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Bob joyce answers itr round 2


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Published in: News & Politics
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Bob joyce answers itr round 2

  1. 1. Bob JoyceITR:What is your opinion (based on cost and revenue production)of the turf field warrant article and the use of communitypreservation funds for the project?BJ:I am opposed to funding any part of this projectwith taxpayer money at this time. I have not beenprovided any cost information on revenue and Idoubt that we can cover the cost with that revenue.I also question why we need TWO Turf fields whilemost towns have one, if any. I am not in favor ofusing CPC money for any part of this. The statestatute says it can not be used for Turf Fields. Ifthis is such a great idea it should be put on theballot as a 2 ½ Debt exclusion, I could then supportthis project.ITR:What is your opinion of licensing stores (grocery,convenient, specialty) other than liquor stores to sell beerand wine?BJ:I think we need to limit the number of establishments that provide liquor in town. But I do believethere are certain situations where we should extend “Beer and Wine only” licenses to specialtystores like The Meathouse located on Chelmsford Street. We could setup a new set of guidelinesfor these types of stores, if the ABCC would allow it.ITR:What is your opinion of the work done by the Oak Hill Study Committee?And do you think the town meeting should accept their recommendation to put the land under the control ofthe Selectmen for three years first before turning it over to the control of the Conservation Committee? Whyor Why Not?BJ:I think the Oak Hill Study Committee did an outstanding job on their research. And Iapplaud Sue Carter for being an outstanding Chairman. Like several people on thatCommittee I am not quite convinced that it should be held by the Selectmen forthree years. I will listen to the debate at Town Meeting and then decide what is bestfor the residents and taxpayers of Chelmsford.ITR:In your opinion how is Town Manager Paul Cohen doing?What would you want him to do differently, if anything?BJ: I think Paul is doing well, although I do have some differences of opinion regardinghow we fund projects in town and that more focus has not been on reducing taxes.If there is one thing that Paul could do differently it would be that he addressquestions by the public in a less defensive way. It seems that he takes anyquestions as a threat to his management, but that is probably because he cares.