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Wbd chatterpack 2013


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Wbd chatterpack 2013

  1. 1. The World Book Day 2013Chatterpack
  2. 2. Contents About this pack About World Book Day Setting Up a Chatterbooks club for World Book Day o Things to think about: Planning, Promotion and Recruitment for your club o Chatterbooks Session Plan & Two Activity Sheets Libraries and Schools working together for World Book Day World Book Day Chatterbooks Activities- for World Book Day and beyond! o Wordsearch o Alfie’s Shop by Shirley Hughes o Giraffes Can’t Dance Colouring and Puzzles by Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Rees o Horrid Henry’s Guide to Perfect Parents by Francesca Simons & Tony Ross o Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders: Inventions by Tony Robinson o The Diamond Brothers in ...Two of Diamonds by Anthony Horowitz o Hang in There Bozo: The Ruby Redfort Emergency Survival Guide for some Tricky Predicaments by Lauren Child o Tom Gates: Best Book Day Ever(so far) by Liz Pichon o The Chocolate Box Girls: Bittersweet by Cathy CassidyAbout this packWelcome to our World Book Day Chatterpack which is bursting with ideas and activities to getChatterbooks groups involved with the biggest celebration of books and reading in the world.Activities are linked to the special £1 World Book Day books whose authors are all big favourites of ourChatterbooks clubs, and are designed to help groups explore the pleasure of books and to encouragechildren’s love of reading.This year we are hoping schools and libraries will work together on World Book Day events and will usethis great celebration of books and reading to launch new Chatterbooks clubs. In this pack you will findhelpful and practical ideas and information to support this exciting work.
  3. 3. About World Book DayWorld Book Day is a celebration! It’s a fabulous celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. It’sthe biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books andreading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.Thanks to the generosity of National Book Tokens Ltd, publishers and booksellers registered schools(nursery, primary and secondary) can give their students a £1 book voucher. More than 14 millionchildren and young people receive a free book voucher. The vouchers can be used from 25th February -24th March 2013 and are distributed to children at schools.For more information about World Book Day visit Up a Chatterbooks Group for World Book DayWorld Book Day creates a huge amount of energy and excitement about books and reading and is aperfect time to start a new reading group. Embrace this buzz about reading and books and launch aChatterbooks club in your school or library!Here are things to think about to help you start up your group, plus tips and ideas for running a session.For more detailed information and information about the Chatterbooks network go to the ReadingAgency website to Think About  Planning o How many children? o What age group? o How often will you meet? – weekly, monthly, termly o How long will the session last? o What time? – after school, lunchtime o Refreshments o Who will run the session? – library staff, school staff, parents, volunteers o Partnership working with school and library o Health and Safety and Child Protection  Promotion and Recruitment o Chatterbooks posters & flyers o Talking to parents o Talking to local community groups - Brownies, Scouts, Youth clubs o Teachers choosing children – eg. linking in with Reading Recovery o Whole class participation o School and Community newsletters o Word of mouth
  4. 4. Chatterbooks Session Plan for World Book Day Launch Time Activity(approx)5 mins Warm welcome to everyone Name badges Refreshments5 mins Introductions - everyone says their name and briefly tells about something that has happened to them on World Book Day. Explain what is going to happen at the session Agree on ‘ground rules’ - speaking one at a time and listening when someone else is speaking10 mins Warm Up - Games to get people talking In one minute - say or write down...  all the funny stories you know  all the scary stories you know  all the family stories you know  all the adventure stories you know  all the fantasy stories you know  all the animal stories you know Make a list of book characters you would like to invite to a World Book Day Party and say why you would invite them15 mins Main part of the Session Favourite - Not So Favourite (see worksheet) Book Characters (see worksheet) Or choose one of the special activities based on this year’s World Book Day Recommended Reads10 mins End and Goodbyes Say one thing you liked about the session and one thing you would change Choose books to read for the next session Give date of the next session Tell parents what you did at the session Goodbyes
  5. 5. Favourite, not so FavouriteAnswer these questions about a book you like and a book you don’t like, andthen discuss your answers with your Chatterbooks group.You could use your Chatterbooks ‘Supermouse’ book mark!What is the title of your favourite book?Who is the author of your favourite book?Can you give three reasons why you like this book so much? 1. 2. 3.What is the title of a book you don’t like?Who is the author of this book?Can you give three reasons why you don’t like this book? 1. 2. 3.
  6. 6. Book CharactersAnswer the questions, and then share your answers with the rest of your group.Who is your favourite book character?Why do you like this character so much?Which book character makes you laugh?What do they do to make you laugh?Which book character do you not like?Why do you not like this character?Which book character makes you angry?Why does this book character make you angry?Which book character would you like to sit beside at school?Why have you chosen this one?
  7. 7. World Book Day Wordsearch Y W Y P S X B G L S D C G A W R U H N S E Q H K N F D T A I A T T A G S I U G K T R I R T C E B D N N I O S B T I I A E A B R X B O E I R M N F E W B E D R B O L S G C R H W O B K T D L A F H N A A O Q S F Y L J O C U O O Z A P W E D R H S D K B O O K S H O P O H S C A U T H O R S V M WCan you find ... World Book Day Fun Facts Authors Stories Library Reading Chatterbooks Websites Bookshop Sharing Writing
  8. 8. World Book Day Recommended Reads – Quick IdeasAlfie’s Shop by Shirley Hughes Publisher: Random House  Organise a Special Alfie Story time for World Book Day  Invite your local nursery school class to come along or invite a local mother and toddler group.  Have a selection of Alfie books to read  Sing songs, recite some nursery rhymes, and do action rhymes together  Bake a special cake  Ask parents to bring something that might be sold at Alfie’s Shop and make up stories about these itemsGiraffes Can’t Dance - Colouring and Puzzle Fun by Giles Andreae & GuyParker-Rees Publisher: Orchard Books Organise a special Rhyme Time themed on the fabulous Giraffes Can’t Dance book Invite children to dress up as animals Make animal masks Make animal movements Dance around the library Draw animal pictures to decorate the children’s libraryHorrid Henry’s Guide to Perfect Parents by FrancescaSimon & Tony Ross Publisher: Orion  Think of 10 words to describe Horrid Henry  Think of 10 things Horrid Henry has done that made you laugh out loud  Think of 10 silly things to make perfect parents  Think of 10 things that your parents do that annoy you  Draw a picture of your family and write a silly sentence about each person  Make a Chatterbooks ‘Guide to Perfect Parents’
  9. 9. Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders: Funny Inventions by TonyRobinson & Del Thorpe Publisher: Macmillan Which 10 weird inventions made you laugh the most? Share favourites with the Chatterbooks group  Use the book to make a World Book Day ‘Weird World of Wonders: Funny Inventions’ Quiz.  Split into teams.  Each team creates a series of true or false questions. Find a genuine funny invention and then make up two of your own funny false inventions.  Take turns asking each other questions. Each team reads out the three inventions and the other team has to work out which is the real one.The Diamond Brothers in ... Two of Diamonds by Anthony HorowitzPublisher: Walker  10 words to describe Nick Diamond  10 words to describe Tim Diamond  What 10 skills do you need to be a good detective?  What 10 things make Tim Diamond the world’s worst detective?  Can you think of 10 great detective disguises?  Can you think of 10 dangerous villains?  Tim Diamond always gets things mixed up – what are your favourite mix ups?Hang in There Bozo: The Ruby Redfort Emergency Survival Guide forSome Tricky Predicaments by Lauren Child Publisher: HarperCollins Childrens Books Talk about ...  10 words to describe Ruby Redfort  10 songs would Ruby Redfort have on her ipod  10 worst worries and ways to solve them  10 survival skills  10 dangerous animals and how to avoid them  10 items that would be useful on a penknife
  10. 10. Tom Gates: Best Book Day Ever!(so far) by Liz Pichon Publisher: Scholastic  10 Book characters to dress up as for World Book Day  10 Prizes for the best World Book Day book characters  What are your worst dressing up costumes? Why?  What are your best dressing up costumes? Why?  Make a list of your teachers and think of book characters they could dress up as which suit their personalities and characters  This year who are you going to dress up as ? Draw your costumeThe Chocolate Box Girls: Bittersweet by Cathy Cassidy Publisher: Puffin  Which 10 songs would you like a girl or boy to sing to you under your window?  Which 10 book characters would you like to sit on a beach with and toast marshmallows?  What 10 most embarrassing moments can you imagine?  What 10 funniest moments can you imagine?  Think of 10 reasons why Shay’s dad should let him leave school and join Wrecked Rekords?  Think of 10 reasons why Shay’s dad should not let him leave school and join Wrecked Rekords?
  11. 11. Create a Chatterbooks Picture BookBe inspired by the wonderful picture books of Alfie and Giraffes Can’t Danceand create your own picture book to read to younger brothers and sisters orto read at a story time session at your library. Hold a Chatterbooks editorial meeting Find out groups strengths and interests who likes drawing, who likes writing, who likes using pcs, who likes speaking etc Decisions to make  How many copies – one or several?  Production – by hand or by PC, print or photocopy? Writing the story – things to think about  What makes a good story book?  Characters Illustrating the story – things to think about  style of drawing  layout of your pages  colours to use Producing the book  make rough drafts of each page – think about putting pictures and words together  Make final book Launching the book  Organise a Special Chatterbooks session and invite family and friends and the local press or  Hold a special story time event for pre-school children
  12. 12. Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon Vote for the Most Horrible Horrid Henry Moment Get together all the Horrid Henry books from the book shelves Talk about the worst things he has done – why are they so bad? As a group make a list of about 6 of his worst moments and vote for his most horrible! Horrid Henry’s Horrible MomentsTitle of the Book :What happens?Why is it so horrible?Title of the Book :What happens?Why is it so horrible?
  13. 13. Tony Robinson’s Weird World of Wonders: Funny Inventions by Tony Robinson & Del Thorpe Get ideas and inspiration for Tony Robinson’s book and invent your own Weird Wonder of the World.Name of your inventionWhat does it do?Draw your invention
  14. 14. The Diamond Brothers in ... Two of Diamonds by Anthony Horowitz A Chatterbooks Murder Mystery Drama Turn a Diamond Brothers book into a Murder Mystery Drama and perform it in your library.Hold a Production Meeting  Make a list of your Chatterbooks members’ skills and experiences (acting, writing, making props, designing costumes, directing etc)  Choose one of the Diamond Brothers Stories to turn into a drama or Make up your own Story  Think about what makes a good Murder Mystery DramaWrite the Script  Turn the book into a script.  Use the dialogue in the book or write your own  Write the whole story or part of the storyCostumes & Props  Design your costumes  Find or make the propsRehearsalsRehearse your drama and make any changesPut on Your PerformanceWhen you are happy with your drama put on the show for yourparents and friends at a special Chatterbooks event.
  15. 15. Hang in There Bozo: The Ruby Redfort Emergency Survival Guide for Some Tricky Predicaments by Lauren Child Design a Spectrum Gadget The Breathing Buckle, Emergency Frogsuit, Voice and House Keys are innovative gadgets that have helped Ruby get out of tricky situations. If you worked at Spectrum what gadget would you design?Name of your gadget:Description of your gadgetHow does it work?Draw a picture of your gadget
  16. 16. Tom Gates Best Book Day Ever! (so far) by Liz Pichon Be inspired by Liz Pichon’s illustrations and make a huge Chatterbooks Storyboard. Tell a visual story of your Chatterbooks Club’s Best World Book Day.Check listFirst create your story –the 5 ‘Ws’ may help you to make a good storyWho ?– who are the characters of the storyWhat? What happens?Where? Where does the action take place?When?Why? Think of something wacky why it happens to make an interesting storyTurn your story into picturesHow many pictures will you need to tell your story?Decide who is going to draw which picturesWhat materials will you use?Pens, crayons, paints, pictures from magazines,What size?You could draw each part of the storyboard on a piece of A4 paper whichwhen put together will make a huge storyboardDisplayFind a place to display your artwork where it will get noticed – library,bookshop, school
  17. 17. The Chocolate Box Girls: Bittersweet by Cathy Cassidy Write a Problem Page Look through the pages of Bittersweet and identify issues and problems young people can face; problems with parents, problems with boyfriends and girlfriends, problems with feeling hurt and jealous, problems with friends. Pretend you are the person with the problem and write a letter for help to a problem page. Then write a reply ...Who has the problem?What is the problem?Write the letter to the problem pageWrite the reply
  18. 18. Libraries & Schools working together for World Book DayUse World Book Day as the catalyst for partnership working between local public libraries and localschools. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started. Visit the World Book Day website for more information,resources and ideas  Hold a World Book Day event at the public library or the school library and share the planning and organising  Organise some World Book Day class visits to the public library  Recruit the whole school to join the public library  Organise class tickets for borrowing library books for all teachers  Organise a World Book Day storytime at the public library – ask school children to produce the publicity  Have a World Book Day book display at school library and public library  Display World Book Day art made at school in the public library  Send a World Book Day collection of public library books to the school  Start a Chatterbooks club together  Encourage all local authority staff as well as school children to dress up as favourite book characters for World Book Day  Organise a joint event to raise money for Book Aid  Visit the World Book Day website for information, resources and ideas