ReactiveA Little About Us                    We love to make      A Little About Us                    great digital work ...
Reactive A Little About UsCodagenic                                  Reseo                                   BaselocationR...
ReactiveOur Expertise                Our Expertise        Insight & Strategy                         Design & Usability   ...
Reactive Our ExpertiseWeb Development                            Project Management                           Integrated M...
Cricket Australia                   Cricket Australia Big Bash League                   Cricket Australi...
overarching visual feel that is explosive and electrifying,   in and declare their allegiances, making them part of thismo...
Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia
General Pants                  General Pants Co.                  Founded over 30 years ago as a sp...
General Pants
General Pants
General Pants
National Gallery of                    National Gallery of Victoria                    Founded in 1...
National Gallery of
National Gallery of
National Gallery of
Tesco                    Tesco Magazine                    Tesco is the largest retailer in the ...
Tesco Real                    Tesco Real Food                    The Brief                          ...
Tesco Real
Rip                  Rip Curl                  One of the world’s most recognised brands, Rip Curl...
Rip                      “We were impressed with Reactive                       from the beginning...
Rip                 FlyBuys Social Media                 FlyBuys holds the title of Australia’s la...
Better                     Better Place                     Better Place is an electric vehicle ne...
Amnesty International                  Amnesty International Australia                  Amnesty In...
Amnesty International
BHP                  BHP Billiton                  A leading international global resources compan...
BHP                 Clearasil                 Invented in 1950, Clearasil is a global ...
Maserati AustraliaMaserati GranTurismo MC Stradale App                  Maserati App                  A world-renowned Ita...
Maserati AustraliaMaserati GranTurismo MC Stradale App
Maserati AustraliaMaserati GranTurismo MC Stradale App
Lee                  Lee Jeans                  Since its inception in 1889, Lee has grown from a pro...
Lee                  Along with its feature on CSS                  Based, the new Lee site was also ...
ReactiveWe’d Love to Hear From You                  We’d Love to Hear From You                  Please contact us to discu...
Reactive Credentials (2012)
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Reactive Credentials (2012)


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Credentials for Reactive, a global digital agency with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Auckland

Published in: Business, Technology
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Reactive Credentials (2012)

  1. 1. ReactiveA Little About Us We love to make A Little About Us great digital work for you Reactive is a digital agency specialising We have created Web sites and in strategy, creative, technology and performed online marketing for marketing with over 90 staff across Lee Jeans, Rip Curl, NEC, Amnesty our five offices in Melbourne, Sydney, International, Better Place, General London, Auckland and New York. Pants Co, BHP Billiton, British Airways, Maserati and Tesco. Our reputation is one of excellence and innovation in the online channel Our focus is on planning and – evidenced not only by the quality of implementing engaging online work that we do but also by the results experiences that fuel profitable we achieve for our clients. growth for our clients. We work with you to unearth the most effective Over the past fourteen years, we methods and solutions to fulfil your have designed, built and marketed business objectives online. hundreds of Web sites for some of the worlds most prestigious clients including blue-chip corporate, retail and travel brands, B2B companies across all industries, as well as Local, State and Commonwealth Government.
  2. 2. Reactive A Little About UsCodagenic Reseo BaselocationReactive’s dedicated software Reseo, a division of Reactive, is Baselocation is a world-class hostingdivision produces the tools which one of Australia’s leading search provider with over eleven yearspower many of Reactive’s Web site marketing agencies with dedicated proven track record hosting someprojects: and talented staff producing high of Australia’s most popular Web performing search marketing sites. Baselocation is committedcManager 5.0 is a robust and flexible campaigns for clients that assist to the highest levels reliability andcontent management system which our clients to achieve their business customer service – a commitmentprovides our clients with the ability to objectives whilst delivering a strong that is backed up by our servicemanage all aspects of their Web sites Return on Investment. guarantee and 24-7 emergencyincluding content, structure and layout. support facilities. With a team of experienced analystsTaguchiMail is a fully featured email across Search Engine Optimisation Our hosting solutions are basedmarketing solution which provides (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social on Microsoft Technology. We areour clients with the ability to manage Media and Conversion Optimisation proud partners of Microsoft, havingall aspects of their email marketing (CO) Reseo are ideally positioned to achieved and maintained Silveractivities including subscriber help you generate more sales and Partner Status since, email distribution leads from your digital properties.and reporting. Reseo works with some of Australia’s leading brands and focuses on maintaining exceptional customer relationships and satisfaction.
