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How to utilise Sitecore's Digital Marketing Suite


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Jonathan Von Abo from Reading Room explains the importance of realising business objectives using the digital marketing suite in Sitecore

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How to utilise Sitecore's Digital Marketing Suite

  1. 1. Understandingthedriversforsuccess Planning for DMS
  2. 2. 1. The DMS System 2. Technical considerations 3. First steps (analyse) 4. Scoping workshop 5. OfficeCore 6. Next steps 7. Q&A Agenda
  3. 3. The DMS system
  4. 4. What it isn't
  5. 5. What it is “The Sitecore Digital Marketing System is a set of marketing tools built into Sitecore that allows partners and clients to promote, optimise, test and track the performance of content on their websites; using a qualitative metric called Engagement Value.”
  6. 6. A powerful set of tools
  7. 7. Maturity model
  8. 8. Methodology
  9. 9. Technical considerations
  10. 10. Technical  Sitecore Version (6.6 or above)  Infrastructure scaled to cope with DMS  Analytics Database enabled Other  Resource considerations (internal / partner managed) Archive strategy in place  Security is defined for page editors  Separate content areas for dynamic content Considerations
  11. 11. First steps (analyse)
  12. 12.  Readiness assessment  Maturity assessment  Implementation method.  Scoping workshop Preparation resources
  13. 13. Readiness assessment  Page views  Performance  Storage  Database  Upgrades  Licenses  Development cycle  Configuration  etc...
  14. 14. Maturity assessment  Web analytics  Predictive analytics  Testing  Email marketing  Marketing automation  Campaign management  Content profiling  Personalisation  Social integration  CRM integration  etc...
  15. 15. Scoping workshop
  16. 16. Steps
  17. 17. Example
  18. 18.  Fictional company used in Sitecore demo system  Focuses on office supplies and holiday products  We will focus on holiday side for this exercise  Premise is ultimately to identify the site goals  These goals will then be created to track engagement  Utilised for reporting and optimisation
  19. 19. Strategic themes Be the no1 destination for innovative holiday products Successful companies operate with a few clear strategic themes. Companies that have too many themes usually fail because they are not focused in their use of resources or in the minds of their customers. When you think of the most successful companies you usually have an image of what makes them unique in their industry. For this demonstration we have distilled the requirements into the following strategic theme:
  20. 20. Strategic objectives Convert (Grow market share) Advocate (Create lifetime customers) Attract (Increase brand awareness) Strategic objectives are those operational objectives that your organization must succeed at if they want to succeed with their strategic theme. To support their strategic themes we have identified the following 3 strategic objectives:
  21. 21. Marketing objectives Interact with key content Sign up to newsletter Grow no. of info requests The marketing objectives are marketing’s contribution to success of the strategic objectives. Identifying the correct marketing objectives is critical to success. We have established the following 9 marketing objectives: Increase purchases Increase product details downloads Increase social shares of content Attract positive reviews Maximise opt-in email Exposure of industry
  22. 22. Digital Goals Video plays Form submission Newsletter sign up Newsletter sign up Social link clicks PDF download Completed purchase Positive review Purchase The digital goals across your web estate directly drive marketing objectives which in turn drive the strategic objectives and ultimately the drive strategic themes. This hierarchy ensures that goals are ultimately relevant. We have established the following 9 goals:
  23. 23. Be the number 1destination for innovative holiday products ConvertAttract Advocate Grow no. of enquiries Interact with key content Increase purchases Sign up to newsletter Increase prod. Details downloads Increase social shares of content Attract positive reviews Maximise opt-in email Exposure of industry Video plays Newsletter sign up Completed purchase Form submission PDF download Newsletter sign up Social link clicks Social link clicks Purchase
  24. 24. DMS planning checklist  Readiness assessment  Maturity assessment  Strategic Themes  Objectives Marketing objectives  Web goals Scoping workshop
  25. 25. Next steps
  26. 26.  Use goals to set up engagement value scale  Set up goals in Sitecore CMS  Use DMS for measurement and analysis Next steps
  27. 27. Q&A