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Exibition Posters - Reach1to1


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Published in: Technology
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Exibition Posters - Reach1to1

  1. 1. empowered conversations use technology to create high volume, continuous, high impact one-to-one conversations with customers a conversation conversations funnel buyers lead requirements quote order buyer i am... i need... cost... buy... ...i am ...i have ...price ...sell seller conversation conflict too many conversations... maximize which ones to focus more number of conversations on? conversations maximize output maximize few quality of conversations conversations seller breaking the conflict conversation lennuf online marketing online sales awareness leadre-purchase interest requirementspurchase quote consideration order trial high volume low volume low impact high impact use online sales and marketing for continuous, high impact, high volume conversations let us help you convert your funnel into a lennuf consulting + technology for online sales & marketing
  2. 2. capture & manage data real-time technology for capturing and managing disparate data in real-time data sources media files documents emails d1 d1offline activity online activity web analytics data capture tools for web data for mobile dataCMS - data capture plugin / API mobile data capture platform large databases with high speed indexing client api repository application server synchronization indexing persistence repository advanced full text object oriented & graph traversal database
  3. 3. cost effective product development open source platforms, expert architects,enterprise level support, cloud-hosted solutions open source platforms web user interface content management systems web application development database management cloud hosted platforms let us help you convert your idea into a product outsourced product architecture, development & support
  4. 4. register as a mobilesecy user to send and maintain your data through sms send sms to 91-96868-96868 to capture your data in real-time track captured data on the web, updated in real-time search the data with filtering and sorting download data in a spreadsheet compatible format manage multiple data sheets for different type of data dynamically modify your database structure without any additional coding or re-indexing configure email and sms alerts based on any data condition receive alerts when any specific data is received can also be used to trigger external API customizable levels of security and access control define user roles and capabilities to provide different levels of access levels different roles can be defined to perform different tasks and
  5. 5. cms-integratedweb-based data capture and analysis platform use a content management system like Wordpress to create and manage your website our design partners can develop custom themes to make your site unique and good looking insert a customizable lead capture form on any page captured leads are automatically saved in the back-end database automatic workflow for lead follow-up is initiated manage leads captured in a back- end database, directly from the Wordpress admin panel leads captured via mobile, from using mobilesecy are also captured directly in on2biz filter, search, or export contacts in spreadsheet compatible formats, use a template library to create sales documents like quotes, proposals, presentations or any other format select one or more contacts from the leads database to send the document to documents are sent to each selected contact with automatic insertion of contact details such as names and addresses
  6. 6. 29/5, lotus building, garden lane, mahakali caves road, andheri east, mumbai 400093 +91-22-2831-5300 +91-22-4096-1244Online marketing consulting partner