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Preparing and Presenting a Judicial Review


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An updated version of a presentation given to law students at Glasgow University on the matters that need to be thought about when preparing a presenting a judicial review case in the Court of Session.

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Preparing and Presenting a Judicial Review

  1. 1. Preparing and Presenting a Judicial Review Robert Sutherland, Advocate Terra Firma Chambers
  2. 2. Petitioner What are you wanting to review? • a decision? • an action? • a policy? • an omission?
  3. 3. Petitioner The appropriate procedure? right of appeal? restrictions on grounds for appealing? restrictions on who can appeal? necessary? other proceedings where same issue relevant?
  4. 4. Petitioner individual, group or representative? Who Is Petitioner standing? funding? Axa General Insurance Co. Ltd v Lord Advocate, 2012 SC (UKSC) 122 Walton v The Scottish Ministers, 2013 (UKSC) 67 McGinty v Scottish Ministers, [2013] CSIH 78
  5. 5. Petitioner Who is Respondent Interested Party • decision maker / policy maker? • UK Minister or Scottish Government? • who else has an interest in outcome? • “devolution issue” (Scotland Act 1998, Sched. 6)?
  6. 6. Petitioner Remedies reduction? specific implement?
  7. 7. Petitioner • Rules of the Court of Session, Chapter 58A Protective Expenses Orders • R (Corner House Research) v The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, [2005] 1 WLR 2600 • Newton Mearns Residents Flood Prevention Group for Cheviot Drive v East Renfrewshire Council, [2013] CSIH 70
  8. 8. Petitioner Grounds? • illegality (inc. human rights breaches) • “Wednesbury” unreasonableness • procedural impropriety • legitimate expectation
  9. 9. The Petition Form Structure Style • RCS, Form 58.6 • parties • concise • productions? • subject matter • clear • other relevant documents • grounds for review • consistent • remedies • pleas-in-law • Schedules and notice period
  10. 10. The Petition Issues to be anticipated delay • Human Rights Act 1998, Section 7(5) • mora, taciturnity and acquiescence • Portobello Park Action Group v City of Edinburgh Council, 2012 SLT 1137 PN No. 1 of 2012 immigration and asylum - prior notification caveats interim orders balance of convenience transfer to Upper Tribunal?
  11. 11. Respondent Standing Competency Merits Delay
  12. 12. First Orders caveat? interim orders? intimation and service first hearing date answers?
  13. 13. First Hearing Introductions Identify bare background and main issues Outline structure of submission The legal framework The factual background Where the Respondent has gone wrong Pleas-in-law and orders sought
  14. 14. First Hearing The Respondent’s presentation Response? Avizandum
  15. 15. Preparing and Presenting a Judicial Review Robert Sutherland, Advocate Terra Firma Chambers