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Scott Plamondon Portfolio


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Scott Plamondon Portfolio

  1. 1. Scott PlamondonThe copywriter for reaching customers415-235-5939/ speditorial.comPORTFOLIO
  2. 2. ―WHEN THE NEED ARISES for a creative, professional, and reliablecopywriter, Scott is the one to call. I have always been impressed notonly with his superior work but his overall understanding of advertising.Scott delivers quality on every job, above and beyond the expected. Topqualities: Great results, on time, creative.‖- Jim Doll, Former VP and studio art director at Publicis Dialog
  3. 3. Know thy customer and honor thy brand Old Navy fashion retail T oo often in advertising we forget our customers and ignore our brand position. That is especially common in fashion retail, where the quest for cleverness leads us astray. Old Navy, for its part, never strays from its image of unique energy and quirky fun. And the retailer always remembers its customers: America’s value-conscious mommies. My role As a contract copywriter at Old Navy my assignments ran from weekly circulars, to packaging and labeling, to billing inserts and press releases. You see here examples from a holiday press kit, a denim hang tag, and an in-store poster. Everything stays on brand and always remembers the customer.Press kit: Romance the press editors by adoring the products. All images are links. Click to see more. Fun copy for Old Navys denim made from recycled materi- In-store poster als. The client loved inspired by a this—not a word was real boxing changed. promotion.
  4. 4. Tease prospects with new information Gentiae direct response ensemble A bsent an offer, how do you motivate prospects to call? The pharmaceutical testing firm Gentiae dropped that challenge directly in my lap. The targets were high-level pharmaceutical executives. Success meant six figure contracts. Solution The solution was a direct-response ensemble. Start with a postcard alarming prospects with information about a new FDA regulation. Then promise answers at a Gentiae splash page. Follow that by a fact-filled splash page with a strong call to action. Back it up with banner ads and a Q&A page. My roleSplash page My role ran from strategy and concepting, to writing to locating web coders and hosting. This winning combination pulled 17 high-money prospects (a 3.4% response rate).Postcard front Postcard back
  5. 5. How to warm the cold hand of IT Riverbed pitch work A dvertising for IT always faces a challenge: how do you humanize the products? With that in mind an advertising agency asked me to prepare a pitch campaign for Riverbed’s Steelhead server products. Solution I created a series of print ads in which real customers shared their stories. They explained how Riverbed let them devote more to their core missions. The reader was then invited to ―Devote more to your own mission.‖ Interactive elements asked them to share their success stories. My roleFirst ad I acted as Creative Director and copywriter on this project. My designer Gregg Boot and I decided to parlay Riverbed’s customer loyalty into an engaging, emotional message. The pitch work was a huge success in a tough industry.Second ad Interactive element
  6. 6. No stock photos here Prialto brochure H ow do you advertise a business with people as its main product? Meet Prialto Personal Outsourcing, a company that assigns highly trained personal assistants to business executives. Prialto presented two challenges: (1) explain what Prialto does, and (2) build an emotional connection between prospects and Prialto’s assistants. Solution As creative director for this brochure I see much to note. Art director Gregg Boots burnt orange color treatment really pops. The photographs are actual employees—no stock photos here—an ideal way to connect on a personal basis. The three inside spreads arrange 937 words in small, digestible bites.Front The headlines, always important, lead prospects through an emotional, yet fact filled, buying process. I even borrowed from direct response techniques for the YES! call to action onInside spread the back cover. Back cover
  7. 7. Give „em the old one-two punch WebEx two-stage campaign P remiums pull—that advertising truism was proved once again in my WebEx project. WebEx wanted business executives to agree to an in-office sales presentation. Solution The solution was a two-stage direct response campaign with two premiums. The first mailing comprised a sales letter and a high-quality US map. The copy explained that WebEx lets teams meet in any geographic location. If they agreed to the in-office presentation, the sales person would present them with a Garmin GPS. My role I conceived of the strategy, wrote and edited the copy, and even picked the premiums. WebEx loved this campaign so much they ran my second concept (involving BOSE NoiseGarmin package Canceling Headphones) six months later.BOSE package
  8. 8. “And the smiles for free” PayPal direct response emails D oing everything right! These emails for PayPal read like a clinic in good advertising. Begin with headlines that promise customers real benefits along with a dash of delight. Add images with story appeal that prompt readers to ask, ―What do we have here?‖ Include multiple calls to action to get things rolling. And stick with benefits-driven copy that is heavy on facts and light on claims. Inspired by Cosmo As an aside, I modeled these headlines from a Cosmopolitan magazine cover I spotted in a supermarket checkout line. (After all, the Cosmo headline writers sure know how to sell magazines.)Series
  9. 9. Demystifying wine to drive sales Clos du Bois website content T he key, often-ignored rule for web content is to focus on your customer. For Clos du Bois’s new website the customer was 24–34 year-old women a few years into their careers. What do they care about? Knowledge about wine: tasting, purchasing, pairing with food, enjoying wine country. Solution I prepared a series of web articles to demystify wine culture. Start with day trips in California’s wine country. (Hence sunrise balloon rides and a wine-country town square.) Follow that with practical wine how-to’s to bring wine drinking down from the heavens and into customers’ dinner parties. Four years later and these winners continue to run.What activities would the target consumer enjoy? The how-to’s of wine
  10. 10. SCOTT PLAMONDON / PORTFOLIOPrepared October 2009 in San Francisco, Calif.See more work at