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What is social media


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What is social media

  1. 1. What is social media?Ready Power Market
  2. 2. Social Media The interaction between people discussing common topics of interest.  This means reviewing and referring service providers such as automotive shops. Its like when you ask Steve who he thinks is a body shop after you have been in a wreck. He gives a personal reference. Social media is much the same because it’s a personal reference from someone you trust on a much larger scale.  Some topics that may be discussed in social media range from politics to recipes to even repair shops.
  3. 3. Social Media Social media has many moving parts just like an engine.  Each part needs special care in order to maintain credibility and effectiveness. Think about it if you don’t change your oil your engine fills with sludge and you buy a new one. If you don’t communicate with your customers and provide them valuable information they will find a new repair shop.  This is the age of information, you have to educate your customers. You have the highest mark up in preventative maintenance , but no one is buying because they are pinching pennies.
  4. 4. Social Media It’s your responsibility as a repair shop to help take of your customers car this means educating them.  Socialmedia is a great tool to keep your customers educated while getting marketing impressions. So what is a marketing impression?  This means your customers have had some sort of interaction with you no matter how small the scale.
  5. 5. The different social tools Facebook Fan Increase Business Visibility Growth Numbers How
  6. 6. Twitter Tweet Drive Message Traffic Newsfeed Coupons Target
  7. 7. Google Places Reviews Search Micro Results Website Reach Photos & Highlight Customers Videos
  8. 8. Keyword Analysis A keyword analysis preformed once a month gives businesses a serious edge in finding and exploiting the keywords that will make them money. Combining this with Google analytics and developing the accurate wordings and character length can make the difference between first page placement and last page placement. Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.
  9. 9. Be your own publisher Once upon a time, anyone could be a media publisher, that is anyone who had millions of dollars and a huge staff. Beyond that you also needed a large distribution network across the country to gain popularity and the recognition of advertisers. Radio and television was even more of a challenge to get into until the creation of social media.
  10. 10. Don’t depend on traditional media Our information was controlled by the media and it came down the way the media saw fit. We didnt talk amongst ourselves; we were talked to by the media, about the topics they felt were important. If the readers liked the content that was being fed to them the media outlet stayed in business else we ignored the media outlet and they lost advertisers and had to close.
  11. 11. Strategic Thinking You will succeed with us because unlike other marketing firms we dont waste your money and chewing through time and profits like there’s no tomorrow. We would rather get straight to the root of success and run with it. We have positioned ourselves as strategic thinkers We only believe in real measurable results We believe backbone is the best quality a person can have Its okay to be different and step outside your comfort zone.
  12. 12. You Are in Control The result was that information came down. If we liked what we were reading, we kept tuning in and the company made money. If we didnt like it, we stopped buying the magazine or we switched channels. When that happened, advertisers turned away, and all of the millions of dollars required to create the publication disappeared.
  13. 13. We Are Talking To EachOther Today, its all so very different. It can cost literally nothing to create content and make it available for other people to enjoy. That low cost means that it doesnt matter if its not read by millions. You can focus on a small market—even one interested in stamp collecting in Mozambique—and still find enough people to form a community and maybe even make a profit through advertising and product sales. Its called the "long tail," and the Internet has made fantastic use of it. But the low cost of publishing online has had another effect: We arent being talked to by professional writers and publishers any more; were talking to each other.
  14. 14. Conversation Flow Average folk like you and me—the kind of people who didnt study journalism at university, who never spent years as a cub reporter covering local court cases, and who were never even very good at Scrabble, let alone putting together articles—are writing about the topics they love and sharing their views. And theyre hearing back too. The conversation is flowing in both directions.
  15. 15. Professionalism Anyone now can launch a Web site, write articles, or even create videos and put them live. And anyone can comment on that content, affecting both its nature and the direction of the publication. Thats social media, and its a publishing revolution. Ready, Power, Market only focuses on the auto industry which is what makes it so powerful.
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