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Decision Making (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 172 slides with Participant Handout


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Decision Making (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation
172 slides with Participant Handout

Effective decision-making is a guarantee to increase productivity in any workplace. Decision Making is defined as: the process of examining your possibilities and options, comparing them, and choosing a course of action.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides Include:

Definition/s of Decision Making
Learning objectives for this presentation
An overview of Decision Making
Four famous decision making quotations
10 factors for making effective decisions
6 C’s of decision making and 10 inherent personal traps
3 decision making methods and 6 “decision trees”
18 basic decision making tips and 4 slides on the G.O.R. Approach
16 points on common pitfalls and 2 slides on broader implications
9 points on effective strategies and 8 major traps
9 points on anchoring and 8 points on minimizing anchoring
9 points on the status quo of decision making
and 5 points on combating the status quo
5 points on the fear of failure and 9 points on searching for support
6 points on narrowly framing and 5 slides on underestimating
3 slides on overestimating and 3 slides on dramatic events
7 slides on the 6 different perspectives of decision making
11 points of grid analyses and 9 points on paired comparison analysis
9 points on cost/benefit analysis and 12 points on planning
4 slides on the 3 overarching questions of decision making
20 points on the 4 modes of decision making
28 points on the 6 decision making factors
16 action steps and much more.

Also included are: 1 diagram/chart, & 21 high resolution photographs.

Plus 08 Additional New Content Pages:

Etymology / (Page 6)
Two Types of Decisions / (Page 10)
Good Decisions / (Pages 11-12)
Bounded Rationality Theory / (Page 13)
Risk Aversion / (Page 14)
Decision Trees Diagram / (Page 29)
4 Modes of Decision Making / (Page 156)

Best of all, our PowerPoint Products are Royalty Free, so you may Use Them Over and Over Again. You may edit, add, delete and tailor these presentations to your specific audience and style.

Participant Handout Included: These participant handouts are identical to the PowerPoint Presentation Content except that the content has been eliminated. Never simply show your presentation. Allow participants to take notes while listening to you, fostering greater interest and retention. Our PowerPoint Participant handouts saves any presentor valuable time in having to prepare the handout themselves.

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Decision Making (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 172 slides with Participant Handout

  2. 2. Program Objectives ( 1 of 2 ) Decision Making 2 To examine different decision making models. To maximize creativity and logic in decision making. To acquire decision making tips and techniques that accelerate and improve results.
  3. 3. Program Objectives ( 2 of 2 ) Decision Making 3 To become aware of common decision making traps and how to handle them. To ready yourself for any bumps in the road and have solutions in hand. To provide a variety of perspectives for the decision making process.
  4. 4. A CHALLENGE Please Write A One Sentence Definition For DECISION MAKING
  5. 5. Definition Decision Making 5 Decision Making: The process of examining your possibilities and options, comparing them, and choosing a course of action.
  6. 6. Etymology Decision Making 6 The word “decision” came from the Middle French word, “décision” and the Latin word, “decisionem” in the mid-15th century. The phrase “decision making” was recorded in 1953.
  7. 7. Related Quotes Decision Making 7 Be sure you are right – then go ahead.” Davy Crocket. Doing what's right isn't hard – Knowing what's right is.” Lyndon B. Johnson.
  8. 8. Making Effective Decisions Decision Making 9 Perception Goals Priority Values Acceptability Demands Risk Style Resources Judgment
  9. 9. Programmed: decisions that are simple and routine and have a pre- established decision- making plan Nonprogrammed: decisions that are new and complicated and require thought and creativity Making Effective Decisions Decision Making 10
  10. 10. Good Decisions (1 of 3) Decision Making 11 Everyone wants decisions to be good in the sense that the results from the decisions are positive. No one can control the outcome, yet there are some factors that are controllable…
  11. 11. A good decision must have good research, data and information behind it. 1 A good decision must consider all possible outcomes. 2 A good decision must consider everything and everyone that it will affect. 3 Good Decisions (2 of 3) Decision Making 12
  12. 12. Bounded Rationality Theory Decision Making 14 The bounded rationality theory suggests that people cannot be fully rational in the decision making process.
  13. 13. Risk aversion occurs when people take fewer risks because they d not like the possibility of failure. Risk Aversion Decision Making 15 Risk-taking can be very important because it can often cause a creative and innovative solution. Some situations are riskier than others, so one must evaluate whether or not it is appropriate to take risks.