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'Open Digital' How it's changing the pace and the way organisations work


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Most recent Reading Room Manchester breakfast meeting focused on 'Open Digital' specifically in the Arts & Culture Sector.
The beginnings of an ongoing discussion and debate, which we would love you to join!

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'Open Digital' How it's changing the pace and the way organisations work

  1. 1. Owen Valentine Pringle Owen Valentine Pringle is a leading Digital Transformation consultant and former Director of Digital Communications at the London-based headquarters of international NGO, Amnesty International, where he led on development and implementation of global digital strategy for the organisation as well as its use of technology and open innovation for social change. Prior to this, Owen was Commercial Director for New Media at ITN, Brand Director for New Media & New Product Development at BskyB, and Head of Media Services at Southbank Centre. Jon Pratty Jon Pratty is Relationship Manager for Creative Media, Arts Council England across the South East area, based in Brighton, Cambridge and London. Jon helped on The Space, the Arts Council England/BBC pilot project, and initiated the development of the Brighton Digital Festival. He’s currently working on digital projects involving culture/tourism and open data, as well as mentoring development of three arts/digital/ learning clusters in the South East. Dr Marieke Navin Dr Marieke Navin is the Director of Manchester Science Festival and manages the year round contemporary science programme at the Museum of Science & Industry. The Manchester Science Festival has engaged over half a million people with science since 2007 and specialises in bringing science to life in the most creative ways possible, making it ideally placed for ‘Open Digital’. Most recently the Festival has driven the highly successful #HookedonMusic project in partnership with the University of Amsterdam and the Wellcome Trust, which Marieke will be discussing with us. Diana Erskine Diana Erskine is the Managing Director of Reading Room Manchester as well as sitting on the Manchester Digital and DMA North Councils. Diana has over 8 years’ experience working in Digital, Ticketing, Ecommerce and User Experience - specialising in Digital Marketing. She has worked across a wide variety of sectors from Charity, Arts, Heritage and Culture to Retail and B2B. Having worked for and with such a wide range of organisations and businesses, Diana’s experience lies in getting to the root of business objectives in order to architect useful and effective Digital solutions that deliver results. Today’s speakers We’re delighted to be joined by Diana Erskine, Owen Valentine Pringle, Jon Pratty and Dr Marieke Navin who will be drawing on their wealth of experiences and sharing valuable insights and opinions as well as discussing recent examples of their work. Today’s schedule 9:00 – 9:10 9:10 – 9:35 9:35 – 10:00 10:00 – 10:25 10:25 – 10:35 10:35 – 11:00 11:00 Diana Erskine Chair’s intro Jon Pratty How do we get smarter about Open Data? Owen Valentine Pringle The role of ‘open’ thinking and open software solutions in Digital Transformation projects Dr Marieke Navin Delivering a truly ‘Open Digital’ project #HookedOnMusic Diana Erskine Chair’s summary Q & A Networking Join the discussion @ReadingRoom @di_erskine @jon_pratty @thereinafter @lisamarieke As a group of people who are all invested in the Arts, Culture and Heritage sectors, either personally or through our profession, we are having a lot of information thrown at us about making the industry more open. What do we mean by ‘Open Digital’ and how is it changing the way we work? Being ‘open’ in our approach refers to various ways and means by which we can share and strengthen our industries through the use of Open Data, Open Software and Hardware and Open Knowledge Share. Through today’s event we hope to start to demystify these topics, showing you the real value of adopting such principles. Through better understanding we can all work together pushing the industry forward and allowing all organisations to benefit from the latest digital innovation and strategic thinking. Reading Room welcomes you to join our ongoing discussion and debate aimed at pushing digital forward in Arts, Culture and Heritage. As a consultancy that specialises in these sectors, working side-by-side with leading organisations tackling digital challenges, we are going to be running a series of events over the coming year looking at where ‘Open Digital’ can not only help, but also support and encourage collaboration and knowledge share. Please join us at our next event in September discussing Open Source Software including Ticketing and Collections Management solutions. ‘Open Digital’ How it’s changing the pace and the way organisations work, specifically in the Arts & Culture Sector.