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Eng Semcon Brains Folder 2010


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Brief recognition of my work at semcon .

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Eng Semcon Brains Folder 2010

  1. 1. We are Semcon
  2. 2. Do you like solving problems? Do you dare to ask questions and bring intensive companies, you will also find things to a head? Are you strong-willed an employer that focuses on the ’soft’ and committed? Then Semcon is the values that create a better work-life company for you. There are nearly balance. Our customers are based all 3000 of us - dedicated people with a over the world. Therefore, you will find passion for product development and us at around 40 locations on three information solutions. We are motivat- continents - in the future in even more ed by developing ideas and products of places. the future to give people a better and Do you want to know what it’s like simpler life. Here, you don’t only have working for us? Here you can meet the opportunity of developing your some of our valuable employees, who skills through assignments at some of will tell you why they chose Semcon. the world’s leading, most development-
  3. 3. The high pressure expert AlexAndrA TeTerin Title: Industrial Design Engineer Office: Eskilstuna, Sweden Number of years at Semcon: Three What Alexandra Teterin appreciates most Alexandra’s first major project for Semcon. In about her work at Semcon is the chance to the future she would like to work more with have two workplaces - one at the client, one Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and at Semcon. Product Data Management (PDM). After three years working at Avure Tech- ”Part of the job is creating methods to sim- nologies, Alexandra has become one of the plify and streamline the development of new gang. She creates CAD models and produces products. In a construction department this designs of high pressure presses based on means, for example, that anyone can take these models. These are used in areas such over a project and quickly understand what as the food, automotive and aerospace in- has been done and what is still to be done.” dustries. For Alexandra, Semcon as an employer and ”The presses are similar, but you have to life as a consultant offer many advantages. adjust them for each customer. In practice, ”A big advantage is that you have twice as this means that we construct a unique press many colleagues and two workplaces. That for every customer. It’s fun to work with a means you have a lot of contacts. At Semcon, proven concept that my colleagues here have I think we are good at creating a feeling of devoted 50 years to create.” ’us’, even if you don’t meet your colleagues The high-pressure presses used in the food so often. Since Semcon is such a large com- industry improve such things as food dura- pany, you have many colleagues around the bility by subjecting packaged goods to ex- country and around the world. We are proud treme pressure. The assignment at Avure is of our brand and what we can offer.”
  4. 4. Test manager Ulrich WAlTher Title: Engineer and test manager Office: Bad Friedrichshall, Germany Years at Semcon: 13 Thanks to test manager Ulrich Walther, it department, he often performs twin roles. can be as cold as Siberia at Semcon in Bad “Apart from being a test manager, I’m also Friedrichshall in Germany. involved in our large projects in leading func- “In our climate chamber where we cold- tions relating to testing the entire vehicle. It’s test cars, we simulate temperatures between a job that I personally find more interesting plus 95 and minus 40 degrees and we also and more varied than working in front of a regulate the humidity.We cover all the earth’s computer screen all day.” climate zones.” In the future, Ulrich would like to be inten- Cold tests – part of Semcon’s testing ac- sively involved in Semcon’s strategic develop- tivities in Bad Friedrichshall – are important ment in Germany. from a functional and quality point of view “This includes making us even more com- and the results go directly to the car manu- petitive when it comes to the efficiency of facturers. The customers Ulrich Walther and work and the growth of acceptance for Sem- his team take care of include Daimler, VW, con’s brand in Germany.” Audi and BMW. Ulrich feels that the culture at Semcon is “Modern cars are sold worldwide, of course. well on the way to reaching a level the staff A VW Golf should be able to work in both and customers need for effective work and Saudi Arabia and Sweden.” a positive spirit. “Semcon’s corporate culture However, cold-testing cars is just a small with locations around the world balances part of Ulrich’s work. He is a member of the employees’ needs and customers’ desire for Technical Committee and, as the head of a test efficiency.”
