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Day 5_Session II_Useful online resources


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Day 5_Session II_Useful online resources

  1. 1. Instructor: Ms. Erica Johnson Title of Lesson: Identifying your skills and finding your career Domain: Career Grade Level: 9-10 Time Required: 1 class period or 90 minutes ASCA National Standard A: Students will acquire skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions. Essential Questions: How do we identify our skills? What skills are important in employment? What career is best for me? How do we line up our skills with our career choice? Material/Resources WebQuest activity Occupational Outlook Handbook Activity I: Tap into your resources by indentifying you skills We all have skills and characteristics that make us unique. The important thing to remember about yourself is that you develop skills in all activities; we just have to figure them out. Where do you think you gain these specific skills you have? What activities do you participate where you may gain certain skills? School, community, extracurricular activities, chores, etc. Participants will brainstorm in groups of 2 or 3 and develop a list of activities they participate. Next to the activity they will list the skill they think they learned as a result. Now that we have identified our specific skills, let’s organize them into categories. They are:  Knowledge-based skills  Transferable skills  Personal skills Closure: Think about what jobs will require some of the skills you have listed on your paper. What types of jobs can you get with these skills? Does the career they are interested in require skills that you do not have listed? Activity II: Career Assessments Now let’s take a look at jobs that you may be interested in. How do we find out what you are interested in? Career Assessment! This is a tool that asks specific questions related to you interested. Based on your responses they categorized different careers that you may be interested in. Participants will do the career assessments on VAWizard. Closure: Select 3-4 careers you want to explore in more detail. Think about whether or not the skills you listed in the last activity match with the careers you have selected from this career assessment.
  2. 2. Activity III: What are employers looking for? Training/education/skills/characteristics Each employer looks for something different for the job they are advertising. In this activity you will learn if your skills match what is needed for the careers you have selected. You will also explore what training and education requirements for that job. Lastly, you will identify how much money you can make in that job and whether or not there will be a demand for that job when you finish the required training/education necessary. Participants will do a webquest and log on to VAWizard or the Occupational Outlook Handbook to find information related to their career choices. (Webquest attached) Closure: Save all your information to review at a later date. Review the information on the education or training needed for each career choice and begin thinking about how you will obtain that education or training. Begin looking at colleges/universities, community colleges, technical schools or the military. Evaluation: