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Growth Marketing for Your Student Org


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Looking to grow your student organization or expand your marketing efforts? Here's a best practices and strategy slide to get you started.

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Growth Marketing for Your Student Org

  1. 1. GROWTH MARKETING for your student org
  2. 2.
  3. 3. WELCOME! I am Rachel Downs I am here because I think working together makes things better. And I love marketing. President of Texas AMA MASO Relations committee member on UBC
  4. 4. PURPOSE THEServe as a platform for discussing challenges, sharing ideas, and developing best practices for marketing for student organizations
  5. 5. THE DISCUSSION STYLE ∎ Setting a marketing strategy ∎ Evaluating and strengthening your marketing tactics ∎ Building your marketing team Please share your ideas, challenges and best practices around each topic
  6. 6. MARKETING STRATEGY Laying the groundwork for your growth SETTING A
  7. 7. MARKETING STRATEGY TARGETING YOUR AUDIENCE Who is your organization aimed at? A specific major, a specific class, a specific cause? Articulating your audience is the first step to strong marketing. SEGMENT YOUR PROGRAMS Do you have programs and events for the public, in contrast with events for your paid members? Establish alignment with your organization on which programs fall into which categories. DEVELOP CHANNEL PURPOSES It’s a waste of resources to push out the same content on every single marketing channel. If you have a specific purpose of the channel in mind, you can strategize which content you post where.
  8. 8. AMA CHANNEL PURPOSES DISTRIBUTE INFORMATION Newsletter (primary) Facebook, Website (secondary) SHOW OUR FUN SIDE & ENGAGE Instagram (primary) Snapchat (secondary) CONNECT & ENGAGE WITH PROFESSIONALS Twitter (speakers) Website (sponsors) ATTRACT NEW, INTERESTED STUDENTS Flyers and Posters External Outreach
  9. 9. MARKETING TACTICS Getting the most out for your org marketing EVALUATING & STRENGTHENING
  10. 10. GOAL: External facing, used predominantly to engage and be active where our peers are active FACEBOOK - highest priority Public page - snapshot of interesting things going on, get people to “like” your page Private group - useful for smaller orgs or committees as a communication tool (< 20 people) Facebook events - created for public and big events, invite members and people we think are interested ∎ Reminds people that you invite about your event ∎ Good for estimating number of people attending ∎ Invite process can be difficult - how do you get people invited? Create a Facebook friend list SOCIAL MEDIA
  11. 11. INSTAGRAM Follow your members, post reminders and fun photos of your organization SNAPCHAT Officer for a day, document your events, show your fun side TWITTER Great way to engage with professionals and build your org’s brand outside of UT SOCIAL MEDIA
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA How do you get people to follow your social media accounts? ∎ Social media “follow us” slips during events ∎ Following contest
  13. 13. GOAL: Internal facing, be the most holistic distribution of event information ∎ Higher level of opt-in (came to an event) ∎ Pushes out all event and organization information ∎ Primary means of communication (all info in newsletters) NEWSLETTER
  14. 14. GOAL: Attract new people and create brand awareness ∎ Make designs follow org brand (easily recognize whose event it is) ∎ Only public events ∎ Used less frequently than digital channels FLYERS & POSTERS
  15. 15. GOAL: External facing and serves as a high level resource ∎ Purpose of answering FAQ’s ∎ Holds information about events and programs ∎ Useful for sponsors WEBSITE
  16. 16. Professor and classroom shoutouts Career services relationships Major listservs McCombs social media EXTERNAL OUTREACH
  17. 17. MARKETING TEAM Recruiting, structure and tools BUILDING YOUR
  18. 18. ▫ Keeping track of people’s minors and other interests ▫ Using committees and marketing teams to keep the pipeline strong as well as spread of the amount of work it is ▫ What other ideas or tactics do y’all have for filling marketing positions? FILLING THE POSITIONS
  19. 19. KEY ROLES OF A MARKETING TEAM STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT VP/Director - helpful if they manage the group as well as whichever marketing channel is the most comprehensive (so they know what’s going on) DESIGN Designate a design officer, and cut down on work by having a standardized design (a.k.a. Visual brand) Can be a committee EXECUTION Designated officers to create and execute social media plan, website updates, etc.
  20. 20. TOOLS & TRICKS NEWSLETTERS Mailchimp - build templates that can be reused, very easy interface and analytics SOCIAL MEDIA Create a content calendar Hootsuite for scheduling (Free but limited) GRAPHIC DESIGN Canva and other free online tools has tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator Consider opening a position for an assistant graphic designer or committee to help with knowledge transfer WEBSITE WordPress (can send out workshop notes) Looking to rebuild a website? Market that specifically when doing officer selections because it’s great resume-building experience for an MIS or marketing major
  21. 21. THANKS!Any questions?