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Macatac SportsFishing Fairhaven, MA


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Capt. Todd MacGregor; USCG licensed Master
MAC-ATAC Sportfishing
The MACATAC is docked at the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary-65
Acushnet River Safe Boating Club (ARSBC) Dock. 80 Middle Street in Fairhaven.
The ARSBC requests that charter operation not be conducted from the marina.

Charter pick-ups will be at the Please Park Boat Ramp Dock
Or another location by prior arrangement.
Cell: 508.243.8559

Trophy Striper, Blues, Bottom Fishing, Tuna, & Shark Charters
Sightseeing and "Family Fun Day" Charters

Specializing in "FUN" since 1983!

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Macatac SportsFishing Fairhaven, MA

  1. 1. Capt. Todd MacGregor Licensed Fishing Guide Since 1981 Fishing from Fairhaven, MA (t) 508.992.9189 (c) 508.243.8559 (e)
  2. 2. 2 (t) 508.992.9189 (c) 508.243.8559 Capt. Todd MacGregor
  3. 3. Pictures From Seasons: 2003 - 2016 3
  4. 4. Understanding Fish Biology All fish, especially larger fish will seek their optimum level of light – most of the time. Deep when bright - shallow when dark Deep - cold water - slower metabolism - lessens need to feed Shallow water in the dark 4
  5. 5. Fish are simply easier to catch when in shallow water (<35’). This is why night fishing is generally better. Below 60’ water is roughly the same temperature all year. Shallow water = warmer water – stimulates metabolism – greater need to feed. 5 Understanding Fish Biology
  6. 6. 40 lb. Striped Bass White Danny 3-3/4 oz. 6
  7. 7. Daily Migration Of Fish Fish eat best when moving daily migration and when stimulated by changing conditions like change of tide, quick change in light conditions like the moon going behind clouds. Deep to shallow as sun sets. Shallow to Deep as morning brightens. 7
  8. 8. Daily Migration Of Fish If All Of These Variables Come Together You Will Have B I G T R I P 8
  9. 9. 28 lb. Striped Bass Brown Danny Plug 9
  10. 10. When Will Fish Eat Best ? During the Spring/Early Summer and Fall Migrations. During daily movements (2 – 4 per day) A lot of fish around = a lot of competition Top of the tide to ~ 1 hr. into the tide End of tide = last 1 to 1-1/2 hrs Quick change in light conditions may cause brief stimulus. macatacsportsfishing.com10
  11. 11. When Will Fish Eat Best ? Why??? Fish’s eyes are adjusting to changing light conditions. No matter how great the fishing is, there will usually be a 10-20 minute lull during the gray of the morning & the gray of the evening. macatacsportsfishing.com11
  12. 12. 46 lb. Striped Bass Brown Danny Plug Capt. Casey Allen macatacsportsfishing.com12
  13. 13. When Do Fish Eat Poorly? Find softer water, take a break, or flip eels or small swimming plugs up on the beach for an hour or so. When the tide is horsing hard Sometimes they are just turned off, this is when the plugs really work their magic. Too much bait around macatacsportsfishing.com13
  14. 14. In the summer months – when the fish are living in an area – they really only eat hard every 3 or 4 nights. So… Why does the PLUG work so well ? ? ? When Do Fish Eat Poorly? macatacsportsfishing.com14
  15. 15. A plug will both imitate bait when the fish are eating (match the hatch theory) Piss them off when they are turned off – INTIMIDATE! {similar to the way a tube or an Umbrella works in the day time} AND Because macatacsportsfishing.com15
  16. 16. ? 3 Key questions to Satisfy The Where? The When? And The How? Over 35 years of fishing experience tells me that the Where? And the When? Are 90% of the achieved Success2 1 The How? is the other 10% and is the difference between 2 fish and 30 – 50 fish as they won’t eat forever. • You must capitalize when they are ‘on the bite’ 3 Gibbs Plugs tip the balance in my & your favor! macatacsportsfishing.com16
