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Reading Room's Drupal Expertise


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Our Drupal clients

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Reading Room's Drupal Expertise

  1. 1. Reading Room Our Drupal Experience
  2. 2. A few numbers 1 6 200 Independently owned and managed since 1996 Large agency, small passionate culture International offices Based across UK, Australia, and Singapore Passionate individuals Large independent agency, small passionate culture Digital agency
  3. 3. A few numbers 9% 15% 92% Largest client only responsible for 9% of our revenue vs 35% industry average The perfect blend of consultancy and practical delivery Staff turnover New business from repeat and referrals
  4. 4. A few numbers 1 10 150 Best Companies Award “One to Watch” Reading Room featured in the Sunday Times ‘Best Companies One to Watch” list in 2010 demonstrating high levels of employee engagement Forrester Wave UK top 10 interactive Agency (No.1 in UX) Central focus on measurable effectiveness from digital platforms Ranked 3rd: B2B Marketing UK Agency League Table 2011 Number 2: Marketing Week YouGov Agency Reputation Survey 2011 Winner: European Seal of E-Excellence 2010 Awards
  5. 5. Our project process Reading Room have designed a development methodology that combines the best elements of traditional creative development with the new patterns of digital project management. We work very closely with all our clients both during a project and following site implementation. Our iterative process is designed around four key stages, with clear sign off points at the end of each stage. This makes it possible to make quick and easy amendments to previous stages if necessary. Reading Room recognises that many clients don’t fully understand their exact requirements, or how they should be visualised, until well into the project process. By implementing a prototype process, we can offer maximum flexibility to our clients around their requirements, but also allow them to fully appreciate how these requirements will be visualised at an early stage of the project and before any of the work-intensive development has begun. During the first three phases of the process, it is possible to make quick and easy interactions to the HTML prototype. Once sign off has been achieved on the prototype, this is directly integrated with the back-end development. The key deliverables at each stage are outlined in the next section of this document.
  6. 6. We know Drupal
  7. 7. About Drupal Drupal is a well supported and popular open source content management system with capabilities that extend from content management to enabling a wide range of custom services and transactions, whilst at the same time offering a high level of out-of-the-box features built on a well supported and mature codebase. The core Drupal CMS application includes a range of features out-of-the-box including: • Multi-user content creation and editing with full WYSIWYG capabilities • Option to ‘drop’ to HTML mode for manual entry of code • Ability to add expiration dates to content pages • Ability to upload media files such as imagery, video and flash movies • Ability to upload documents including MS Word, Excel & PDF • Advanced search functions • User profiles • Multi-level menu system • Caching and feature throttling for improved performance under load • Descriptive URLs (for example, "" rather than " • Workflow tools • Security/new release update notification • OpenID support
  8. 8. About Drupal Drupal may also be easily extended either through existing open source community modules or through a well documented API interface. Modules such as full Taxonomy control can be activated with just a few clicks within the Drupal administration section. Drupal offers quick and easy integration and use of as many page templates as you require. These can be easily configured and installed into the CMS from standard, Accessibility Level 2 (AA) compliant XHTML and CSS templates. The system also includes full versioning and workflow control, allowing you total control over any content added or edited by any of your contributors.
  9. 9. About Drupal Built with robustness and resiliency in mind, Drupal is able to cache its content, enabling maximum delivery speeds and minimising server load during times of increased visitor numbers. The system can be tailored to throttle access to more bandwidth or processor hungry features of the website, to enable prioritised delivery of core information during busy times. Drupal is regarded as a leader in open source content management systems, with a globally acknowledged foundation in security and development support. The system is constantly monitored and updated by it’s various contributors, and includes an automated security and update alert tool, allowing you to keep the system up to date and minimising the risk from hacking and malicious attacks.
  10. 10. About Drupal Drupal also benefits from an active and extensive support network, not only from the official Drupal websites, but also in the form of user maintained sites and forums, ensuring that any questions you may have can be answered quickly and effectively. Drupal supports all of the major web browsers within the content management system. The following browsers are supported in Drupal 6 and have been fully tested with CMS functionality. • Internet Explorer 6.x and later • Firefox 2.x and later • Opera 7 and later • Safari 1.x and later • Camino 1.x and later • Google Chrome
  11. 11. How Drupal Suits Your Requirements Drupal allows a fast and cost-effective deployment of a fully controllable Content Management System. It’s license- free open source nature, mature codebase and high level of community support allow for the delivery of a website that will enable you to quickly and easily present information to your user-base, and just as importantly will allow your administrators to edit and control this content with a minimum of fuss and training. Drupal offers full editorial control of your content, including workflow and editing permissions, meaning that each authority can control its own content. The ability to include not only standard text and image based content, but also rich-media files and additional document resources for download ensure that you can deliver information to your users without compromise. Because of its open codebase, Drupal can be extensively modified and added to over the life of the project, allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively include additional functionality such as forums and blogs, ensuring continued user interactivity and allowing the system to grow as with your requirements. These modifications can either be developed as bespoke modules, or included from an extensive offering of community developed resources, ensuring they meet your exact requirements. With a global team in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Reading Room are able to turn projects around in a short timeframe, utilising our different resources as and when required.
