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HereIsMyCoupon Sales Representatives (Community Outreach)


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Website displays coupons for local businesses that are free, accessible to everyone, and searchable by zip code. Merchants are offered a free 45-day trial period to test out HIMC’s platform. To have a Coupon Space on our site for one year, merchants pay $180. Website also displays complete business profiles, providing users with important information about the businesses that post coupons. Through our minimum performance guarantee, Merchants are guaranteed a Coupon Space on our site until they receive a double return on their initial investment of $180. Additionally, merchants can track their coupons’ performance, specifically how often users view, click on, print, and send their coupons to an email address or cellphone. If a merchant’s coupon deal is not performing as well as expected, the merchant can change or modify their coupon deal at any time and for free as often as they choose. HIMC heavily markets the coupon deals displayed on the site via social media campaigns and contests to increase the number of people searching for coupons on the website. HIMC also serves as a fundraising platform for local Groups. Groups earn $45 per Coupon Space that they recruit to our website through outreach to merchants, and the Sales Reps who represent these Groups earn $30 per Coupon Space that they recruit to the site. Our website offers Groups marketing and networking tips and tactics for successful fundraising, and Groups gain invaluable business, marketing, and communication skills that can serve as resume boosters.

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HereIsMyCoupon Sales Representatives (Community Outreach)

  1. 1. Raise money for your Group, Nonprofit, College Group or Charity Help support local businesses to increase their foot traffic and revenue Here Is My Coupon Strengthening our Economy One Community at a Time Sales Reps
  2. 2. What Is HIMC? ? A fundraising platform for ANY local community Group A sales opportunity for driven and entrepreneurial-minded individuals eager to earn money A website where small, local merchants can post their own personalized coupons A place to find free coupons that are available or everyone! 2 of 11 Sales Reps
  3. 3. How Does HIMC Work? start Community, Non-Profits, Charities, College and ANY Group may sign up to use our fundraising platform 3 of 11 Sales Reps
  4. 4. Members of the Group or individuals outside the Group sign up as Sales Reps to fundraise on behalf of the Group Sales Reps call and then approach local businesses to… How Does HIMC Work? 4 of 11 Sales Reps
  5. 5. How Does HIMC Work? share their Group’s fundraising needs discuss the perks of using HIMC for merchants sell Coupon Spaces and earn $45 for their Group as well as $30 commission (to start) for themselves! 1 2 3 4 This sales process takes less than 15 minutes! 5 of 11 Sales Reps
  6. 6. Why Should I Sign Up? HIMC is an unprecedented opportunity to make money based on drive and skill Learn how to… Sell: pitch services, set up sales appointments, and conduct professional sales meetings Develop business relationships: build and improve your interpersonal skills Network and market our services: generate the most leads and sell the most Coupon Spaces Fundraise: build the skills needed to discuss the purpose of a fundraiser and ask for money Earn a spot on our core team: perform above and beyond and receive the opportunity to work for HIMC as part of our core team 6 of 11 Sales Reps
  7. 7. Perks And Benefits The Sales Rep will continue to receive $10 for every year afterward in which the merchant remains partnered with the Sales Rep’s Group Earn residual income based on your strong merchant relationships After 1 year of using HIMC, merchants pay $180 to renew their Coupon Space(s) and re-credit their Group and Sales Rep If a merchant re-credits a Sales Rep after 1 year of partnership, then the Sales Rep earns $20 If a merchant re-credits the same Sales Rep after another year of partnership, then the Sales Rep earns another $10 7 of 11 Sales Reps
  8. 8. Perks And Benefits Every Sales Rep who signs up with HIMC receives access to an all-in-one dashboard You’ll be well on your way to success with your… Marketing Materials: business cards, articles, flyers, and more Merchant networking tips and strategies: “How do I conduct a sales appointment?” “What do I bring to a sales appointment? “…and what do I do if they’re interested?” Merchant relationship maintenance strategies “How do I encourage my merchants to purchase more Coupon Spaces?” “How do I keep track of how my merchants are doing?” “How do I help my merchants get the most use out of HIMC?” Our step-by-step answers to all of these questions will ensure your success in no time 8 of 11 Sales Reps
  9. 9. The Best Part? In one word, everyone EVERYONE can use our coupons You Community Members Family and Visitors Students, Faculty and Staff 9 of 11 Sales Reps
  10. 10. About Us Here Is My Coupon is largely comprised of seasoned professionals, interns, and former interns 10 of 11 Coupon Finders
  11. 11. If you have any additional questions or need any additional information, please visit us at: Sales Reps