  17. 17. Yellow GTS 3 Note the weeds on the plug macatacsportsfishing.com17
  18. 18. Where ? A place that you know should hold some fish. If you know, for a fact, that there are a lot of fish around … Even better. Structure… Structure... Structure A Rip: Wind against the tide over structure. • Any structure off beach with 15-30’ of water. Dilemmas – lobster gear and nights with a lot of weed in the water; Fog at night. macatacsportsfishing.com18
  19. 19. Sometimes they really EAT the plug!! Plug removed at the dock after the trip 52 lb.52 lb. Striped BassStriped Bass macatacsportsfishing.com19
  20. 20. When ? For Rip fishing: Top of the tide, or bottom of the tide. Whichever precedes a period where you know you will have wind against the tide. Don’t be late! On the moons, especially the bright moon this year, the tide will start running 15-20 minutes earlier than normal. macatacsportsfishing.com20
  21. 21. When ? On the Full & New Moons, you will catch the majority of your fish during the first hour and last 1-1.5 hrs. of the tide. You will have 1-1.5 hrs. of lull when the tide is horsing hard. On the neap tide – you can be a little late if you have to and will be more likely to pick away at fish throughout the tide. macatacsportsfishing.com21
  22. 22. Daiwa 400 or 450 loaded with 80 lb Dacron backing. Use a ~20’ 125 lb + leader with 275lb. Berkley Cross Lock snaps – no snap swivels! Use 90’ of 50 lb. wire with 10’ Dacron spacer and another 50’ of wire. How ? The Tackle 1 2 3 macatacsportsfishing.com22
  23. 23. 1 2 3 How ? The Tackle Use Spro 130 lb. test swivels.1 2 Use Soft 6.5’ custom or stock rods with hardened and center supported guides. 3 Use 25 Lb. Mono or braid on lighter rod for trolling 2 oz. Danny Plugs on surface at Dawn and Dusk. macatacsportsfishing.com23
  24. 24. How ? The Plugs An assortment of 3 oz. Gibbs GTS-3 swimmers 3-3/4 oz Danny Deep Divers Blue; White; Black; Brown, Yellow, Other variations of colors (Softer Action) (Digs Hard) Must have colors: macatacsportsfishing.com24
  25. 25. How ? The Plugs Hooks: 3X Mustad 6/0 on Front, 3X Mustad 5/0 Center and rear. The Single hooks on the Danny’s Tail is also good. Also good to have Blue, White and Brown 2 oz. Deep Divers. macatacsportsfishing.com25
  26. 26. How ? The Technique Troll as slow as you can to maintain steerage into the tide and stay on the edge of the rip – the edge of the structure, while stemming the tide. Speed up as tide increases in velocity to maintain position … and… let some more line out. macatacsportsfishing.com26
  27. 27. How ? The Technique Increase speed in situation where you have to intimidate. This is generally when the fish is poor and this also helps you cover more ground. Don’t go too fast or the plugs will roll over and will not swim. You want the tip of the rod vibrating on a fairly steady motion. macatacsportsfishing.com27
  28. 28. How ? The Technique Fish will sometimes hammer the plug, but … More often than not, they will tap or bang the plug. Sometimes 2, 3, 4, 6? Times. {This is most likely not the same fish} Drop the plug to the fish – point the rod at the fish quickly. macatacsportsfishing.com28
  29. 29. How ? The Technique Keep pressure on and kill the fish quickly with short pumps and no slack. Turn the handle fast and drop the tip very slowly. Don’t let him rest. Setting hooks will cause you to drop Big Fish close to the Boat after a long fight. Why? … The fish is not hooked deep enough and there is less stretch and water resistance. macatacsportsfishing.com29
  30. 30. How ? The Technique DO NOT SET HOOKS! Drop the plug to the fish. Let the fish hook him(her)self. The hooks get into the fish when they are running. Do not use too much drag. Let the fish run with the plug for a few seconds before bringing the rod to 45 degrees. Turn the fish’s head as soon as he first stops. macatacsportsfishing.com30
  31. 31. How ? The Technique Setting hooks also cause tackle failures. Such as straightened hooks, broken swivels, over tightened wire knots, and opened snaps. macatacsportsfishing.com31
  32. 32. CaptainCaptain ToddTodd MacMac BrownBrown GibbsGibbs GTS-3GTS-3 32
  33. 33. Which Color Do I Use ? 90% of the time, this rule applies: The lighter the night, the lighter the bait. The darker the night, the darker the bait. Exception 1: when there is a lot of Squid around, white plugs will work even on dark nights. Exception 2: when the water is either roiled or water clarity is reduced (late July, Aug, Sept), darker plugs will prevail; except at dusk and dawn. % macatacsportsfishing.com33
  34. 34. Which Color Do I Use ? Dusk to dark (45min- 1 hr.) and dawn to Sunrise Always keep at least 1 White Danny in the water. Also use yellow and brown/white. macatacsportsfishing.com34
  35. 35. White Danny & Brown Gibbs or Danny Plug in the Spring Yellow Gibbs, White Danny, Brown or Blue Danny or Gibbs GTS3 in Summer White Plugs prevail in the presence of squid, especially in bright conditions Dawn / Dusk / Bright Night Suggested Starting Combos macatacsportsfishing.com35
  36. 36. Black & Silver and All Black plugs prevail in the presence of small tautog, sea robins & sea bass, regardless of bright or dark night. Dawn / Dusk / Bright Night Suggested Starting Combos macatacsportsfishing.com36
  37. 37. Dark Nights Blue, Black & Silver, Brown or all Black plugs. TIP Pick whichever color plugs that look silvery- gray when held up to the horizon. This trick only works on dark nights. macatacsportsfishing.com37
  38. 38. Best Plug EverBest Plug Ever Consistent producerConsistent producer over the last 40 yearsover the last 40 years macatacsportsfishing.com38
  39. 39. Just a Few More Pictures From Seasons: 2003 - 2016 39
  40. 40. Pogy Gibbs GTS-3Pogy Gibbs GTS-3 Moonlight 12:50 AMMoonlight 12:50 AM Black/Silver & White Danny’s 10 Bass:10 Bass: 36 - 48 lbs.36 - 48 lbs. 450 lb. trip450 lb. trip 50 lb. Striped Bass macatacsportsfishing.com40
  41. 41. 16 - 34 lbs.: All PlugsLargest fish: 44 lbs.Largest fish: 44 lbs. macatacsportsfishing.com41
  42. 42. Captain Todd 29 fish All on plugs4 2 Todd (right)Todd (right) Blue Gibb’s are the bestBlue Gibb’s are the best 60 lb. fish: June 9, 198660 lb. fish: June 9, 1986 macatacsportsfishing.com42
  43. 43. Black Danny Plug Black Danny’sBlack Danny’s macatacsportsfishing.com43
  44. 44. Danny Plugs macatacsportsfishing.com44
  45. 45. Brown Danny Plugs 43 & 58 lb. macatacsportsfishing.com45
  46. 46. More Plug Fishing Tips Don’t adjust the diving plane, adjust the wire. Always use swivels between wire & leader or backing. Why? • You can hear them at night. • You can’t hear an Albright knot. macatacsportsfishing.com46
  47. 47. Gaffing technique. • Go over the fish. • Keep open hand on leader. • Do not boat over the transom! Keep rod in upright holder when working with plugs or unhooking fish. Hold plug up to the horizon to check for weed. • Use lights only as last resort. More Plug Fishing Tips macatacsportsfishing.com47
  48. 48. macatacsportsfishing.com48
  49. 49. macatacsportsfishing.com49
  50. 50. macatacsportsfishing.com50
  51. 51. Mac Atac: Is A Rugby Play macatacsportsfishing.com51
  52. 52. Capt. Todd MacGregor Licensed Fishing Guide Since 1981 Fishing from Fairhaven, MA (t) 508.992.9189 (c) 508.243.8559 (e)
  53. 53. 2 (t) 508.992.9189 (c) 508.243.8559 Capt. Todd MacGregor