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Sc letter:lowell ZBA:methadone clinic


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Sc letter:lowell ZBA:methadone clinic

  1. 1. 27 May 2013Chairman William Bailey and Members of the Lowell Zoning Board of Appeals375 Merrimack St, Lowell MA 01852Dear Chairman Bailey and Members,I am writing to express the concern of the Chelmsford School Committee regarding theapplication for a special permit to allow Habit OPCO, Inc. to establish a narcoticdetoxification and maintenance facility in an area zoned for Light Industrial use at 22 OldeCanal Drive in Lowell.While the Chelmsford School Committee does not normally involve itself in the business ofLowell, we are aware that the proposed location is not well-served by existing publictransportation and that the closest bus stop to the proposed location is in Chelmsford at 1Smith St. We wish to note for the record that the walking route from that bus stop to theproposed clinic location passes two Chelmsford Public Schools bus stops, where elementaryand middle school students are picked up and dropped off.After discussion of this matter, the Chelmsford School Committee voted unanimously toshare this concern with the Lowell Zoning Board of Appeals and to respectfully request thatunless this concern is addressed, the Zoning Board of Appeals deny the application for aspecial permit.Thank you for your consideration,Mike RigneyChair, Chelmsford School Committee