  3. 3. ReactiveOur Expertise Our Expertise Insight & Strategy Design & Usability We specialise in Our focus on innovation and digital expertise enable us to drive your We use design to define brands and engage with customers. developing digital digital and online marketing strategy communication further. We leverage our skills to build We let our unbridled creativity an overall web strategy that provides loose and involve members from solutions that are an enhanced user experience and all disciplines to sketch, discuss results driven. promotes a positive growth in your and brainstorm. We put the user at online presence. the heart of our process and apply our design thinking to generate an Reactive have been retained as approach which is both appropriate the digital strategy agency for and ambitious. leading companies and brand such as Origin, Harris Scarfe, NEC, Hesta We like to prototype early, encourage Superannuation, MECU Credit Union, collaboration and test with real users. Melbourne Airport and Rip Curl. We base our refinements on honest feedback and impartial observation. We work closely with clients to create compelling, economically viable ideas, As creative and innovative thinkers, products and services that compete we design for usability. We believe strongly in an increasingly global that design should influence every marketplace. aspect of the user experience. We like to measure engagement to establish lasting (and lucrative) relationships with consumers and iterate often based on feedback. The biggest reward for us is seeing how great design can make people love your company.
  4. 4. Reactive Our ExpertiseWeb Development Project Management Integrated MarketingWe make your Web site work hard for Here at Reactive we take our project Reactive leverage technology to helpyou. Our Web sites look good, provide and acccount management seriously you connect with your customers ina positive user experience and convert and will provide your company with an increasingly digital world.visitors into customers. two senior team members to be your points of contact. We help you understand the manyAs a fully integrated digital facets of online communication andagency our development teams Your account manager will get to social media to ensure your brandhave industry-leading experience know your business inside-out, and reaches and resonates with yourcombining cutting edge concepts will work with you over the years to customers. By designing effectivewith a deep understanding of come (yes, we believe in long-term and unique digital marketingdatabase backend expertise. relationships). Your project manager solutions, we allow brands to engage will look after the details of the in a one to one dialogue with yourWe have extensive experience project, phase it, plan it and work customers and build eCommerce. Our systems with you to achieve it.development and integration will We help you to identify, target andensure that your Web site fits with We don’t adhere to a single project grow your customer base using toolsother business systems. Whether it is management methodology, preferring such as customer loyalty initiatives,an ERP, CRM or Point of Sale system, instead to select the most appropriate database segmentation, dataintegrating your Web site with these one for your project, whether it be Prince analysis and social media.will minimise fragmentation of your 2, PMMI or our bespoke processes.internal systems, reduce the cost An integrated approach toto serve, ensure timely responses your marketing is essential tofrom your business, and help ensure ensuring consistent and effectiveyou have a complete view of your communication with your customers.customer data.Reactive is a trusted Sitecore partnerand works with Sitecore to buildsuccessful solutions for our clients.Sitecore’s level of flexibility has madeintegrating with third party systems awhole lot easier and reliable. Reactiveis also an official partner of Paypal inAustralia. As a partner, we get accessto PayPal’s promotional campaignson behalf of clients so occasionallyour clients will be featured in PayPalemails/promotions as well asdevelopment assistance to buildPayPal into our products.
