our customers, not a one time hit. After all, our prices don’t support one time hits. We are also looking forward to locating your next home after we sell your current property. Q. Why should I list with you when my Realtor has agreed to match your “Traditional Commission” fee? A. Our “Tiered Commission” fee may be similar, however the key to effective selling is to have your listing more attractive to others, thus we offer a larger portion of the commission to other Realtors to motivate them to show the property. Secondly, if you do the math, you can see that we also offer you an “A La Carte” listing option that will cost you less. SM “ I KNOW A REALTOR” QUESTIONS CALL US TODAY
  4. 4. Q. I’m nervous about my house selling and having spent all this money “A La Carte”, how can you assure me of the house selling? A. We will provide you with all the available information relating to Market Conditions, Comparable Values, Current Sales and other pertinent information so that your property will be positioned well for a successful sale. Furthermore, this is the exact information that we would be using if we were doing this transaction in the “Tiered Commission” format. The only difference is that you elect how much marketing you want to do based on recommendations by Real Estate America. Q. I don’t know if I’m comfortable enough to go “A La Carte”, what else can I do? A. “A La Carte” is not for everyone, especially if you’re going to be nervous during the process, that’s why we have the “Tiered Commission” option for you to choose AT A MUCH LOWER FEE than traditional Brokers. Q. I’m told going “A La Carte” means that I have to do a lot of work, is this true? SM “ I’M NERVOUS” QUESTIONS CALL TODAY
  5. 5. Q. What can you do to make me more comfortable with the “A La Carte” Listing? SM I’M STILL WORRIED QUESTION Please Call today IT’S EASY IT’S SAFE IT’S RISK FREE
  6. 6. WHO IS REAL ESTATE AMERICA? America’s Affordable Way To Move Real Estate America is an innovative real estate company that affords you the opportunity to save thousands of dollars and keep more of your equity. We will provide all the necessary services needed to sell your property at reasonable fees, not high lump sum fees. At Real Estate America, you only pay for the services that are actually rendered, nothing else; we don’t believe that you should pay for anything that isn’t actually done. Should you need to sell or purchase a property, CALL US to see the difference, WE ‘LL HAVE YOU SMILING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Website: Office : (301) 840-2288 SM