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ReachOut Digital Marketing Tips On Building Email List


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It's tough to get traffic on site. It's a lot tougher to engage site visitors. But, it's toughest to make them leave behind their emails. In this slideshow, you can learn how to do it easily.

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ReachOut Digital Marketing Tips On Building Email List

  1. 1. 5 Ingenious Ways To Make Site Visitors Share Their Contact Details Tips | Tricks | Strategies A Guide For Business Owners February 2017
  2. 2. It's tough to get traffic to your website. It's tougher to make people spend time on your website. But, it is toughest to make them leave behind their contact details.
  3. 3. In this presentation we look at: o five ingenious ways to motivate people to subscribe to your mailing/calling list by sharing their name, mobile number or email ID. o business specific examples
  4. 4. Create and place a subscription box on your website o At a visible location, such as above-the-fold content o Keep it as lean as possible Take a look at the subscription box on our home page.
  5. 5. It's give and take. You need to give site visitors something for free to get their correct contact information. what can you give for free to your site visitors?
  6. 6. It's give and take. When you think of free giveaways, answer these questions: 1. How will they benefit from it? 2. Can they get it at other sites without sharing contact details? 3. Will they value it as much as their personal information? 4. Would you give your personal email ID or phone number for it?
  7. 7. 5 things to offer in exchange of contact information Based on the review of hundreds of websites that collect visitor information, here are 5 categories of giveaways.
  8. 8. Knowledge/ Information People love to possess knowledge or information that is: o hard-to-get, o relevant o useful & beneficial o shareable
  9. 9. Knowledge/ Information Can you identify specific information or knowledge about your business or your products that your potential customers would want? Is this information or knowledge difficult to obtain on the net? Here are a few examples.
  10. 10. Knowledge/ Information Real estate company Share a complete checklist of things to do from buying a new house to moving in.
  11. 11. Knowledge/ Information Interior design company Share a guide to design a home/office according to Vaastu principles.
  12. 12. Knowledge/ Information Restaurant Share 20 main course recipes developed by your chef that can be prepared at home in less than 30 minutes each.
  13. 13. Sneak Previews Sneak previews: o work well with inquisitive customers. o Are like “breaking news” o Help in “social talk”
  14. 14. Sneak Previews A new store o A sneak preview of the store 7 days before its official opening. o Combine it with a free gift, a glass of wine and cheese.
  15. 15. Sneak Previews Restaurant o Sneak previews of new menus. o Subscribers try, review and rate the new dishes.
  16. 16. Sneak Previews Bespoke furniture o Invitation to see your new creations once a month. o Event followed by wine- and cheese party.
  17. 17. Gifts o Everyone loves gifts. o Do not confuse gifts with discounts or deals. o A gift is something that a person can keep with no obligation of any return gesture, including a purchase.
  18. 18. Gifts Gift a book related to your business. To make economic sense, you can state that your subscriber's will enter a draw and every winner will get the book.
  19. 19. Gifts Real estate developer o Gift a holiday to winner of a subscriber's contest. o The holiday should be close to your property.
  20. 20. Gifts Restaurant Gift a Pizza every night when you reach 60% occupancy for dinner. The first person to accept the offer through email gets the Pizza and the others get a 60% off deal on the pizza.
  21. 21. Special Privileges Restaurant All subscribers get a code (on a weekly basis) to extend happy hours by 2 hours when they or their friends are at the restaurant.
  22. 22. Special Privileges Salon Subscribers get the privilege to use your services at home 3 times in a year for themselves or any of their friends without paying any extra fee.
  23. 23. Special Privileges Steel utensils manufacturer Subscribers use their code to get any 5 articles delivered to their homes on Dhan Teras at factory price.
  24. 24. Support a Cause o Pick a cause in education, health, social upliftment, animal rights, human rights or environment. o Ask people to "donate" their support to the cause by sharing their contact information. People believe, "If you do good, good happens to you." But sometimes they cannot spare the time and effort to contribute to a cause.
  25. 25. When you begin collecting data on site, make sure to inform them that: 1. They will be receiving regular updates/newsletters/offers from you. 2. They can cancel the subscription and forego the associated benefit. 3. About your privacy policy
  26. 26. A plan to collect email IDs and other contact details is a great idea only if you have an email/SMS marketing strategy in place.
  27. 27. We are a digital marketing agency that uses mobile websites, search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing to help businesses: 1. Reach & Engage with potential customers 2. Get qualified sales leads 3. Build online reputation 4. Boost online sales We will be happy to help you achieve your business goals. Send us an email with your contact number and business details or call us. Contact +91 9810300076 Connect Fb/reachoutservices
  28. 28. THANKYOUWe hope you found this presentation useful. Please do share it with your network. For more presentations, subscribe on our website.