  12. 12. A few case studies
  13. 13. Autism Spectrum Reading Room worked in partnership with Autism Spectrum on a refreshed web platform designed to help improve the life of Australians affected by Autism, with the aim of assisting children, parents, carers, helpers and educators. Offering a diverse range of services from local social clubs to specialised schools, the website is designed to help each individual person find the best services to help them make a difference in the lives of those affected by Autism. The site was developed in the Drupal CMS, featuring an intuitive interface and information architecture ensuring ease of access to the right information for the right audience.
  14. 14. Seqwater Working closely with the Seqwater team, Reading Room created a responsive web destination accessible with a range of devices to replace 6 websites which cut operational costs dramatically and Improved user experience and multi-channel access and thus brand perception.
  15. 15. The Prince’s Charities Australia Reading Room developed an elegant site for The Prince Prince’s Charities Australia. Through its grant making and other charitable activities, the foundation seeks to transform lives and build sustainable communities. The site was built using the Drupal Content Management System allowing Clarence House to easily manage their content and update the site
  16. 16. Regional Development Australia The new RDA Ipswich West Moreton website aims not only to market the region as an attractive and viable area for investment, but also to streamline communication surrounding this investment.
  17. 17. Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet We redeveloped the website of the Prime Minister of Australia in six weeks on an open source platform, opening up more channels for conversation and interaction with the Australian public and a source of information for the international community.
  18. 18. Department of Health’s Walk4Life campaign To get more people up and walking, Walk4Life’s open source mapping technology and social media integration enables anyone in the UK to discover walks near them and to track their fitness.
  19. 19. Trinity College – Rock and Pop We redeveloped Trinity’s Rock & Pop website with a new exciting online destination that not only effectively promotes the R&P syllabus and drives online enrolment and engagement, but also acts as a template for the way that all Trinity College websites should work in the future.
  20. 20. The Prince of Wales “An easily accessible useful and stimulating source of information on The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry.” Clarence House
  21. 21. Places Matter! Setting the benchmark for the architectural sector, their new online offering has increased repeat visitors by 100%.
  22. 22. Open University We created an innovative virtual student union, building a robust and sustainable online community.
  23. 23. Ofsted Reading Room Supported the re-design of the Ofsted website, re-building it using the Drupal CMS and built a bespoke .NET application to integrate with their internal processes to deliver their ever growing delivery of their inspection reports on the website, currently in the region of 400,000+
  24. 24. NHS London – My Health London NHS London wanted a user friendly method of displaying GPs’ performance results. We used user research and latest HTML standards to design and build a branded site which would be accessible and visible on mobile and tablet devices.
  25. 25. NES Global Talent We designed and developed a new website to optimise the way that users search for jobs whilst bringing the new brand to life.
  26. 26. KPMG World Class Skills In just 5 weeks we developed easily manageable and appealing information site that meets the most stringent accessibility standards.
  27. 27. KPMG World Class Skills CRM A solution to allow them to better manage their client engagement amongst hundreds of providers.
  28. 28. Government Procurement Service (GPS) Reading Room worked with Government Procurement Service (GPS), known formerly as Buying Solutions to design and build their new procurement portal - Built in Drupal7, the new site simplifies access their frameworks and centralised deals, with information, guidance and direct access to the supporting eProcurement tools.
  29. 29. London Elects We designed, built, tested, and provided CMS training for a politically-neutral website to support London mayoral elections.
  30. 30. Directors UK We worked to a tight deadline to design both the website and marketing collateral such as brochures and flyers, and to build a site that not only delivers on visual appeal but also provides Directors UK with an easy to use Drupal 7 platform which integrates with their Progress CRM.
  31. 31. Extravision A refreshed channel to market, the strategy led design and open source technology has maximised return on investment.
  32. 32. The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply We transformed the site into a fully content-managed e-commerce website, which also lets users keep up to date with news, courses and events, with a personalised section allowing targeted promotion and cross selling.
  33. 33. British Board of Film Classification We worked with the British Board of Film Classification to merge their four websites into one. The site allows users to search for any title the BBFC have classified which is approximately 400,000. The websites design has been built using adaptive techniques meaning the site layout changes for tablet and mobile users. The site is built in Drupal 7 platform and integrates with their internal systems so that when they classify new titles they appear on the website