  5. 5. Cricket Australia Cricket Australia Big Bash League Cricket Australia partnered with Reactive for the launch of the new KFC Twenty 20 Big Bash League. The initial project included the creation of nine Web sites and Facebook pages. Future projects include mobile, gaming and digital experiences. The Brief teams, to have fans declaring their allegiances and joining 2011 saw the transformation of Australia’s biggest in the rivalry. However because the league had just been Twenty20 competition into the Big Bash League, initially introduced, we needed an effective online strategy to comprised of eight new teams. Switching the formerly overcome low levels of initial familiarity and fan loyalty. state-based tournament to a city-based one, Cricket Australia wanted to develop an exhilarating online The Idea experience across nine new Web sites – one for the league, The idea was to create an energetic and cohesive program and one for each of the eight Big Bash teams. A national across all nine Web sites, leveraging on opportunities television announcement was booked in for end July, and all afforded by digital media such as channel control, heavy nine Web sites had to be launched simultaneously. penetration within our youth-oriented target market, and even mobile apps for constant fan engagement. After an extremely competitive pitch, Reactive emerged victorious as Cricket Australia’s selected digital partner for Following a stringent Information Architecture process to the inaugural launch of the Big Bash League. clearly define the overall structure, content and hierarchy for each site, we worked closely with Cricket Australia on The Challenge the visuals for the sites, customising each design according The key objective of this large-scale project was also our to the appropriate team/league branding. A great deal biggest challenge – To increase fan engagement with the of visual and content emphasis on the role of cities and Big Bash League, its teams and players. Cricket Australia players encourages local fans to band together, adding also wanted to generate healthy competition between the to the contention between the teams and cities. In line with the concept it’s not cricket, it’s T20, we created an
  6. 6. overarching visual feel that is explosive and electrifying, in and declare their allegiances, making them part of thismodernising the game for younger fans. exciting milestone in Australian sporting history.Building the sites with the powerful Sitecore CMS, we The Resultshad to strike a balance between keeping all nine sites Unveiled on 27th July 2011 to nationwide coverage byconsistent and distinct as well. Templates were developed Fox Sports and the Daily Telegraph amongst others, thein HTML and CSS, and included in-built flexibility to allow coordinated launch of the Big Bash League site and eightfor customisation and future enhancements. As Sitecore team sites was one the largest in Reactive’s 14-yearand Microsoft Certified Partners, we were able to tap into history. Successfully delivered on time, the launch becamelocal and global Sitecore resources that provided us both a trending topic on Twitter (#bigbashlaunch) and causedfeedback and advice on best practice implementation of a flurry on Facebook with all nine league and team pagesthe solution. What resulted were nine visually distinctive racking up over 3,000 Likes within hours.Web sites that were all part of one cohesive platform. The Web sites have clocked in jaw-dropping numbers,With fan engagement as a key objective, we had to ensure rocketing to over 65,000 visits in less than two weeks –an immersive online experience. A live countdown and hype that’s more than 4,600 a day. And the newfound fans havevideos were used to generate anticipation for the Big Bash continued pouring in, with an average 75 – 80 percent ofLeague launch, while online memberships and rich media new visits recorded.content encouraged fans to pick their teams. Extensivesocial integration such as the Like Ladder and Fan Voice And we’re still created a sense of tribalism as fans are urged to join
  7. 7. Cricket Australia
  8. 8. Cricket Australia
  9. 9. Cricket Australia
  10. 10. General Pants General Pants Co. Founded over 30 years ago as a specialty denim store, its innovative approach to retail has earned General Pants Co. recognition as a top Australian fashion retailer. Stocking over 50 leading local and international labels, General Pants Co. combines influences from art, fashion, alternative and popular lifestyles to form its own unique culture and brand. The Brief Design integrity is steadily maintained with an intelligent Looking to improve its online marketing, General Pants Co. structure and grid, ensuring a consistent and intuitive wanted to redevelop their Web site to include a new campaign user experience. area and blog. As a next phase, the group was also planning on launching fully-integrated eCommerce facilities. The Results Within mere weeks after launch, incoming traffic on the The Challenge new site increased by 400% with more than 170,000 With all the extra content that required regular visits and over 1 million page views recorded over a management and updating, General Pants Co. wanted a month. The number of new visitors rose to over 62%, way to independently and easily manage all media and showing excellent public awareness of the new site content across their various online platforms. launch, and its eCommerce store has grown to become one of Australia’s most successful online stores. Moreover The Idea following this project, Reactive continued on with General Pants Co. as its digital agency, and our work for them In order to manage its content-heavy Web site and run a continues to exceed all KPIs with consistently growing high-volume eCommerce store, Reactive recommended traffic and sales, and strong conversion rates. the use of Codagenic’s back-end solutions cManager and cStore, both of which allow for the complete customisation of the look and feel of the Web sites.
  11. 11. General Pants
  12. 12. General Pants
  13. 13. General Pants
  14. 14. National Gallery of National Gallery of Victoria Founded in 1861, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest and largest public gallery in Australia, and home to the biggest and most comprehensive range of artworks in the continent, After an extremely competitive pitch process, the NGV engaged Reactive’s services to help plan and build a new Web site to launch as part of their 150th anniversary. The Brief the creative vision through the development of complex The NGV wanted to redevelop their existing Web site front end templates, CSS and HTML that supported and with stronger emphasis on user behaviours and the enhanced the design. accommodation of varying media forms. The Results The Challenge The NGV are extremely happy with the new Web site, and The new site had to contain a sophisticated and flexible design we also got great feedback from the design community: system that would allow for the presentation of un- cropped The redesigned NGV site was shortlisted as a finalist in artwork and a variety of different content formats. A thorough the 2011 AIMIA Awards. information architecture process has to be carried out to cater to NGV’s wide range of audiences. Awards Finalist, Best Non-Profit or Government, 2011 AIMIA Awards The Idea Reactive consulted on and led all aspects of the creative approach, and worked to ensure the full realisation of
  15. 15. National Gallery of
  16. 16. National Gallery of
  17. 17. National Gallery of
  18. 18. Tesco Tesco Magazine Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK and the third largest in the world. Since its establishment in 1919, it has expanded into other areas like publishing, banking, telecoms and more. The Brief The Results As the largest circulating women’s publication in the UK, Since its launch, the Web site has seen strong growth the bi-monthly Tesco Magazine neededa new Web site to in traffic, page views and dwell times. Reactive are now engage with readers more frequently. working with Tesco to develop their digital and social marketing strategy for the site, with a view to more The Challenge than double traffic in 2011. With the Web site, Tesco also wanted to harness available opportunities via the digital platform that cannot be “Since its launch, the Web site offered by the print publication. has seen strong growth in traffic, The Idea page views and dwell times.” The new Web site was developed to encourage dwell time and uses tools and content like video players, galleries, competitions and related content recommendations to add more value to the magazine. Prominent social media sharing and commenting functions were integrated as well to encourage site traffic.
  19. 19. Tesco
  20. 20. Tesco Real Tesco Real Food The Brief The Results As the UK’s largest food retailer, Tesco wanted to improve The Real Food Web site has seen traffic growth of over customer perceptions towards the freshness of their food, 700,000 visits and over 4 million monthly page views and engage their customers around food and cooking since its launch in February 2010. The site has also related topics. exceeded its KPIs by over 50%, and it’s been recognised for its innovation in editorialised branded content. The Challenge The newly developed Web site also needed to support “The site also exceeded its core Tesco retail strategy by driving sales to Tesco’s grocery and wine eCommerce sites. KPIs by over 50%.” The Idea Reactive worked with Tesco to develop a detailed understanding of their existing food content online offerings and establish content requirements for the new site. Cooking tips, video content and a blog written by Tesco’s food experts were included to make the site a one-stop destination for aspiring cooks of all levels. It also features a recipe database that contains over 1,000 recipes which users can search through, comment on, rate and share via social networks.
