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Search for cordillera champions

  1. 1. The Regional Development Council announces The Search for the 2013 Cordillera Champions Award (CCA)What is the Cordillera Champions Award? The Cordillera Champions Award recognizes outstanding achievements by anyCordilleran or Non-Cordilleran who contributed significantly to the creation of the CAR and/orthe attainment of its regional development goals.What is the purpose of the Cordillera Champions Award? The Cordillera Champions Awards aims to: 1. Recognize public and private individuals or groups with outstanding accomplishments as instruments of change in the region; 2. Inspire Cordillerans to excel in various fields of endeavors to make a significant contribution to improve the lives of the people in the region; and 3. Sustain consistent superior contributions by ensuring that these may be replicated or applied for the development of the people, communities and the environment.Who can be nominated for the Award? The Award is open to both public and private individuals and organizations whoseoutstanding accomplishments add to any or all of the following: 1) creation of CAR; 2) overalldevelopment of the Cordillera; 3) improved quality of life of the Cordillerans; and 4) those whodied in line of duty (for the last three years) may also be nominated.What are the qualifications for nominations?The nominee must meet the following qualifications: 1. Good moral character and unquestionable integrity. (No previous conviction of any criminal or administrative offense); 2. No pending administrative or criminal case filed against the person (or all the members of the group) at the time of nomination; 3. Noteworthy accomplishment/s or achievements on any of the following development areas: a. Governance b. Social justice c. Agriculture d. Ecotourism e. Education f. Entrepreneurship g. Science and Technology h. Environment i. Arts and culture j. Peace and order k. Community development l. Medicine or health m. Media/journalism n. Sports o. Others (e.g. international understanding, etc.)
  2. 2. What are the criteria for evaluation of the nominees? The following is the set criteria to evaluate the nominees with the following weightallocation: CRITERIA INDIVIDUAL GROUP Noteworthiness 30% 20% Impact of accomplishments 40% 40% Consistency of performance 30% 20% Demonstrated teamwork 20% TOTAL 100% 100% 1. Noteworthiness of the outstanding accomplishments (30%/20%) – describes the achievements as original, unique and no financial remuneration. 2. Impact of accomplishments (40%) – explains the scope and importance of the accomplishment in terms of the: a) number of people or communities benefited; b) resources generated or saved; c) preservation of the cultural heritage and indigenous practices; and d) change in attitude and perspective of people and institutions for the good of the region. 3. Consistency of performance (30%/20%) – shows continuously good performance based on historical data and work records. 4. Demonstrated teamwork, cooperation, camaraderie and cohesiveness (20%) (for team or group category) – demonstrates tangible areas of mutual support and the ability to influence and motivate others.Who can nominate? Any individual or organization with extensive knowledge of the accomplishments of thenominee/s can nominate using the prescribed nomination form. Self-nomination is also allowed.What are the nomination documents to be submitted? 1. Duly accomplished nomination form 2. Personal Data Sheet or resume with passport size ID picture with name tag 3. Photocopy of proofs of accomplishmentsWhere does one submit nominations?Seven copies of the nomination shall be submitted to any of the following offices 1. Regional Development Council and DEVADCO through NEDA Office; 2. Civil Service Commission Regional and Field Offices (in Baguio City, Benguet, Abra, Mountain Province, Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao); and 3. All Provincial Government Offices and Municipalities through their Personnel/HR Office.How will the winners be chosen? The winners of the Award shall be selected based on two levels. 1. The Secretariat which is composed of seven (7) government agencies shall be established to pre-screen the nominations to ensure that these nominations comply with the nomination criteria.
  3. 3. 2. The pre-screened nominations shall be submitted to the Cordillera Champions Awards committee chaired by the RDC Chairman and with six (6) Cordillerans as members.What are the prizes for individual and group awards? The Award winners shall receive cash and a plaque signed by the Chair of the RDC. Nomination forms may be downloaded at the RDC-CAR website: for submission is on March 5, 2012. Agencies, Local Government Units and Non-Government Organizations are enjoined todisseminate and scout for possible nominees in their areas of jurisdiction.