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Emulsified Fuels In HFO Engines for Captive Power


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Creatnet Technology is at the forefront of the Emulsified Fuel Revolution in the India. Using Technology developed by RADE Initiative, we are now servicing various industries by providing them with Emulsified Fuel Oil and providing on-site Fuel Emulsification services to large consumers.

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Emulsified Fuels In HFO Engines for Captive Power

  1. 1. Use of Emulsified Fuels in H.F.O Generators IN Captive Power Generation In: -WARTSILÄ ̈ - MAN -Doosan H.F.O. Engines
  2. 2. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Problems of HFO/Furnace Oil. • Comprise of Residual & Waste Oils from the Petroleum refining process.Comprise of Residual & Waste Oils from the Petroleum refining process. • H.F.O / Furnace Oil is very viscous & difficult both to handle and atomize.H.F.O / Furnace Oil is very viscous & difficult both to handle and atomize. • Suffers from Incomplete Combustion due to Poor Atomization.Suffers from Incomplete Combustion due to Poor Atomization. • Requires Centrifuging and Separators to remove Asphaltenes & Sludge.Requires Centrifuging and Separators to remove Asphaltenes & Sludge. • Heavy Black Smoke and Sulfurous smell.Heavy Black Smoke and Sulfurous smell. • Flue gas contains pollutants like CO, NOx & SOx.Flue gas contains pollutants like CO, NOx & SOx. • Very Hydroscopic, which forms tank sludge.Very Hydroscopic, which forms tank sludge. • No Guarantees on fuel quality even by manufacturers.No Guarantees on fuel quality even by manufacturers. • Very Often Adulterated by Dealers and Transporters.Very Often Adulterated by Dealers and Transporters.
  3. 3. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Single Solution : Emulsified H.F.O. • HFO Emulsion is a stable blend of immiscible liquids like F.O. & Water. • It is purified F.O. dispersed with micron sized water droplets. • Emulsified HFO offers enhanced & complete combustion. • It provides better economy, less smoke and lower pollutant levels. • Used in Steam Boilers, IC Engines, Gas Turbines world-wide. • Made from normal FO as supplied by companies like IOCL & Reliance.
  4. 4. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Furnace Oil vs. Emulsified F.O. Normal F.O. Emulsified F.O. Under Microscope 100x Magnification
  5. 5. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | How it Works • A High Shear & Cavitation process disperses 2-5 micron sized water droplets in HFO forming an Emulsion. • Once injected into the Combustion Chamber, water in fuel flashes to steam. • This rapid expansion explodes the fuel droplet, producing a Nano fuel mist. • This process is commonly referred to as Secondary Atomization. • This enhances fuel-air mixing, thereby causing complete combustion. • Reduces carbon formation and soot accumulation. • Water both reduces HC content in Fuel as well as reduces Peak Temperature. • Free carbon strips hydrogen from steam, forming a highly combustible SynGas.
  6. 6. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Cetane & Kilocalories • Theoretically the water content in Fuel reduces the Cetane number slightly. • However Cetane calculations are not even applicable for Residual Fuels. • Theoretically the GCV of Emulsions is also lower due to the water content. • Likewise Bomb Calorimeters cannot be used for measuring Fuel emulsions. • However the NCV of the Emulsions can be measured in actual use. • Reduction of Cetane no., & Calories is compensated by enhanced combustion.
  7. 7. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Emulsified Furnace Oil: Flame
  8. 8. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Benefits: IC (HFO) Engines • It can be used in most H.F.O., engines without any modifications. • Emulsified Fuels gets complete combusted: Fuel Economy. • Increased Combustion Pressure due to Steam from Secondary Atomization. • No Coke buildup on Injector Nozzles : Longer Service Interval. • Low Carbon and Soot deposits on Pistons: Reduced Maintenance. • Increased intervals for Turbo-Charger cleaning. • Peak Temperature Reduction: Longer Engine Life. • Very Clean Emissions.
  9. 9. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Improved Specific Fuel Oil Consumption. • Improved SFOC in medium load conditions. • Water-in-fuel increases the amount of entrained air per mass of fuel. • Lean Burn conditions, but without overheating due to lower peak temperatures. • Secondary Atomization provides better mixing and complete combustion. • Water evaporation and expansion contributes to Combustion Pressure.
