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Important features of the toc analyzers!


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Investing on TOC analyzers gives your organization promising results by ensuring that your business abides with the regulatory board. However, for you to enjoy these benefits, you should ensure that you invest on the modern analyzers which use advanced technology.

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Important features of the toc analyzers!

  1. 1. Analysis and Research Equipment for a Better Environment and Better Future
  2. 2.  Our equipment and products are for applications:  Environmental analysis and research.  Agricultural characterization, of soil, wood, leaves, fertilizers.  Equipment for reaction engineering and catalysis research.  Bioreaction studies.
  3. 3.  We have ran quite a number of projects: supported by Ministry of Industry, SME Institute (KOSGEB), METU Technopolis, Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute (TUBITAK)  We have won technology awards.  Raised patents and ended up with unique TOC analyzer for solids and liquid sample analysis, gas blenders.
  4. 4.  This is a single shot TOC Analyzer.  It can be configured to do just TC or TC and IC.  TN parameter can be added as well to have both TC and TN results in the same run.
  5. 5.  This is a plarform analyzer based on modularity concept.  IT can be configured to run only liquid samples or only solid samples or both.  TN is always possible to include
  6. 6.  OFFICE: TRLInstruments Cetin Emec Bulvari 1328 Sokak No.14/3 06460 A.Ovecler Ankara / Turkey  TELEPHONE : +90 (0312) 472 73 96  FAX: +90 (0312) 472 73 98  EMAIL:  WEBSITE: