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User Experience Info Sheet - interface 2012 - Rutgers


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FAQ that describes user experience as a profession. Also lists professional resources in the NY, NJ, and PA area for User Experience Professionals. Prepared for my talk at "interface 2012", at Rutgers on 2012-11-15. (Dick Herring)

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User Experience Info Sheet - interface 2012 - Rutgers

  1. 1. WHAT IS USER EXPERIENCE? It is designing and managing “usability” … plus other things that affect product or service desirability. Peter Morville extended the UX horizon in 2004 ( Also, see S. Psomas for a discussion of what specialties people hire for: five-competencies-of-user-experience- design.php And see W. Hess; for list of what is “NOT” experience-design/How good are the career opportunities?Generally pretty good, especially if you become “good”, because UX helps to createrevenue or to save costs through efficiency. It is flogged as a highly desirable and growingprofession. USA Today; experience-specialist-executive-summary Salary and opportunities: careers-guide/What things do User Experience Professionals do?A variety of interesting things, because there is often a need to understand users andgoals and then do analysis and design. Agile methods also are becoming “flavors” of UX. See Usability process and best practices: See UX Magazine: See Dick Herring’s unedited links on Delicious: General articles on usability at Jakob Nielsen’s site: - Rutgers - 2012 Richard D. Herring
  2. 2. page 2What professional communities will support me?UX professionals have both local and international org’s to help. Usability Professionals Association: Usability NJ (the local UXPA Chapter): Philly Chi (Philadelphia chapter of ACM): Society for Technical Communication: New York City UPA: Delaware Valley UPA: steps should I take next? Explore the links listed on this handout. Join UXPANJ at a local meeting or event. Join UXPANJ (and other UX interest groups) us at Yahoo! Groups, or Twitter (@upa_nj). Reach out to a UPA Officer or Member for advice. They’ll help!interface - Rutgers - Fall 2012 Richard D. Herring