  5. 5. The process expert STefAn QvArnSTröm Title: Senior Management Advisor Office: Stockholm, Sweden Number of years at Semcon: Two After 18 years with AstraZeneca, Stefan has been forced to make some cutbacks. Qvarnström took a chance, phoned Semcon, “It’s all about efficiency, but also about introduced himself and got a job. Today he saving energy and the environment. For ex- feels that the role of mentoring is becoming ample, extra-clean water is used in pharma- increasingly important. ceutical production. Now that less of this “I was eager to experience new environ- commodity is needed, it’s better to reduce ments and new companies. A consulting production of it, rather than having to get role appealed to me. When I worked at As- rid of the excess. This is one of the challenges traZeneca we hired in skills from several sup- that I’m working on.” pliers but people from Semcon were always For just over a year, he has been team leader a little better, so that’s why I applied for a job for the group of Semcon consultants working here,” he says. at AstraZeneca, a position that is tailor-made Stefan was not disappointed. for him after his long time at the company. “There is ambition here and good job sat- “I help the consultants to get started and isfaction. During our working breakfasts, it’s teach them about how the company works. impossible to stop people talking about how Also, I like being a mentor to the younger much fun they have on their assignments.” consultants. In the future I would like to work Stefan is back at the pharmaceutical com- more as a mentor, preferably in a formal pro- pany in Södertälje, but this time as a Semcon gramme. Good mentoring creates a feeling consultant. of security and makes it easier for younger Like so many other companies, AstraZeneca people to get started.”
  6. 6. Iconographer GU Bo Title: Technical illustrator Office: Beijing, China Years at Semcon: Four Gu Bo is a technical illustrator who was edu- drawings on a computer for client product cated in China and the UK, but chose to work information at a large telecoms company. for a Swedish company when she returned These documents are used for the installa- to her homeland. At Semcon she found new tion and maintenance of mobile telephony challenges and supportive colleagues. base stations. Since starting at Semcon, Gu Bo hasn’t Bo knew nothing about base station only developed her skills as a technical illus- technology before she started, but she has trator. She has also broadened her horizons, learned a lot during her four years in the job. learned new things about technical writing “I now think that the technology is really and about the technology she spends her interesting. And to improve and be able to days illustrating. work more effectively, I’ve also learned quite Bo arrived at Semcon in Beijing after hav- a bit about technical writing.” ing completed a degree in industrial design In addition to her role as a technical illustra- and then a PhD in product design in the UK. tor, Bo works as a graphic designer internally When she saw the Semcon job ad, she knew at Semcon. that the company would suit her perfectly. “This allows me to be a little more crea- “I figured that Semcon would be able to tive,” she says. give me a perfect platform to fulfil my poten- Bo describes Semcon as more of a family tial. And in return I could help Semcon to add than a business. value for their clients.” “All of my colleagues are pleasant and help- Bo works in a team of illustrators, techni- ful, wherever in the world they are. They help cal writers, method engineers and product each other and learn from each other, which managers. Her work involves producing line improves everyone’s skills.”
  7. 7. The design language developer mAlin SAnner Title: Industrial Designer Office: Stockholm, Sweden Number of years at Semcon: Three As an industrial designer, Malin Sanner works What she appreciates about Semcon is on product design language. But above all it’s working on a variety of assignments. her talented colleagues that inspire her. Malin “In the future, I would like to work more and her colleagues are currently working on on ”total design engineering” assignments. creating a uniform design for a product fam- Then, when Semcon receive an assignment, ily consisting of, amongst other things, air you put together a team to work on design, purifiers and humidifiers for the US market. technology and every other aspect of product “We have created the design language so development. Semcon’s strength is that we that it shows the function of the different have access to everything we need. We have products. At the same time you should be so many talented people with specialist skills, able to see which brand it is, without having so you learn a lot.” to see the logo.” In addition to developing and being in- What is especially challenging is that spired by colleagues, social relations are an- many components are retained from previ- other key part of work at Semcon. ous products. “The Stockholm office, which I belong to, “It means you have to think in order to has a very active staff social club. Of course, come up with a good solution. This can often many of us work at customer sites and don’t feel restrictive at first, but as long as you turn see each other so often. So it’s particularly the parts around and think in new ways, you good to meet up with colleagues outside discover that you can do a lot,” says Malin. of work.”
