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Methadone clinic on Steadman Street 5 15-13


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Methadone clinic on Steadman Street 5 15-13

  1. 1. Hi one and all,Just a heads up for those who do not already know about it,there is a proposal to locate a narcotics-detoxification clinic off Stedman Street near the Chelmsfordtown lineHabit OpCo, which has operated a methadone clinic on Hall Street near downtown since 2006, wantsto move when its lease ends in September.The facility searched locations throughout Lowell and found a vacant office building on Olde CanalDrive "most suitable," according to its ZBA application.Habit OpCo serves 500 or more patients on its busiest days, nearly 90 percent of which are Lowellresidents, according to the application. The facility opens each day at 6 a.m., and closes at 2 p.m. onweekdays and 11 a.m. on weekends.At Monday nights (5/13) Board of Selectmen meeting this topic came up.Selectman Janet Askenburg has spoken with State Rep Tom Golden (who represents Lowell and parts ofChelmsford including the Westlands) about the matter. Although it will be located on the Lowell side ofSteadman street, Selectman Askenburg believes it is Chelmsfords problem because it is"frighteningly close" to the Chelmsford town line with nearby residential homes,condos and apartments andabout 1 mile from the Westlands School (which is now used for a pre-school among other things)She went on to say it is not on the public transportation route and the nearest bus stop is a 1/2 mile away.So we are talking about the possibility of heavy foot traffic and high automobile traffic.Selectmen Jim Lane stated that this is "extremely concerning", although the property sits in Lowellthe traffic will impact an area of Chelmsford that is already dealing with high traffic volumes(Steadman St/ Sunset /Subway Ave/ Golden Cove)The Board of Selectmen intend to write a letter of protest and also attend the public hearing on May 30thHere is a link to the BOS meeting talk starts at 81:20 minute markAfter the 5/13 BOS meeting I was asked by a selectman,"Why havent I heard anything about this from folks in the Westlands?"I replied "Two reasons, either this news is no big deal and doesnt bother them or they have no clue this ishappening."So folks thats where I come in, your friendly neighborhood Spiderm errr Town Crier spreading the word ;)If anyone has concerns let me know and Ill forward them to the Board of Selectmenor you can send your comments to them directly if you want too.The site plan can be found at this link you can see, it is right at the town line.Also you can find more info concerning the methadone clinic at this link  Also a story from today on the Chelmsford Patch can be found at this link for reading,Roy-- Roy Earley184 Chelmsford StreetChelmsford,Ma 01824Town Meeting Representative:Precinct 6Westlands WatchdogsChelmsfords In-Town ReportChelmsford Open Space Steward