Pee paragraphs


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How to write a pee paragraph

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Pee paragraphs

  1. 1. PEE Paragraphs AIM: To understand how this structure helps us write about EnglishStarter: Put this PEE into order:„The red sauce trickleddown from is lips, down overhis chin on to his blackjacket.‟ This shows that heeats in a disgusting way andgets food all over himself. PointIt could be because he is ina rush to get food as hehasn‟t eaten for a longtime, or perhaps he is not Evidenceused to other peoplewatching him. Skellig has notable manners and is a Explanationmessy eater.
  2. 2. Skellig has no table manners and is amessy eater. (Point)“The red sauce trickled down from is lips,down over his chin on to his blackjacket.‟”(Page 27) (Evidence)This shows that he eats in a disgustingway and gets food all over himself. Itcould be because he is in a rush to getfood as he hasn‟t eaten for a long time, orperhaps he is not used to other peoplewatching him eat. (Explanation)
  3. 3. Introduction: Using Point, Evidence, and Explanation (PEE)• When you are writing about a text or discussing a text it is very important that you use quotes to back up what you are saying.• Using PEE is a way of writing about a text making sure that you include textual evidence.
  4. 4. Why use PEE?• Reading is assessed by looking at 5 aspects of a piece of writing. These are: – Understand and select information and use of evidence – Interpret evidence – Text structure and organisation – Writer‟s use of language – Writer‟s purpose and effect
  5. 5. So…• PEE gives you a structured way of covering these assessment foci.• Using PEE will help you get a better level in reading.• It proves you understand and can write about what you have read.
  6. 6. Identify the point, evidence and explanation.Look at the paragraph below and decidewhat is the Point, Evidence andExplanation.„I tried not to breathe, not to smell him.‟Even though Michael is helping Skellig, hedoesn‟t want to smell the horrible smellcoming from him. Michael thinks thatSkellig smells awful.
  7. 7. Identify the point, evidence and explanation.(Point) Michael thinks that Skelligsmells awful. (Evidence) „I tried not tobreathe, not to smell him.‟(Explanation) Even though Michael ishelping Skellig he doesn‟t want to smellthe horrible smell coming from him.
  8. 8. Point / Evidence / Explanation (PEE)• Point – What does the quote show in very simple terms?• Evidence – This is a „quote‟ taken from the text to prove or support what it is that you are saying.• Explanation – This is where you give a more detailed explanation of the point. It is good to include your own personal opinion here. Adapted from: