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social media trends

  1. 1. InteractionSix Social Media Trends for 2011 Lessons from WikiLeaksHBR blog post by David Armano, December 2010 HBR blogs, November–December 2010In answer to that ubiquitous question “What will social media be- Julian Assange’s endeavor tocome?” Armano, senior vice president at Edelman Digital, forecasts disclose classified documentsfurther integration, tablet wars, social media schizophrenia, the return has altered the way many of usof the company website, and the innovative moves by Facebook and think about privacy, technology,Google. Then our readers weighed in with their own ideas of what’s in transparency, and diplomacy—store for the amorphous world of Web 2.0. and a lot more. But how is this monumental shift going to affectRight now, companies share and popularity can be management thinking?general information, regard- gamed (faking the numberless of different users’ needs. of Twitter followers you “How WikiLeaks Changes Things for UsCompanies will adapt, per- have is a perfect example All,” by Carne Ross “Thanks to WikiLeaks,sonalizing tweets or posts to of this). Influence is about you can now expect that day to come whenspecific users according their regularly engaging people your most private and candid communica-preferences. on topics and influencing tions will appear for all to peruse. In prepa-Cláudio Trovisco, CEO, Trovidoce action. Oprah, for example, ration for that moment, you better make does this with women. In sure that your private dealings match your social media, thousands of public declarations.”Monetization will become the mini-Oprahs influence theirlargest social trend. Ghosts of peers, friends, and family It is even more daunting to think thatthe dot-com era are coming back to haunt to act. So we need a better understanding we will be judged on what we chooseCMOs as eyeballs (otherwise known as (and better tools) to measure influence in not to say. Our espoused values mustlikes and followers) remain the sole metric the digital space. be matched by both the statements weused to evaluate success. Our challenge commit and the ones we omit. In someis to credibly measure and advance social Social media will be a driver of employment ways, being held accountable for the sinsmarketing’s impact on real outcomes and as businesses outsource social media. The of omission will be the bigger issue in astop repeating the sins of the past. challenge will be ensuring that messages corporate environment.Jeff Bodzewski, director of social marketing, are within the borders of the brand. Julia Kirby, editor at large, Harvard BusinessAspen Marketing Services Waztech ReviewThis year we’ll reject false influence metrics In 2011 people will begin to realize there are “Why WikiLeaks Matters More (and Less)like Twitter followers and find hidden few shortcuts with these sites—it’s “social” Than You Think,” by Umair Haque “Theinfluencers. media, not “robot” media. real scandal might just be this: There areIan Greenleigh, Social media manager, Resercom few secrets bigger and more terrible thanBazaarvoice the ones that are hiding in plain sight. The The author responds: You can auto- ones we ignore, sweep under the rug, andThe author responds: As we begin to mate only so much. The key is creating won’t, don’t, or can’t discuss.…Here’s theunderstand context more (putting more advocates in customers, employees, and big economic secret that we already know:emphasis on relevance), we can expect partners. 20th century institutions aren’t fit for 21stprogress in these areas: influence identi- century prosperity.”fication (who in a network has influence Look out for new start-ups—think Facebookand how potent it is); influence behavior for strangers with a lot in common—that As with anything else, we unlock valuemeasurement (what can be tracked as a will take networking to a global level. by exercising discretion in pursuit of the ILLuSTRATION: MATT DORFMANdirect link from the people who influenced Anne A. Balduzzi, founding partner, Accelerate greater good.the behavior); and influence predictive Partners Bill Free, principal, William Freemodeling (using data to predict what is Communicationslikely to influence the people you want The author responds: Soundsto reach). Right now most tools simply like what the blogosphere used The bitter pessimist in me sees the oldshow the size of someone’s social graph, to be—a global village. guard as overpaid managers incapable22 Harvard Business Review March 2011