  21. 21. Tesco Real
  22. 22. Rip Rip Curl One of the world’s most recognised brands, Rip Curl has been at the forefront of the global surf and snow scenes since its inception in 1969. The company’s mission is to continue developing a brand image that truly reflects their core values, along with the attitudes and aspirations of those on ‘The Search’. The Brief marketing and eCRM program was also developed to create Rip Curl wanted to develop an eCommerce Web site that and build customer loyalty and repeat purchases. would provide consumers with an intuitive, user-friendly and highly reliable online shopping experience. The Results The eCommerce store was launched in February 2010 as The Challenge an addition to Rip Curl’s existing Web site. Since then, the Because the Rip Curl range has a different style for males and online store has consistently recorded high average order females, we had to reflect this in the online store. Moreover, values, low bounce rates and long dwell times, resulting in the company wanted the site to build brand loyalty and strong conversion rates and sales. increase repeat purchases amongst Rip Curl customers. Awards The Idea Finalist, Best Retail, 2011 AIMIA Awards We designed the Rip Curl online store with a focus on usability and conversion maximisation, and ensured that best-practice eCommerce principles were applied. An email
  23. 23. Rip
  24. 24. Rip
  25. 25. Rip “We were impressed with Reactive from the beginning, their viewable work set them apart and they were very conscious of the importance of return on investment as well as the technical aspects of web development.” Jarrod Heathcote, Advertising & Trade Marketing Manager, Rip Curl
  26. 26. Rip
  27. 27. FlyBuys Social Media FlyBuys holds the title of Australia’s largest shopping rewards program, as well as the fifth biggest coalition loyalty program in the world. In order to extend their market reach and promote the take-up of offers, they were looking for ways to encourage more active engagement between their members, programs and campaigns. The Brief media site. To further encourage donors to spread the word FlyBuys wanted to develop a social media strategy that about their giving, we also embedded social sharing tools like would help initiate conversations with members and Sharing or Liking in the donation process, generating more increase public awareness of the organisation. It was to exposure for the cause. revolve around a charity campaign that called on FlyBuys’ 10 million cardholders to donate points to Cancer Council The Results Australia to assist with cancer research, prevention and The target of 25 million points was met in just 30 days, and support services. its equivalent of $200,000 was donated to Cancer Council Australia. The campaign received fantastic feedback and The Challenge support from over 15,000 members who had donated. We had to conceive and implement an effective way FlyBuys’ Facebook page clocked in over 4,000 Likes and for FlyBuys to better communicate with its 10 million over 230,000 post views, providing the organisation cardholders while simultaneously garnering support abundant opportunities to grow their online community. for a great cause. “The target of 25 million points The Idea The execution was a social giving campaign entitled was met in just 30 days.” ‘Points for Purpose’. Upon moving FlyBuys into the world of Facebook, Reactive developed a Facebook Application that allowed members to donate points within the social
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Better Better Place Better Place is an electric vehicle network company that aims to lessen global dependency on petroleum through the development of a market- based transportation infrastructure that supports such vehicles. The Brief complement Better Place’s style guide. Moreover because Planning to launch the new Renault Fluence Z.E. electric of our stringent user-centered design process, the Web car at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show in site looks consistently good across all common digital July, Better Place Australia needed a local Web site that platforms. reflected the new company branding, as well as provide information about the newly launched electric car. Reactive’s own CMS, cManager, was also implemented to ensure flexible on-site management and systems The Challenge integration such as Salesforce for the Web site’s enquiry