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Customer Service (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 165 slides with Participant Handout


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Customer Service (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 165 slides with Participant Handout

Knowing what your customer wants and needs is the primary factor to excellent customer service. Your business can only develop with excellent customer service.

PowerPoint Presentation Content Slides Include:

Definition/s of customer service
Learning objectives for this presentation
Understanding the basics of effective customer service
Knowing the customer wants and expectations
14 do's and dont's of customer service
5 slides on types of customers and how to segment them
The 4 steps to super service
10+ slides on what to say and addressing excuses
10+ slides on implementing a program and examining behaviors
7 practical steps to customer service
6 tips to induce customer cooperation
16 words and phrases to avoid
16 words and phrases to use
5 ideas and realities
9 slides on program implementation
6 points to improve customer service skills
28 slides describing performance standards
9 tips on encouraging quality customer service
16 vital action steps
5 slides on increasing customer satisfaction
The top 10 customer complaints
The 5 most common customer requests
Gaining, regaining, and retaining customers
16 action steps and much more.

Also included are: 3 diagrams/charts, & 16 high resolution photographs.

Plus 13 Additional New Content Pages:

Definition / (Page 5)
Etymology – Customer / Page (6)
Etymology – Service / (Page 7)
Scenarios / (Pages 8-13)
Do’s & Don’ts / (Pages 9-11)
Customers You Want / (Page 17)
Growth Customers Are / (Page 18)
Segmenting Customers / (Page 19-21)
Steps to Super Service Chart / (Page 30)
Do/Do Not Chart / (Page 66)
Customer Satisfaction Graphic / (Page 70)
Seven Practical Steps Chart / (Page 104)
Gaining Customers / (Page 155)
Regaining Customers / (Page 156)
Customer Retention / (Pages 157-159)

Best of all, our PowerPoint Presentations are Royalty Free, so you may Use Them Over and Over Again. You may edit, add, delete and tailor these presentations to your specific audience and style.

Participant Handout Included: These participant handouts are identical to the PowerPoint Presentation Content except that the content has been eliminated. Never simply show your presentation. Allow participants to take notes while listening to you, fostering greater interest and retention. Our PowerPoint Participant handouts saves any presentor valuable time in having to prepare the handout themselves.

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Customer Service (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 165 slides with Participant Handout

  3. 3. Program Objectives ( 1 of 2 ) Customer Service Learn to identify and analyze customer needs and problems. Discover techniques to cultivate and maintain special customer relationships. Recognize the most common reasons for customer complaints. 3
  4. 4. Program Objectives ( 2 of 2 ) Customer Service 4 Identify specific problems in your customer service program, and apply treatment. Assess your communication style, and use two-way communication skills to level with people, to accept feedback from them, and to discuss problems.
  5. 5. A CHALLENGE Please Write A One Sentence Definition For CUSTOMER SERVICE
  7. 7. Definition Customer Service 7 Provision of help and accommodation to customers. Communication with customers to address their needs.
  8. 8. Etymology - Customer Customer Service 8 The word “customer” was first used to mean “buyer” in the early 15th century. The more generalized meaning of “one with whom one has dealings” emerged in the 1540’s. It came from the Anglo-French word, “custumer” and the Latin word, “consuetudinarius.”
  9. 9. Etymology – Service Customer Service 9 The word “service” was first used c. 1100 to mean a religious service. It came from the Old French word, “servise.” The act of serving as a word is from the early 13th century. Used in the sense of slavery or servitude, it came from the Latin word, “servitium.” It was first recorded in the sense of attending to a customer in the mid- 14th century. ( 2 of 2 )
  10. 10. Do’s Don’t ‘s Do’s and Don’t ‘s (2 of 3) Customer Service 11 Encourage customer loyalty Answer questions Put a positive spin on things Compete with other organizations Drive the customer away Pretend to know answers to questions or ignore questio Lie or exaggerate Allow other organizations to take your busine
  11. 11. SCENARIOS
  12. 12. Scenarios (1 of 6) Customer Service 14 You have an angry customer on the phone who is yelling. What do you do?
  13. 13. Scenarios (2 of 6) Customer Service 15 Try to calm them down. Ask how you can assist them more effectively. Apologize for the inconvenience. Ask them to calmly tell you how you can help. Try to resolve their problem quickly and effectively. Tell them you will get someone above you to speak with them.
  14. 14. Scenarios (3 of 6) Customer Service 16 You have a customer who is unnecessarily rude What do you do?