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  • Copywriter Project

    1. 1. Richard Pelletier Copywriter Stories. People. Love.
    2. 2. One day, a small company got hold of a BIG idea.
    3. 3. People love stories.
    4. 4. Stories connect us. Stories change lives. Stories link our present to our past. “And then he kissed me. Oh, my.”
    5. 5. And it was THAT quality - connecting the present to the past - that really excited them.
    6. 6. Why? The company founder had lost some of his memory. But he was an engineer. So he developed software that improved his memory. Patent-pending.
    7. 7. One thing he remembered very well. He loved his family.
    8. 8. He also believed this:
    9. 9. So here is our memory challenged engineer’s idea. What if memory enhancing software were used to help people remember key parts of their lives? And what if you added positive psychology to the mix to help them remember their happiest life stories and it all went into this really cool book?
    10. 10. Positive Psychology? Memory-enhancing software? Come again?
    11. 11. 1. Imagine a guided tour through all the stages of your life. Childhood, adolescence, marriage. Imagine that you focus mostly on the positive. 2. Imagine that this process is powerful and life-changing. “I’ve never looked at my life this way before.” 3. Imagine a leather bound, preservation quality Legacy Profile to be handed down to heirs. Like a precious heirloom, or memoir.
    12. 12. Like This
    13. 13. Still with me?
    14. 14. Here’s the Legacy Profiles Team
    15. 15. The Legacy Profile team worked hard and found clients. 1. Clients reported life-changing experiences. 2. One even jumped the contours of the initial contract -- $15,000.00 -- to the tune of $100,000.00. 3. Legacy Profiles had stepped into a big pile of moola.
    16. 16. One small problem. It turns out that the compassionate, highly intelligent, well- educated Legacy Profiles team couldn’t exactly say what Legacy Profiles does.
    17. 17. We asked the founder: “What does your company do?” Here’s his reply, “We utilize memory-enhancing software, you know, we do it in a fifteen hour process, we’re trying here to go into this process of uncovering and enhancing people’s most formative life experiences, their happy memories if you will, um, so their relationships, you know, with themselves and their families can only be enhanced through this software and the creating and reviewing of this acid-free, leather bound legacy profiles book. You know, that they can hand down to their loved ones.” Wow! 81 One sentence! 81 words!
    18. 18. Engineer wrestles with the human heart and the English language! Loses! Clamors for a rematch!
    19. 19. So if they couldn’t say concisely what their company did, wouldn’t they have one heck of hard time getting anyone to buy what the company sold?
    20. 20. Ha! A clue! Thus spoke a client: “Recalling my happiest family memories gave me an insight into how to interact and communicate more fully with my daughters and grandchildren. I feel deeply gratified. My daughters and grandchildren will have this permanent remembrance of how much I loved each of them.”
    21. 21. Can you imagine trying to find out what your company does by asking a customer? How crazy is that?
    22. 22. So they called us. Because they didn’t know exactly what they were selling, or how to explain it concisely, they turned to us, Lucid Content. They thought, a company with a name like Lucid Content ought to help us achieve some clarity about what the heck we’re doing here.
    23. 23. So we did what we always do. We think. And we go poking our heads into all kinds of stuff. Like this-
    24. 24. And then we thought for a while longer. We needed a value proposition. And a mission statement. And a values statement. We needed to get lucid for one very big reason.
    25. 25. Lucid sells. Clarity sells. If the whole world is bombarded with messages, your best chance at getting through is to be absolutely, clear. Lucid. Clarity persuades, and has been proven to be more effective than “persuasion”.
    26. 26. So first came the mission statement: With compassionate, professional guidance, Legacy Profiles helps our clients to reclaim, preserve and share the very best parts of their life story. For themselves, their families and their loved ones. Forever.
    27. 27. Then we tackled the values statement: We believe in every person’s story. We believe in the power of storytelling and memory as healing, deeply human impulses that together bring greater intimacy and meaning to every person’s life.
    28. 28. Then the value proposition. “We help you honor your life and loved ones through guided, positive memories and by elegantly preserving your life story.”
    29. 29. Hmmm... Sounds good. Say that again?
    30. 30. “We’re Legacy Profiles. We help you honor your life and loved ones through guided, positive memories and by elegantly preserving your life story.”
    31. 31. So keeping in mind Lucid Content’s key principles, - Beautiful, lucid copy and design. - A focus on the customer. - A human voice. - No hype or jargon. we developed a new magazine ad. Which the Legacy Profile team loved.
    32. 32. Wait! I didn’t see a tagline? Don’t they need a tagline?
    33. 33. Legacy Profiles, Inc. Stories. People. Love.
    34. 34. Thank you. The end.
    35. 35. 503.621.2215