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Treading the PHPath


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If you are a great developer, its no use unless other people know this as well. This talk is a guide/logbook of how to take your career into the next level, take advantage of Open Source and the PHP Community to grow as a professional.

It looks at different ways to learn more, grow your networking and expand the reach of your work, helping you find better opportunities and bring more value to your current employer.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Treading the PHPath

  1. 1. Treading the PHPathR!f!"# D$%&(@r!"#$%)
  2. 2. The Job Market
  3. 3. Telecommutingbringing the competition to your town
  4. 4. How do you stand out?
  5. 5. Rafael Dohms photo credit: Eli White @rdohms Evangelist, Speaker and Contributor.Developer at WEBclusive.Enabler at AmsterdamPHP.
  6. 6. 5.000.000+PHP developers by skoop
  7. 7. the innovators thinkers and sharers research and adapt i do this for a hobby “this is my day job” copy & paste crew“ the nephews”
  8. 8. Lots of Job Openings few qualified developers
  9. 9. Knowledge Personal Marketing and Communication Networking and People SkillsThe pillars of professional growth Fir0002/Flagstaffotos
  10. 10. ()$w#·"*+"/ !ä"#/Noun:1. Information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
  11. 11. Seek Knowledge!read, research, practice
  12. 12. Dependency Injection Object Oriented CodeDependency Management 2+ Frameworks Javascript Unit Testing (TDD, BDD) Scalability Version Control (Git, SVN) What do I need to know?
  13. 13. School is never out
  14. 14. What do you do in your free time?
  15. 15. Pickup a pet project
  16. 16. Fix bugs in OSS Help your User Group Write Unit Tests Your own toolingReady to go and without ideas?
  17. 17. Certifications are they worth it?
  18. 18. http://phpmentoring.orgFind a mentor!
  19. 19. p"r$)!#-&!r(",-)+ 1. The act of promoting your self and your work to achieve your own personal goals in slushpup
  20. 20. Your name is your calling card
  21. 21. What does Google say about you?
  22. 22. “[blogging] ... not only can you promote yourself andyour opinions...but you also get the opportunity todiscuss them with others and ... learn from theirparticular experiences.” Marco Tabini - Editor of php|arch by sebastian bergmann
  23. 23. “senior [developers] ... need to be mature enough tonot only express themselves, but to be able to eitherdefend their position or correct themselves.” Cal Evans - Blue Parabola / Zend DevZone by rob allen
  24. 24. They really get along and so do the tips they gave by Jeremy Kendall
  25. 25. Your own blog Talk to @e3BethT at php|arch Anywhere!Write and Blog
  26. 26. User Groups Sessions Hackathons / Testfest ConferencesParticipate! Show up.
  27. 27. Contribute! You find bugs everyday Unit Tests Share your own library
  28. 28. Start in your own companyUser Groups, they are everywhereTalk about what you see everyday Give a talk! by Josh Holmes
  29. 29. GitHubcontributing made easy
  30. 30. )",w$r(-)+1. The art of meeting people and making them remember you.
  31. 31. Business Cardsalways have them with you
  32. 32. Know who will be there by skoop
  33. 33. Socials by Eli White
  34. 34. Keep in touchMailing listsIRC: #phpc LinkedIn by sebastian bergmann
  36. 36. Knowledge Personal Marketing and Communication Networking and People SkillsThe pillars of professional growth Fir0002/Flagstaffotos
  37. 37. Life your comfort zone you are here Amsterdam“Life starts outside your comfort zone”
  38. 38. Thank you.@rdohms