forms. Because of limited take-ups of electric vehicles in Australia, the Web site could not simply serve as a driver The Results in the car-buying process. It had to effectively educate and encourage site visitors to become advocates for the Launched in time for the 2011 Australian International electric car movement as well. Motor Show and the unveiling of the new Renault Fluence Z.E., the new Better Place Web site has reinvigorated local The Idea discussions about electric cars on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. While the Web site is still We wanted to create a visual design that would be bold, fresh off the presses, it is fully expected to meet all key fun and classic, and the use of circles throughout the Web objectives and has already been considered a success for site was a key influential element incorporated into the both Better Place Australia and Reactive. color palette, typography and even tone of voice. Vibrant and contemporary colors were also utilized to further
  30. 30. Better
  31. 31. Better
  32. 32. Amnesty International Amnesty International Australia Amnesty International Australia is part of a global movement of people who campaign courageously for human rights for everyone. Wanting to drive up community participation, the organisation was interested in redesigning the Web site and utilising social media to facilitate human rights engagement and activism. The Brief The Results We were to execute a refocus project on their existing The Web site refocus project has been a success, meeting Web site to increase online activism and grow the size of all KPIs and regularly receiving positive user feedback. their customer database. The strong results include positive increases across the board, with site traffic up by 35%, improvement in The Challenge unsolicited donations increasing by 32% and a huge 89% Because this project was not a complete redesign, more comments on the website. Social media tools built Reactive had to ensure that the solution was easy to into the new site delivered a 36% increase in the number implement by the internal Amnesty web team. of Facebook fans and an impressive 300% increase in Twitter followers. In addition, the new website drove The Idea 35% more new email sign-ups. The new site was also nominated as a finalist in the 2011 Webby Awards and In ensuring that the tasks suiting all user groups were Amnesty International Australia has recently contracted clearly presented, we proposed and executed an improved Reactive for more digital work. site map with more action-focused top navigation labelling. We also introduced new site navigation for ease of Awards discovery, and integrated social sharing tools for users to spread the word about AIA’s work. Finalist, Activism, 2011 Webby Awards
  33. 33. Amnesty International
  34. 34. BHP BHP Billiton A leading international global resources company, BHP Billiton is the world’s largest mining corporation with over 20 commodities in its portfolio. Through the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of natural resources, BHP Billiton consistently creates value for its people and the communities it works in. The Brief While Reactive provided the information architecture and As a global company, BHP Billiton required a top-quality interface designs, Accenture and Avanade were engaged online presence that better reflected the scale of the to handle the Web site’s technical solutions. We had to organization and its various audiences. work towards a seamless handover with Avanade, and provide further implementation support to ensure that the The Challenge functionality stayed true to the designs. In doing so, we formed an excellent partnership with the technical team, The redesigned corporate Web site had to be of an working collaboratively to meet deadlines and ensure a industry-leading standard that would cater to BHP quality product for BHP Billiton. Billiton’s various target groups, including the company’s shareholders and customers, and job seekers as well. The Results The Idea The redesign of BHP Billiton’s Web site has been a resounding success, garnering positive feedback from its Taking into careful consideration BHP Billiton’s audience shareholders, clients and employees. and business requirements, Reactive undertook a thorough usability testing process to ensure that the new Web site’s information architecture was clear and easy to navigate.