  8. 8. Electronics expert cyro mAncio Title: Product engineer Kontor: Resende, Brasil Years at Semcon: Four Cyro Mancio is an electronics expert who is breaking and poor driving are also registered constantly given new challenges working in the system. for VW Trucks & Buses in Brazil. Assignments “The new features require new, creative he gets via Semcon are quite simply never electronics solutions. Part of the work has boring. involved working with hardware for connect- Cyrio Mancio has a passion for electronics ing all these functions.” and in recent years has used his expertise Cyro has also recently tried his hand as from various projects at VW Trucks & Buses team leader at Semcon, something he ap- in Brazil. preciates. “VW and Semcon work closely here in Bra- “Semcon is a very good company to work zil and a friend who worked at VW told me for. As an employee you’re given the op- that Semcon had a vacancy for an engineer portunity of trying many different things. with my profile. Today, I am responsible for It’s easy to talk to managers, either if you the electrical diagrams and development of want to explain something, or if you have electrical systems and components for buses any complaints. Colleagues are friendly, we and trucks at VW.” enjoy doing things outside of work together Among other things, Cyro has been in- and we’re all very supportive of each other. volved in the production of VW’s Volksnet It’s a very pleasant place to work. In addition, system, which provides real-time informa- we’re always given new challenges. Work tion to fleet managers about vehicle loca- is never boring and there are always new tions, fuel consumption and speeds. Heavy things to develop.”
  9. 9. The train manual expert AnnA BrATT Title: Technical Instructor Office: Västerås, Sweden Number of years at Semcon: Seven It was Semcon, and then Semcon again for tions and maintenance manuals, for exam- Anna Bratt when she moved from Göteborg ple. But I also put together documents such to Västerås. as designs and engine documentation from As a technical instructor, she likes the varied other departments, which we then deliver to nature of her assignments and the individual the customer.” responsibility to her customers. However, it has not always been about Anna Bratt was tipped off by a friend to trains. Anna has also previously worked on apply for a job at Semcon. She started out robots, for ABB and other customers. as a mechanical engineer in Göteborg and “I appreciate what I do and feel that with worked there for two years. She then moved Semcon I have room to develop.” to Västerås and applied for a job at Semcon Should she want to, there are always op- again, because she had enjoyed her time so portunities to work on new challenges. much there previously. This time it was as a “The varied nature of my assignments is technical instructor. one of the great advantages of a company Her current customer is the company Bom- like Semcon. Another thing that I like is that bardier, which manufactures trains, amongst we have a large amount of individual respon- other things. As a technical instructor, Anna sibility to the client. In principle, I am Sem- works with every kind of documentation. con’s representative to my customer - my “I am responsible for all the user documen- boss has almost no involvement at all. I also tation for static converter boxes - the trains’ think we have a good community here at drive system. This involves product descrip- Semcon.”
  10. 10. The product information expert cAroline BrAmklev Title: Configuration Manager Office: Göteborg, Sweden Years at Semcon: Three Caroline Bramklev has worked on such diverse When will the next version be released? things as food, radar stations and houses. At How many new parts will be needed then? Semcon she found a workplace in which her The configuration manager ensures that the extensive experience came in handy. production plan is feasible - i.e. that it works As configuration manager, she breaks prod- in practice. ucts down into their smallest components. Caroline describes herself as adaptable. At “A product manager sees what the market Semcon she has worked as a product manager, wants, where the new customers are and what a process developer, a systems engineer and as products and services you can offer in order to a business developer. make money. A configuration manager knows “I have a solid technical and economic back- which components are already part of a prod- ground, so I wanted to work in a company uct and those which do not currently exist but where you can grow, and Semcon won my may need to be developed. As a configuration confidence. If you are interested and driven, manager, you are an important link between you get to do many different things. We are the product manager and the production moving into new markets - it’s exciting. Sem- tools,” says Caroline. con is a technology company with committed, It is also about being able to guide the devel- competent and flexible minds, and we need opment to maximize profitability. more of these.”
