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Growing your volunteer programme


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Training presentation for libraries growing their Summer Reading Challenge volunteer programme in 2014

Published in: Education
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Growing your volunteer programme

  1. 1. Summer Reading Challenge 2014 Growing your volunteer programme
  2. 2. Today’s aims Support to increase numbers Support to deepen volunteer involvement 1. Outline of SAF funded SRC volunteering in 2014 2. Why grow your volunteering 3. Developing a growth plan: • • • • Internal advocacy Recruiting young people: key channels Supporting young people Sustaining involvement 4. Reading Activists Challenge
  3. 3. Why grow your volunteering? Group discussion: What would a bigger better SRC volunteering offer look like for you?
  4. 4. Policy landscape • Young people are now almost twice as likely to volunteer as they were a decade ago • 21% of young people are unemployed and 32% have been out of work for 12 months • National shortage in the skills the UK needs to remain competitive and grow • England ranked 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries
  5. 5. 2014: a step-change year • • • • • • • Cabinet Office Social Action Fund grant Government recognition of libraries’ social activism 40% increase in youth volunteers, 80% of authorities SRCv recognised in local authority corporate plans Funding to support authorities deliver the growth Brokering national partnerships Independent research
  6. 6. Resources and support Support to increase numbers Support to deepen volunteer involvement • Training and distance support • Advocacy and recruitment resources • • • • • Post card Advocacy cards Schools pack Volunteer handbook, case studies and best practice guides Promotional films • Volunteer pack • T-shirt, badge, volunteer booklet and log, Certificate • Digital platform
  7. 7. Achieving the growth Developing your SRC volunteering growth plan: Internal advocacy Recruiting young people Supporting young people Sustaining youth volunteering
  8. 8. SRC volunteering growth plan: Internal advocacy Discussion: • How will you achieve support for growth internally?
  9. 9. Internal advocacy Win the hearts of staff Roll out training locally Share best practice
  10. 10. SRC volunteering growth plan: Recruiting young people Discussion: • How will you increase the effectiveness of your youth recruitment? • • • • Schools Local partners In your library Any others?
  11. 11. Recruitment: Schools and colleges • • • • • • • • Use careers advisors Schools extranet Review previous participation levels Visit school assemblies Run a staffed promotional stall Write to head teachers Work with school volunteer leads Focus on a year group (e.g. Year 9)
  12. 12. Recruitment: Local partners Children in care Home educated networks Duke of Edinburgh Award Young People’s Well-being Action Group Guides and Scouts, possibly tying in with their badge schemes. Community student action groups at universities Young mums in partnership with Sure Start Sixth Form Colleges Local Voluntary Development Agency Traveller communities by working with local youth centres The Challenge Network (National Citizen Service) Youth Offending Team MyPlace Urban Futures InTo University programmes Youth Service Council apprenticeships The Princes Trust Education departments of universities (for education undergraduates to build a portfolio of practical experience.)
  13. 13. Recruitment: libraries • • • • • • • • Contact previous volunteers Encourage all staff to engage Encourage work experience students Tailor the message appropriately Work with younger volunteers Run appealing recruitment events Develop volunteer networking events Use short films
  14. 14. Sell the message to young people • Make it meaningful • Show how it adds to CVs • Use peer quotes/ case studies • Use films, audio, posters • Sell the benefits to parents
  15. 15. SRC volunteering growth plan: Supporting young people Discussion: • How will you improve the quality of your offer to young people? • Developing roles and opportunities • Training • Recognition, rewards, incentives
  16. 16. Developing roles and opportunities Clear roles Leadership roles Focus groups Workshops/skills sessions
  17. 17. Training for young people • Empower them to be confident advocates • Agree minimum and maximum number • Organise small sessions in largest libraries • Add value for returning volunteers
  18. 18. Recognition ‘Thank you’ certificates Celebration events to recognise achievement Letter for their school/ college Secure an author visit
  19. 19. Rewards and Incentives Prize draw for volunteers Offer small expenses Local partner providers Group prizes
  20. 20. Accreditation • Guides (10-14): Baden Powell Challenge, badges • Senior Section (14-25): badges and activities • Queen's Guide Award (16-24) – “Community Action” element of 12 month Award. • Girls use the 'Go' achievement record • Contact local Commissioners/ Unit Leaders or County Queen's Guide Coordinator. Other: Scouts (Explorer/ Network/ Queens Scouts) DofE (‘Volunteering’ element)
  21. 21. SRC volunteering growth plan: Sustaining youth volunteering Discussion: • How will you sustain youth involvement in your library after the summer?
  22. 22. Sustaining beyond the summer • Recruit volunteer champions for outreach • Involve staff in after-Challenge planning • Support volunteers to set up an Ambassador group • Involve volunteers in service planning • Build relationships with school careers/work experience adviser
  23. 23. Reading Activists Challenge • £1m Paul Hamlyn gift • Aimed at 13-24s • Reading and volunteering with a focus on skills • National website, local ownership linked to existing activity
  24. 24. Next steps • After this training • Evaluation
  25. 25. Contact details