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Performance Evaluation (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 168 slides with Participant Handout


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Performance Evaluation (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation
168 slides with Participant Handout

Performance evaluation is a necessary and beneficial process, which provides annual feedback to employees about their job effectiveness and career guidance.

PowerPoint Presentation Content Slides Include:
Definition/s of performance evaluation
Learning objectives for this presentation
10 terms and 6 manager’s responsibilities
4 goal setting questions and 12 points on rising to the challenge
7 performance applications and 4 benefits
8 valuable functions of an appraisal and 11 additional values
5 frequent employee complaints and 8 effective ground rules
14 points on performance interviews
6 points on benefits of personal performance contracts
6 points on developing a personal performance contract
4 elements of a personal performance contract
5 points on performance appraisals and 10 points on a general contract
5 points on why managers dread them
14 points on the 4 steps for a work plan
21 points on the 4 steps for a development plan and 6 pitfalls to avoid
7 points rating biases and 8 points on setting the stage
8 points on beginning the discussion
11 points on questions that facilitate appraisal discussions
4 points on closing appraisal discussions and 8 keys for conducting appraisals
6 points on conducting appraisal role plays
6 points on why to hold a feedback meeting
15 points feedback meeting agendas and 5 points on self-esteem
7 points on preparing for the appraisal
3 points on results-oriented versus process-oriented appraisals
6 points on why appraisals are difficult for managers and employees
17 points on feedback and 6 points on legally defensible do’s and don’ts
4 points on tailoring your appraisal system to your organization system
4 points on involving employees positively in the appraisal process
18 common mistakes for handling poor performers
10 common job-quality complaints
16 action steps and much more.

Plus 38 Additional New Content Pages:
Etymology – Performance / Etymology – Evaluation / Performance Management Cycle / The Evaluation Process / Performance Goals / (Work Plan Chart / Development Plan Chart / Constraints / Rating Biases / Types of Evaluations / Feedback / Discipline / When to Terminate / Retaliation / Rewards.

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Performance Evaluation (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 168 slides with Participant Handout

  2. 2. 2 Program Objectives ( 1 of 2 ) Performance Evaluation An understanding of the performance management system. Awareness of the mechanics of how the program works. An understanding of the general interpersonal dynamics involved in the performance appraisal process.
  3. 3. 3 Program Objectives ( 2 of 2 ) Performance Evaluation Practice in conducting each of the components of an effective appraisal interaction. Specific pointers about, and practice with performance problems. An opportunity to plan how to transfer the training program skills back to the job.
  4. 4. 4 Definition Performance Evaluation A review of an employee’s productivity, skill, and efficiency at work that is conducted by a manager.
  5. 5. A CHALLENGE Please write a one sentence definition of PERFORMANCE EVALUATION.
  6. 6. Etymology – Performance Performance Evaluation The word “perform” came from the Anglo-French word, “performir” in the 13th century. The word “performance” was first used in the 1530’s. The definition of the words “perform” and “performance” both had to do with “carrying out duty” before new meanings came into existence. Online Etymology Dictionary
  7. 7. Etymology – Evaluation Performance Evaluation The word “evaluation” came from the French word, “évaluation” in 1755. The French word came from the word, “évaluer,” meaning “to find out the value of.” Online Etymology Dictionary
  8. 8. Quote(1 of 2) Performance Evaluation “Researchers found that companies that used performance management programs had greater profits, better cash flow, stronger stock market performance, greater stock value and higher sales per employee (or productivity) than companies that didn’t.”
  9. 9. Quote(2 of 2) Performance Evaluation “The function of work is to produce results.” “If people know what they are supposed to do, get feedback on how they are or are not doing it, and get rewarded for doing what they are supposed to be doing, companies will be more likely to get the results they desire.”
  10. 10. Results Measures Objectives Indicators Goals Terms Performance Evaluation Preferred Results Aligning Results Weighted Results Standards Performance Gap
  11. 11. 15 Manager’s Responsibilities? Performance Evaluation Goals Objectives to achieve Responsibility To achieve these goals through others cost- consciously Employees Others who are deployed to achieve these goals