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7 Facebook Pixel Tricks To Maximize Your ROI

Only 14% of all online stores and mobile apps have implemented the new Facebook Pixel properly. Everybody else is leaving money on the table.

Is your Facebook Pixel set up in the right way? We have compiled a list of 7 key indicators to check whether your Facebook Pixel is implemented properly.

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7 Facebook Pixel Tricks To Maximize Your ROI

  1. 1. 7 indicators that your Facebook pixel is implemented properly
  2. 2. Track useful standard events • Track events useful for your business • View Content • Add to Cart • Purchase
  3. 3. Use dynamic conversion values • Send the value of your purchases directly to Facebook • Easily calculate your ROAS
  4. 4. Product catalog & DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) • Currently the most effective way of retargeting on Facebook • Promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalog • Show people ads for products they have already seen
  5. 5. Custom events - granulated lists • Define granular data around events • Create custom audiences • Use those audiences to setup retargeting and lookalike campaings
  6. 6. Google Tag Manager • Replace hard-coded tags with dynamic tags • Control which tags are added with a simple web interface • Create and activate triggers • No hard-coding or Java skills needed
  7. 7. Facebook Pixel Helper • Google Chrome extension • Check if you implemented your Facebook Pixel properly • Realtime feedback
  8. 8. Use “new” Facebook Pixel • Conversion tracking Pixel + Custom audience Pixel • As of September 15, you won’t be able to create the “old” conversion tracking Pixel
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