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Fire Ant Awareness Comicbook


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A comic book designed to help children understand more about fire ants.

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Fire Ant Awareness Comicbook

  1. 1. Created by: Felicia Nan & Rosanna Ng Made possible by Rolling Greens Nursery Suzanne Middle School 525 Suzanne Road Walnut, CA 91789
  2. 2. The Red Imported Fire Ant is from South America. It was brought to the U.S. on a ship by accident.
  3. 3. In the United States, there are no anteaters,and insects don’t like to eat them. The Red Imported Fire Ant doesn’t have many natural enemies.
  4. 4. Worker ants all collect food. They work for the queen, Without the queen, the colony can’t stay alive. Queens reproduce 1500-2000 eggs a day. Fire Ant colonies sometimes have hundreds of queens per mound. The queen can live up to 20 years or more, reproducing more ants each day of their lives.
  5. 5. Fire Ants are attracted to electricity. They often chew through electric wires causing shortages.
  6. 6. If attacked, the Fire Ant will sting the sking repeatedly. It will also inject its venom, which produces the itching, burning feeling.
  7. 7. If there’s a Fire Ant on you, QUICKLY BRUSH IT OFF! When a Fire Ant stings, it feels like fire! Stings are itchy, but if you scratch them, it will cause an infection and scar. One ant always stings more than once.
  8. 8. Fire Ant mounds can grow up to 2 feet high and 1 1/2 long depending on the type of soil. They build their mounds in grassy areas such as playgrounds, golf courses, and even in your backyards! Mounds are the homes of Fire Ants, they build and protect the mound.
  9. 9. A real Red Imported Fire Ant looks like this! The real size of the Fire ant is 1/2” (half inch) long
  10. 10. A real Red Imported Fire Ant looks like this! The real size of the Fire ant is 1/2” (half inch) long