  10. 10. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Ecological Benefits • Emulsified F.O. combustion uses almost 20% less Oxygen. • Emulsified F.O. generates 10-30% less waste-heat. • Emulsified F.O. Combustion released at least 30% less NOx . • Particulate Matter(PM) reduction by 30-50%. • Drastic reduction of CO, CO2 & even SOx(with special additives). • No disposal of Sludge & BSW from tanks.
  11. 11. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | No Filtration & Centrifuging Losses • Emulsified F.O. is filtered via 80 mesh filters. • It is completely Homogenized. • Contains no Free Water. • Contains no Sludge. • Minimal Centrifuging Losses. • Reduced Maintenance.
  12. 12. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Complete Consumption Fuel Normal H.F.O Tank Oil Sludge Water Emul H.F.O Tank Zero waste fully- Homogenized & Emulsified Oil
  13. 13. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Used Worldwide • F.O.-Water Emulsion Fuels are widely used in Ships, Generators & Turbines. • Engine Specialist Wartsila allows usage of various Heavy Oil emulsions such as Venezuelan Orimulsion with their engines. • A 150 MW Power Plant in Guatemala was commissioned in 2004 to run solely on Orimulsion. • Recently successful trials of MSAR II Emulsified Fuel on Wartsila RTX-4 Engine were conducted by Shipping giant Maersk. • World’s largest Diesel Engine Manufacturer, MAN advocates H.F.O Emulsions in their Marine Diesel Engines to decrease pollution.
  14. 14. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Validated by Manufactures • Wartsila Power (IC-Generators)- Finland. • MAN Diesel & Turbo (IC-Generators) - Germany. • Doosan ( IC Generators) – Korea. • Komatsu ( IC Generators) – Japan. • Siemens Turbines (Gas Turbines) – Germany. • Ansaldo Energia (Gas Turbines) – Italy. • Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (Gas Turbines) – USA.
  15. 15. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Fuel Emulsions in WARTSILA Literature - 1̈ ̈ Power Plants Solutions Brochure 2014 Pages 28, 40, 84, 87
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  17. 17. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Fuel Emulsions in WARTSILA Literature - 3̈ ̈ Combined Heating & Power Brochure Pages 9 & 14 WARTSILA 46 TECHNOLOGY REVIEẄ ̈ Page 7
  18. 18. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Fuel Emulsions & MAN Diesel & Turbo MAN Power Plants Brochure 2014 Page 7
  19. 19. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Fuel Emulsions in Global Press
  20. 20. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Articles About Creatnet Technology FORTUNE India June 2015 MANUFACTURING TODAY June 2015 March 2015 May 2015
  21. 21. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | About Us • We are India’s only active F.O. Emulsion manufacturer. • We use a 5-stage batch process from RADE Initiative with components from Russia. • Our Team members have decades long experience in this field of Fuel & Emulsions. • We have been operating our Proof-Of-Concept Plant for one year in NCR. • Our F.O. Emulsions have been supplied regularly or as trial to various Industries. • We have got active support from leading companies like Wipro, ITC, Jubilant, etc. • We have an In-House testing Laboratory and Firing Facility. • Highlighted by publications like Fortune, Money Control & Manufacturing Today. • Bharat Petroleum Website has also highlighted our work. • M/s Stallion is our Dealer for NCR and North India.
  22. 22. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Our Clients Akums Drug & Pharmaceuticals Diwakar Enterprises. Gravita India Ltd. M.J. Engineering Works Metenere Ltd. Vishal Pipes Ltd. I.T.C Ltd. Kiwi Foods Ltd. Dewan Rubber Industries Ltd A.S.Tubes Pvt Ltd Pushpsons Fibrol P. Ltd Style Solution Pvt Ltd Vishal LPG Industries Jubilant* Bihariji Containers Pvt Ltd Wipro* * Awaiting Trials
  23. 23. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Petroleum Lab. Burner Rig Diagnostic Equipment Our Manufacturing & Testing Facilities Emulsifying Process Tank.
  24. 24. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | ““Emulsified fuels are found to give much better emission reduction towardsEmulsified fuels are found to give much better emission reduction towards reduced particulate and Oxides of Nitrogen emission reduction along with fuelreduced particulate and Oxides of Nitrogen emission reduction along with fuel saving that it is now implemented in most of the developed countries.”saving that it is now implemented in most of the developed countries.” Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 11th President of India The Last Word.
  25. 25. © C.T.P.L. 2015 | Contact Us CREATNET TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD 215, SouthEx Plaza – 1, Masjid Moth, South Ext – II, New Delhi -110049 Sameer Shah: +91-9873327470 email: