Until You're Mine Reading Guide


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Until You're Mine Reading Guide

  1. 1. Reading Guide Synopsis: Claudia seems to have the perfect life. She' s heavily pregnant w ith a much w anted baby, she has a loving husband, and a beautiful home. And then Zoe steps into her life. Zoe has come to help Claudia w hen her baby arrives. But there' s something about Zoe that Claudia doesn' t like. Or trust. And w hen she finds Zoe in her room going through her most personal possesions, Claudia' s anxiety turns to real fear... About Samantha Hayes: Samantha Hayes grew up in the West Midlands, left school at sixteen, avoided university and took jobs ranging from being a private detective to barmaid to fruit picker and factory w orker. She lived on a kibbutz, and spent time in Australia and the USA, before finally becoming a crime-w riter. Her w riting career began w hen she w on a short story competition in 2003. Her novels are family-based psychological thrillers, w ith the emphasis being on ' real life fiction' . She focuses on current issues, and w hen she w rites, she sets out to make her reader ask, ' What if this happened to me or my family?' With three children of her ow n, Samantha is w ell-versed to talk about how the aftershocks of crime impact upon families and communities. To find out more, visit her w ebsite w w w .samhayes.co.uk /SamanthaHayesAuthor @samhayes
  2. 2. Reading Guide Reading Group Questions: 1. 2. 3. Did you enjoy the book? Why? How does the book compare to other psychological thrillers you have read? How realistic w as the characterization? Would you w ant to meet any of the characters? Did you like/dislike them? 4. What did you think of the ending? 5. Did you see the ending coming? If so, w hen? 6. How did the book make you feel? 7. Can you summarise the book in a sentence? 8. What are the themes of the novel? 9. Would you recommend this book to a friend? 10. Would you like to read more books by Samantha Hayes? JOIN IN THE BIRMINGHAM BIG CITY READ! Until You’re Mine by Samantha Hayes is part of the BIRMINGHAM BIG CITY READ. You can pick up a FREE copy at the Library of Birmingham in Centenary Square. Have a read and tell us what you think to get entered into a free prize draw. One lucky reader will get the chance to meet Samantha Hayes and get a SIGNED COPY of Until you’re Mine! All you have to do is submit your review online via www.libraryofbirmingham.com/bigcityread or www.readinggroups.org You can also join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #UYM Find out more at w w w .deadgoodbooks.co.uk the home of killer crime books, drama and film