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Italy and the Renaissance

An overview of the impact of the Renaissance on Italy with images of famous art of the time as well as a review.

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Italy and the Renaissance

  1. 1. Italy and The Renaissance By T. Lu For Mr. Haskvitz
  2. 2. Early Renaissance • Started in Italy in the late Middle Ages • Movement of knowledge in classical sources, new art, educational reform • Intellectual,technological, agricultural progress
  3. 3. Renaissance In Florence • Great wealth from manufacturing and trade of wool and creation of textiles • Became very influential in society and politics • Had strong economy and political philosophy
  4. 4. Medici Family • Powerful and influential family • Lead the birth of the Italian Renaissance with other Signore families
  5. 5. Why the Renaissance Started in Italian City- states • Ruins of Ancient Rome inspired art about Roman memories • Florence, Milan, Venice and Genoa had the best art and architecture • Were wealthy from trade with Asia • Invention of the printing-press
  6. 6. Independent Trading Cities • Venice • Milan • Genoa • Florence • Pisa • Siena • Ferraro
  7. 7. Venice • was a Republic • was an empire that controlled land in modern day Italy • a major port of trade •Full of ceramists, glassworkers, woodworkers, lace makers and sculptors Redentore Church San Giorgio Maggiore
  8. 8. Milan • In 1447 Francesco Sforza came to power in Milan and rapidly transformed that still medieval city into a major centre of art and learning Cathedral of Milan ,
  9. 9. Genoa • St. Maria di Carignano • trade, shipbuilding and banking helped support one of the largest and most powerful navies in the Mediterranean
  10. 10. Florence Architecture Ospedale degli Innocenti The church of San Lorenzo Palazzo Medici Riccardi Façade of Santa Maria Novella Florence Cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore, called the Duomo)
  11. 11. Pisa • 1558 the Knights Square was rebuilt in Renaissance style by Giorgio Vasari •main building on square is Palazzo della Carovana, palace of Knights of St. Stephen (formerly the Palace of the Elders ) Knights Square Monument Leaning Tower Of Pisa
  12. 12. Siena • Renaissance ideals first spread from Florence to neighboring states of Tuscany (like Siena) Piazza del Campo
  13. 13. Ferrara• Talented composers sang in papal choir in Rome or numerous chapels of the aristocracy •brought polyphonic style with them, influencing many native Italian composers Palazzo dei Diamanti
  14. 14. Assessment!! 1.In what City-state did Renaissance ideas first spread from Florence to Tuscany? 2.Who lead the birth of the Italian Renaissance? 3.In what ways did Italy gain from spreading ideas of the Renaissance?
  15. 15. Assessment!! Cont. • 4.What 3 things helped Genoa support one of the largest navies in the Mediterranean? • 5. What advances did the Renaissance offer?
  16. 16. Answers!! • 1. Siena • 2. The Medici Family • 3. Intellectual, agricultural, and technological advances and new knowledge of classical sources, new art and educational reform • 4. Banking, trade and shipbuilding
  17. 17. Answers!! Cont. • 5. Agricultural, technological, and intellectual advances