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Workplace Ethics


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A comprehensive training powerpoint that covers ethics in the workplace

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Workplace Ethics

  1. 1. Workplace Ethics Sample
  2. 2. Page Two Ethical Styles:
  3. 3. Ethics: Two Examples #1  Imagine that one day someone in your organization walks in with a copy of your chief competitor's bid on a big contract. – They swear they got it legally, although you are not certain. – Whether they did or did not, it remains proprietary information. Page
  4. 4. Ethics: Two Examples #1  Are you going to use it in developing your bid? Page
  5. 5. Ethics: Two Examples #2  What if someone in sales is up against some very tough quarterly objectives.  But they can be achieved by concealing from a customer that the product being sold will be made obsolete by a new line in six months. Page
  6. 6. Ethics: Two Examples #2  Is the behavior of the salesperson justifiable? Page
  7. 7. Debrief: An Organization’s Actions  These cases have two things in common: – how they are handled can dramatically help or hurt your organization and they are both examples of ethical issues. Page
  8. 8. Debrief: An Organization’s Actions  Ethical problems are inevitable at all levels of a business: – this means that it is simply good sense for companies to take the task of institutionalizing ethics in their organizations seriously. Page
  9. 9. Debrief: An Organization’s Actions  The number of ethic programs in corporations is growing as their usefulness becomes increasingly more evident.  CEO's of ethically committed corporations believe: – no matter how large the financial gain may be from doing something unethical, there is a cost somewhere else in the business. Page 9
  10. 10. Debrief: An Organization’s Actions  CEO's who have committed their corporations to ethics have done so in the name of maximizing long-term profits and fostering the health of their organizations. Page
  11. 11. Download “Workplace Ethics” PowerPoint Presentation at Slides include: 7 points on two examples, 8 points on an organization’s actions, 13 points on what is workplace ethics, 6 points on why be ethical, 11 points on ethics programs, 7 points on ethics programs as insurance, 3 points on ethics programs creating citizenship, 4 points on ethics programs building values, 5 points on ethics programs building image, 8 points on ethics programs offering more, 10 points on codes of values, 11 principles, 6 points on why have a code of ethics, 19 points on why have a code of conduct, 4 resources required, 22 points on ethics of justice, 18 points on ethics of care, 32 points on the resolving ethical dilemmas, 16 points on ethics programs, 19 points on structure, 7 points on publicizing commitment, 9 points on training, 9 points on managing ethics as a process, 6 points on the bottom line, 4 points on avoiding ethical dilemmas, 5 points on custom made to fit, 5 points on consulting key stakeholders, 8 points on bewaring of outsourcing, 6 points on grant forgiveness, 5 points on mistakes, 11 points on special challenges, 28 points on key roles and responsibilities in ethics management, 46 points on decision making guides, 49 common ethic code provisions, 52 points on writing a code of ethics, and finally16 action steps. Royalty Free - Use Them Over and Over Again. Now: more content, graphics, and diagrams Page 11