  11. 11. Visualization expert STefAn iSAkSSon Title: Group leader, CGI group Office: Göteborg, Sweden Years at Semcon: Four Stefan Isaksson is a design engineer. His keen side. My job isn’t just about sitting in an office interest in photography led him to a new – I get to work creatively and use my visual area – Computer Generated Imagery. brain regarding composition and lighting, At Semcon, Stefan could explore his crea- for example.” tive side. Stefan and his colleagues’ job involves any- Stefan Isaksson could just as well have end- thing from taking beautiful real-life pictures ed up in Hollywood and worked on films like of sailing boats, kitchen utensils and house Lord Of The Rings and Avatar. Instead, he’s in interiors to animating cars. the CGI group at Semcon. “The main aim is that the client should be “We mainly use the same tools as the film able to produce marketing material long be- industry when we develop animations and fore the product physically exists. We often pictures of different products.” get a CAD model from the manufacturer, or Stefan is at heart a design engineer, but make a 3D model ourselves from sketches. intensive training in Hollywood and a keen The 3D model is then used to produce stills interest in photography led to his current job: and animations on the computer.” producing stills and animations of products Stefan has no doubt that he also wants to for different companies – often long before work with CGI in the future. they exist. The technology making this pos- “It’s a rapidly developing area at the mo- sible is CGI - Computer Generated Imagery – ment, and here at Semcon I get the chance to the same thing used in the film industry. have varied assignments with many different “One of the reasons I started to work for clients, where I can follow the entire process Semcon was that I could explore my artistic from idea to final result.”
  12. 12. The validation expert Jenny AlGelid BenGTSSon Title: Configuration Manager Office: Göteborg, Sweden Years at Semcon: Three Jenny Bengtsson Algelid works on safety at may not seem to have so much in common. nuclear power plants, but her background is However, both areas are tightly monitored, in the pharmaceutical industry. This is a form surrounded by numerous laws and regula- of cross-fertilization that she thinks perme- tions, so there is one important similarity. ates throughout Semcon as a company. Our process, which originated in the phar- Jenny works as a validation engineer for maceutical industry, was completely new to Semcon at Ringhals, the Swedish nuclear Ringhals, and it’s both fun and challenging power plant. There, she and her colleagues to bring new thinking and new practices to are validating a new security system on one their operations.” of the reactors. Before she came to Semcon Jenny worked “We check that the requirements are moni- for a staffing agency, but she knows that tored and ensure that testing and analysis is Semcon can offer much more as an em- performed. We’re a sort of monitoring and ployer. coordinating body that oversees the collec- “We have a defined culture, a working tion of important documents in a form that environment where you can ask your col- is easy to reference, if and when requested, to leagues for advice and they are happy to help. ensure that they genuinely meet the require- Although we work in different places, there is ments of the authorities.” a lot of cohesion.” Primarily, Jenny’s background is in the phar- She also thinks that Semcon takes care of maceutical industry, something that may its employees. come as a surprise to some. “We get to go on courses and there is also “Our department works in the pharmaceu- a lot of expertise exchange internally. Quite tical and nuclear industries, two areas that simply, you have room to develop.”
  13. 13. Engine calculations engineer cArloS BArBoSA Titel: Calculations engineer Office: Wolfsburg, Germany Years at Semcon: Three Carlos Barbosa is a calculations engineer with computer technology gives exact results. a passion for engine simulations. At Semcon However, methods are constantly develop- he has found a safe and challenging environ- ing, and Carlos hopes that a car’s entire drive ment in which to develop. mechanism will be able to be simulated. Carlos Barbosa felt at home a mere two His favourite part of the job is simulation weeks after starting at Semcon’s vehicle sim- testing, even if his administrative duties as ulation testing department in Wolfsburg. department manager have increased as the “Everyone who comes here does very well.” team has grown. He also likes the working At that time he had worked for another climate. company for two years, developing machin- “If it wasn’t so good I wouldn’t work here.” ery. The step to Semcon’s vehicle simulation Carlos and his colleagues work with several department was not a big one for Carlos. The different customers – amongst the largest is technology is roughly similar. the car manufacturer Volkswagen, which is “We calculate strength, dynamics and oth- based in Wolfsburg. er things, both for entire engines and for sin- “Our long-standing co-operation with gle components. We investigate everything Volkswagen means that we are seen as col- apart from the engine’s inner workings, like leagues, rather than hired help. But it’s reas- pistons, for example,” he says. suring to know that at Semcon you always They do this by simulating tests on com- have a workplace and a desk to go to, even puters. It is a more reliable method than if you’re not out on an assignment with a mechanical tests on completed engines, as customer.”
  14. 14. The training expert henrik AnderSSon Title: Training Information Analyst Office: Göteborg, Sweden Years at Semcon: Three As a teacher with technical skills, Henrik An- essential that staff have the correct skills. This dersson was cut out for a job as a technical can also be adapted for various customers trainer at Semcon. Strategic thinking has around the world. now become an important and exciting part “Projects like these are interesting, particu- of his work. larly the strategic dimension.” “I had heard a lot of good things about There has to be a strategy regarding how Semcon and was curious. So I arranged a training should be performed and the im- meeting with my current manager and my pact it should have. Therefore, Henrik is often profile seemed to fit very well,” says Henrik. there at the start when a training strategy At Semcon, one of his jobs is to develop has to be developed. training plans, something that fits in perfect- “At a leading marine company, we had ly with his background. Henrik is a qualified the chance to create a training strategy for teacher and also has a year of engineering the entire business. So we travelled around studies behind him. meeting people in factories in various places “Here I work across the entire spectrum, in Europe to obtain a complete picture of from creating and developing individual how they worked. Then we created a training courses, to developing a complete training strategy, tailored to their business.” strategy.” What Henrik really appreciates about his Henrik developed a new communications work is the large amount of variation. system for the emergency services, which “You’re never bored. At Semcon you have required an elaborate training plan. When great opportunities for development, such it’s a matter of life and death, it is of course as working abroad.”
  15. 15. The concept designer Pär heyden Title: Strategic Designer Office: Göteborg, Sweden Years at Semcon: Two For Pär Heyden concept design is a bench- what Semcon can do, but in a less costly way mark of a company’s strategic development. than with a car,” says Pär. At Semcon he found an opportunity to work To start with, Pär worked a lot with interac- on various assignments and what he is pas- tive products, for customers including Volvo sionate about: projects in their entirety. Cars. Pär Heyden works on embodying brands Now he has creative responsibility for through design, in particular concepts and projects which Semcon Design runs in-house future solutions in the automotive sector, - i.e. projects that are not run at a customer’s for example, which uses concept cars to try site, but in Semcon’s own studios. out ideas on customers and develop their “Semcon is perfect if you are a recent grad- own designs. uate, because you get to try your hand at “It’s important to maintain the link be- many types of assignment before special- tween the design and the brand, otherwise izing. Also for someone like me, who doesn’t everything will fall down. It’s a bit like putting want to specialize, Semcon is a good com- one step into the future. You don’t decide pany. I would get bored if I had to do the same exactly what cars will look like in years to things all the time.” come, but it creates a benchmark to aim at,” What he likes best is projects in their en- says Pär. tirety. He has been involved in five different con- “A dream assignment would be if, for ex- cept cars, but he has also developed concept ample, Electrolux wanted a completely new lights for Semcon. kitchen concept involving everything from “The lights were exhibited at the Stock- the layout to the appliances, ranging from holm Furniture Fair. There we could show the functional to the aesthetic.”
  16. 16. The interiors specialist nAyyAr rAhmAn Title: Product Design Engineer Office: Bangalore, India Number of years at Semcon: Four Since Nayyar Rahman began at Semcon in a product manufactured in the best possible India in 2006, his assignments have been way, suggest which material should be used varied. His assignments as a product design and which tools and designs should be used engineer have included projects for Scania during assembly,” he says. Trucks, Reva Electric Car Company and Arctic Nayyar heard about the job at Semcon Trucks. Another assignment took him away through a friend who already worked for from his hometown - Bangalore, India - to the company. Volvo Cars in Göteborg. “At the time, Semcon had just started up in “I learned to be organized and to carry out India, which meant more challenges, more my work in a more professional way there. I chance to influence my work and more op- got to meet people from all over the world portunities to be successful in the future,” and learn about their culture and lifestyle, he says. and this has helped me to communicate Now, four years on, Nayyar says that he more effectively with different customers.” feels like one of the family and is looking for- Nayyar is inspired by a variety of sources, ward to taking on more responsibility. such as manufacturing, purchasing, market- “Every individual here at Semcon is impor- ing, packaging, construction and assembly. tant and significant. Hard work and dedica- “My responsibility is to capture information tion always pay off - it is rewarded and boosts from these sources and then to come up with your career.”
  17. 17. Where in the world do you want to work? Semcon is a global technology company with more than 40 sites on three continents. Read more about us at
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