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WP Snapper is a Wordpress cloning and backup engine.
It is also a Wordpress Pre-SET and Customized Installation engine as well
WP Snapper will ensure that your don’t loose your Wordpress blog, to the mischief of a hacker or, the carelessness of your Hosting Company who forgot to backup your server
WP Snapper from Ricky Mataka, solves all the problems..
Backing up
Custom installations
All in one…
You can Clone your blog by creating a backup and then re-install the same blog on a different server..
All in a few minutes.

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Wp snapper review

  1. 1. WP Snapper ReviewA LOOK AT ITS PROs and CONs
  2. 2. My Story – A Loss not IrreversibleMy Blog was 3 years old…I had never backed itup.. I trusted my Hosting provider…One cranky guy… decided to hack my hostingprovider…One morning, I find…All my work gone.. No backups..I had no option but to REGRET..And start all over again.
  3. 3. What is WP Snapper?WP Snapper is aWordpress cloning andbackup engine.It is also a Wordpress Pre-SET and CustomizedInstallation engine as well
  4. 4. What does that mean? WP Snapper will ensure that your don’t loose your Wordpress blog, to the mischief of a hacker or, the carelessness of your Hosting Company who forgot to backup your server.
  5. 5. What does that mean? It also gets rid of the headache of installing a blog from scratch – I mean installing all your plugins, your themes, customizing your permalinks and so………….on.
  6. 6. Other Cloning Softwares• BackupBuddy• WP Twin• Blog Cloner• Backup Creator• Duplicator
  7. 7. Why WP Snapper? Paid backup tools like BackupBuddy and WP Twin cost you a fortune. FREE tools are as good as not using any tools because they have limited functionality.
  8. 8. Customizing Wordpress – Another problem?Have you ever timed yourself to see the amount oftime you take to customize you Wordpress Blogs?It is funny, because it is thesame thing that you doagain and againwith all your blogs.Yet you have to spendthe same time…
  9. 9. Why WP Snapper?WP Snapper from Ricky Mataka, solves all theproblems..• Cloning• Backing up• Custom installations• All in one…
  10. 10. WP Snapper – Features!You can Clone your blogby creating a backup andthen re-install the sameblog on a different server..All in a few minutes.
  11. 11. WP Snapper – Features!Save your customizationsand install your new blogswith all the pre-configurescustomizations…Right from your WPSnapper Dashboard.
  12. 12. WP Snapper – Features!Keep a copy of yourbackups stored….for lateruse.All on the internet, so thatyou can access it fromanywhere..OVER EXTREMELYSECURED CONNECTIONS.
  13. 13. Who is Ricky Mataka? Ricky is a respectable Internet Marketer and blogger. He has been extremely successful in affiliate marketing as well. WP Snapper is a product launched by Ricky and that too at a price you cannot even imagine.
  14. 14. WP Snapper reviewOur review of WP Snapperrevealed these pros and cons –• Extremely Simple to use• Intuitive interface• Always Online• No restrictions on a Mac User or, a PC user.
  15. 15. WP Snapper review• We wished we could do away with the requirement to open up our FTP program.• But then we felt we were asking for a bit too much.• Ain’t we.
  16. 16. WP Snapper BonusBefore you start to move over to the next part,I have an KILLER Bonus Package For you Today!
  17. 17. WP Snapper Bonus Check out the package athttp://www.dkspeaks.com/xz012wqwps/
  18. 18. Order Today! You can order your copy of WP Snapper today from the below linkSee the Description for Details http://merecommends.info/wpsnapper