Day 2_Session II_Increasing Rigor_Writing


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Day 2_Session II_Increasing Rigor_Writing

  1. 1. From Los Angeles to Washington D.C.<br />Last year I travelled across the country from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C. Since my move, I’ve discovered that there are some big differences between these cities. At the same time there are also some important similarities. Both cities, for example, are populated by people also characterized by incredible diversity. who get up every day, go to work in order to feed their families, and who make the world turn. On the other hand, they have noticeable differences in size and environment. As we take a closer look at the vastness of Los Angeles and the convenience of Washington, D.C., we discover that these cities share both likenesses and differences that make them stand out as two of the best cities in the world.<br />My hometown of Los Angeles, California is a wonderful city. It’s also huge! Los Angeles has a very large land mass that stretches from the ocean off of Santa Monica Beach to the beginning of the desert, which starts just east of the town of Pomona. Los Angeles is so large that it has its own county and contains a large number of independent towns. One effect of the size of Los Angeles is that it has a very diverse physical environment. You can hike in the mountains, ride your bike through the city streets, and go to the beach all in the same day! Los Angeles also has a population that reflects the size of the town: over 100 languages are spoken in this one city. Obviously, Los Angeles has a very large Latino community, but people also come from all over the world to work and settle down. Many do so just for the weather alone. If you can get past the smog, the traffic, and the gang activity, you’ll enjoy the mostly sunny weather and fantastic environment that the West Coast has to offer.<br />As much as I love my hometown, I’ve really enjoyed myself since I moved to Washington, D.C. One of the first things that I discovered when I moved here, much to my surprise, was that our nation’s capital was not big at all. I was used to the massive size of Los Angeles and found it really interesting that D.C. extended less than ten miles in any direction. Imagine how different it was for me when I found that in little more than five minutes from my place in north-east D.C., I could be in northern Virginia. Five minutes in the other direction, and I’m well into southern Maryland. One the best results of this was the convenience that it provides. I find it really convenient to move around and handle my business. Another big difference between D.C. and Los Angeles is their environments. Though D.C. doesn’t have mountains, or a desert, or an ocean, it does have a beautiful landscape covered by trees, parks, and monuments. It also has a lot of change of scenery due to the changing seasons. The city looks barren in the winter, but it blooms again every spring. This is totally different from L.A., where the weather is pretty much the same every day.<br /> While D.C. is totally different from L.A. in terms of size and setting, it is very similar in its diversity. I didn’t think that I could find a more diverse city than Los Angeles, but D.C. has embassies from all over the world and more than 200 languages are spoken here. One interesting part of D.C.’s diversity is its black community. Los Angeles has a large black population, but almost all are African-Americans. In contrast, the whole black Diaspora lives in D.C. ranging from West Indians, Africans, and African-Americans.<br />When I consider the similarities and differences between Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., I come to the conclusion that they are both great cities to live. I love Los Angeles for what it is: a place to relax, be kind of laid back about life. However, I prefer life in Washington, D.C. because it’s still new to me and because I was ready for a change. Washington has provided me with the lifestyle change that I needed. I acknowledge the greatness of both cities, but Washington is more intriguing to me and while I’m here I’m going to create my own history.<br />