  35. 35. BHP
  36. 36. Clearasil Invented in 1950, Clearasil is a global top-selling brand of skin care and acne medication. It is the first dermatological brand created specially for younger skin to fight acne, and currently ranks second in the Australian Young Skin Care category. The Brief Branded assets were available on Clearasil’s Facebook Fan Having previously worked with Reactive, Clearasil Page for users to compose their own ‘Secrets of Looking approached us to help extend their 2010 campaign, ‘The Awesome’ in the form of a postcard. Users would then Secrets and Science of Looking Awesome’, and promote be encouraged to publish their postcards on Clearasil’s awareness of the brand by utilizing social media. Fan Page, as well as share it on their own News Feeds for friends to Like. Competitions such as ‘Most Liked Secret The Challenge of the Month’ were also held to further engage users. In doing so, the campsign provides Clearasil with a regular A key objective of the campaign was to reach out to stream of user-generated content on the Fan Page, as more consumers through social media platforms such as well as a direct connection with its consumers. Facebook. While Clearasil’s target audience remains an even mix of males and females aged 16 – 25, the campaign What resulted was a magazine-style page that regularly was to appeal to an older demographic while maintaining offers practical advice on skin care and ‘Secrets to Looking loyalty with their maturing target group Awesome’ shared by other consumers and friends. The Idea The Results The strategy behind the social media campaign was Since the recent campaign launch the number of Likes on to pave the way for Clearasil to join in discussions on Clearasil’s Fan Page has jumped up to over 9,000, driving Facebook, which was found to be the most widely used more visitors to the Clearasil Web site. communications platform for the brand’s target audience
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Maserati AustraliaMaserati GranTurismo MC Stradale App Maserati App A world-renowned Italian luxury car manufacturer, Maserati has consistently played an important role in the history of sports car culture and its global development. With representation in over 40 countries, Maserati Australia was formed in 1987 when the importation of the luxurious Maserati road cars into the country was formalized. The Brief we designed the application with key features such as Wanting to amp up their digital presence, Maserati exclusive Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale images, decided to foray into mobile applications for the first time video downloads, detailed fact sheets and a user-friendly and selected Reactive to create a native iPhone and iPad Dealer Locator tool. application to celebrate the launch of their new car, the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. We built the application for the iPhone OS 4.x platform, ensuring wide compatibility across the iPhones 4, 3GS and The Challenge 3G. Moreover the Maserati app is universally accessible, allowing car-racing fans from all over the world to Perhaps the biggest challenge was the tight time frame download and enjoy it on their mobile devices. within which we had to successfully design, develop and implement the mobile application. The Results The Idea The Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale iPhone app was featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the iTunes store’s Because the mobile app was to revolve around the Lifestyle category, garnering significant visibility for launch of the new Maserati, we knew that exclusive, rich the app and helping it achieve an impressive amount of and interactive content such as videos, audio clips and downloads for both the client and our team at Reactive. images had to be included to effectively generate buzz and drive users to sign up for more information. Hence
  39. 39. Maserati AustraliaMaserati GranTurismo MC Stradale App
  40. 40. Maserati AustraliaMaserati GranTurismo MC Stradale App
  41. 41. Lee Lee Jeans Since its inception in 1889, Lee has grown from a producer of work wear into a leading international retailer and manufacturer of denim and casual wear. Arriving on the shores of Australia in 1973, it subsequently established a unique reputation within Australia and New Zealand as the purveyor of latest fashion and denim trends. The Brief Focusing on product content, we challenged standard web A new Web site was needed to reflect the true Lee brand design practices with varied layouts, a hidden navigation while reinforcing the individuality and unique identity of and horizontal browsing to build a site that best displays Lee Jeans Australia. Lee’s finely-crafted visuals. Facebook functions were integrated into the site, allowing users to ‘Like’ specific The Challenge products or articles. With this project, we defied conventions to create concept The Results designs that strongly reflect the Lee brand qualities – bold, creative, passionate and non-conformist. Lee’s Facebook page got over 6,000 ‘Likes’, and the new site was featured on the Awwwards Showcase. Search The Idea engine traffic also continues to grow with 70% of new visitors coming via non-branded keywords. Through the development of innovative front-end templates, the site was completely created with CSS and HTML to ensure a full site experience on most browsers and mobile devices.
  42. 42. Lee
  43. 43. Lee Along with its feature on CSS Based, the new Lee site was also honoured with a nomination in the 2011 Awwwards Website Awards.
  44. 44. Lee
  45. 45. Lee
  46. 46. ReactiveWe’d Love to Hear From You We’d Love to Hear From You Please contact us to discuss your online communication requirements. Melbourne Phone +61 3 9415 2333 Email Sydney Phone +61 2 9339 1001 Email London Phone +44 (0)20 7550 8200 Email Auckland Phone +64 (0)21 396 300 Email New York Phone +1 (917) 655 8790 Email
  47. 47. MelbourneSydneyLondonAucklandNew