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Prototype LD1


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English for engineering

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Prototype LD1

  1. 1. PROTOTYPE LD1MOOC Week 5Dr Marie Arndt
  2. 2. Introduction to engineering Click the link to watch the video ‘Is engineering right for me?’ While you’re watching the video, make notes of any words you don’t understand. Create a word document called ‘Is engineering for me?’
  3. 3. Collaboration Compare your notes of difficult words with at least two more students in the group. With the help of fellow-students, add a vocabulary list to your document, with definitions in a table. Like this: Word Definition
  4. 4. Share and edit Share vocabulary list with other groups. Revise and edit your vocabulary list. Save to your folder called ‘English for Engineering’, in portfolio either online or offline.
  5. 5. Take notes and assess content Watch again. Click the link: ‘Is engineering right for me? Take notes on: What points are made to promote engineering as an interesting career choice? Do you agree with the points made in the video? Add any points you think are missing.
  6. 6. Write response Write your response to the questions to the video in your document ,‘Is engineering right for me?’ Save your document in your online or offline portfolio
  7. 7. Discussion Share your ideas from the questions about the video with a small group first, and then the whole group. Give feedback on other contributions. The whole group should agree on the 5 most important points that makes engineering a good career choice.
  8. 8. Revise reflective document After the discussion. Return to the notes you made about the video after you had watched it again. Read through them again.
  9. 9. Revise reflective document(cont.) Revise what you have written, and add points discussed with the group. Make sure to respond to points discussed in the group that you agree or disagree with; both kinds should be covered. Save the document in your folder ‘English for engineering’.