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10 Tools for 10 Different Twitter Tactics


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Our recommended tools for 10 different Twitter functions. From sharing and sourcing content to managing multiple accounts and scheduling tweets, use the right tool for the job.

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10 Tools for 10 Different Twitter Tactics

  1. 1. 10 Tools For 10 Different Twitter TacticsTweet us your own @reachfurther #rftwittertools
  2. 2. Management & Scheduling HootSuite or TweetDeck Manage multiple accounts using one of these social media dashboards andschedule updates at times when most of your followers are online. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #1
  3. 3. Measurement Tweetreach See how many users will have seenyour tweets based on the impressionsthey receive. It is particularly useful to see activity levels for hashtags. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #2
  4. 4. Measure influence KredThe best influence score measure of a user on Twitter, offering detailed analytics. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #3
  5. 5. Bio Search FollowerwonkTwitter search still doesnt make it easy to find the users you want to follow. UseFollowerwonk to filter your search of user bios by keywords, location and followers. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #4
  6. 6. Search Tweets TopsyWant to find a past tweet? Twitter wont letyou search very far back through a timeline. Use Topsy to search for past tweets it has indexed. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #5
  7. 7. URL Shortener Goo.glUse to shorten your links, or ifyou don’t mind the new re-design! @reachfurther #rftwittertools #6
  8. 8. Analytics CrowdboosterMeasure your retweets, mentions, followerincrease, most influential new followers andhow well your tweets have performed. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #7
  9. 9. Sourcing Content Google ReaderFind relevant content to share using an RSS reader like Google Reader. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #8
  10. 10. Sharing Content TwileShare or TwitDocUse these tools to upload your files to share on Twitter. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #9
  11. 11. Sharing Media Twitpic or instagram Use Twitpic or the internal imageuploader on to share your photos on Twitter. Instagram is the better of the apps but images do not display in your Twitter feed, just displaying an external link. @reachfurther #rftwittertools #10
  12. 12. Use these tools on our Twitter course Use these tools on our Twitter course 12 Days of TwitterLearn how to use Twitter on Twitter itselfin just 30 mins a day over 12 days fromMonday 3rd February: @reachfurther